Tired of using PEEL in English or General Paper (GP)? Here are some other ways to improve your essay!

First, the PLAN

Having a clear plan before you start writing helps ensure that you don’t go out of point while writing, and you will have a clearer idea of how to structure the content of your essay. Start with finding where you stand - are you for or against the statement? What are some quotes and examples that you feel are related to the question? Then categorise them into different paragraphs; according to your stand (ie 3 for, 3 against; 4 for, 2 against etc.).  



Make sure clearly articulate your stand. This is important in showcasing to the marker that you are clear of your opinions and lets the marker have a very definite idea of what your essay will entail. Quotes and excerpts are the common way to go to bring forth certain keywords and ideas into your essay. Give a brief summary of your points according to your plan such that the marker knows what to expect in your work.



Compartmentalise your points from the plan into the different categories. Arrange them in such a way that they compliment each other. i.e the first paragraph leads to the second, which leads to the third. This ensure that your essay is cohesive and the marker will be able to understand the flow of your writing. Rearticulate your stand in your body paragraphs. Ensure that the end of each paragraph lines up with the start. Strengthen your body paragraph with the examples and quotes from your research. Use evaluative techniques to widen the scope of your paragraphs.



Such techniques will impress the marker as your essay will be at a more macro scale, which shows that you as the writer are able to think on a wider scale and has a broader view of world issues.


Some examples of Evaluative Techniques:

  1. Stakeholders
  2. Benefits vs Limitations

iii. Morality/value systems/beliefs

  1. Ethics/ethical obligations
  2. Effectiveness and limitations
  3. Practicality and feasibility

vii. Long run vs short run

viii. Core vs Periphery

  1. Surface vs Actual
  2. Context Characteristics



This is the wrap up of your essay. Rearticulate your stand and summarise your body paragraphs. This SHOULD NOT be a repeat of your body paragraphs. Write 1-2 lines of the aforementioned in your paragraphs. To enhance your conclusion, add in future plans or what you would expect to change in the future.



Q: To what extent can innovation alleviate global environmental problems?

Future plans: Siding with the notion that innovation can alleviate global environmental problems to a large extent, I believe that with constant improvements in technology, and if world leaders band together to regulate rules concerning global environmental issues, real change can be made to ensure a brighter future for the next generation and beyond. However, the extent of effectiveness of such methods will vastly depend on humanities will to change. I believe that as a country, a world citizen, and as a people, we have the ability to be united and to change the fate of our world, no matter how impossible it may seem.