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How Is Humanities Taught At illum.e?

All of our students past and present agree on one thing - we clarify a seemingly complex subject and make it easy to understand what is required, and most importantly, how to score and reflect evaluative perspectives when tackling essays and questions requiring application.

100% of all our students scored at least a two-grade jump in their scores after their first term with us, and amazingly, started to enjoy and appreciate the Humanities just like us!

What Are Humanities Lessons Like At illum.e?

Impactful lectures by our MOE-trained and knowledgeable tutors cover a whole range of answering skills and techniques before the students embark upon targeted practice for on-the-spot feedback tailored to their individual styles. Our in-class assignments are specifically curated to develop key strategies that can be applied in any school assessment, and supported by rigorous educational psychology to improve students' learning.

Come experience our uniquely impactful lessons for yourself if you enjoy meaningful and intellectual discourse that the teachers in school cannot or are unwilling to provide. Expect to be illuminated!

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I would like to extend my utmost and sincere gratitude to my Geography tutor, Mr David Lee, for being such a supportive figure throughout my upper secondary years.

Back in Secondary 3, when I was struggling to grasp several geographical concepts, Mr Lee was more than willing to have consultation sessions, slowly explaining the concepts in a simplified and digestible way. Even when it took several times for him to repeat the same concept, Mr Lee never once lost his cool and was always patient with me. Till date, I am amazed by how he is able to explain an initially daunting and complex theory in a coherent and logical manner. For that, I am very thankful for Mr Lee, for his endearing passion for teaching and making our Geography class fun. Mr Lee has also nurtured me to become a critical and bold thinker who constantly questions the world around us. His help and guidance has been invaluable in my receiving the MOE Humanities Scholarship and decision to enter the Raffles Humanities Programme.

All in all, Mr Lee has been nothing short of amazing. He has inspired me to consider a future career in teaching, and I hope he will continue to inspire many more generations of students at Illum.e to come.

secondary school humanities tuition

Mr Han is a very passionate teacher, especially in teaching humanities. His method of teaching allows one to easily understand difficult topics or concepts that are usually tested in exams. Mr Ivan Ann often takes the extra mile to help students that need extra help or that those who are lacking behind by providing helpful notes or special consultation catered to them specifically. Mr Ivan Ann is also very understanding as a teacher that students have differing learning speed, and is able to slow down to explain to the students. Mr Han also comes up with his own notes to help students to further understand what has been covered in simple words that summarises the topic on hand.

Secondary school humanities tuition

Mr Han is one of the most kind and inspiring teacher I have met. In lessons, he not only teaches within the History/SS syllabus, but also uses hilarious anecdotes and techniques to help students understand and remember what we learnt. By taking an active approach to cater to his students' understanding of the subject, each student will be engaged during lesson.

Beyond class, Mr Han also fruitfully gives motivational and practical advice when exams approaches, or major events like Results Day. He deeply cares for his students to do their best and guides them to a path forward for their further studies by giving 1-1 consultations, or advising the class on what he knows about either JC and Poly, and beyond.

Secondary school humanities tuition

In year 2019 and 2020, Mr Han who teaches History and Social Studies in N-Level and had guided my son and his peers. Mr Han has an enormous passion and is dedicated in nurturing young students who wished to excel in their academics. He is professional and has every best interests in his students at heart. A teacher who knows no boundaries, Mr Han goes all the way out guiding his N-Level students especially my son, scoring an A1 for his final N-level national exams in 2022. He is truly a committed educator.

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Why Are illum.e's Humanities Lessons Highly Sought After?

Our illum.e history lessons are not only results-proven, but also insightful and engaging, ensuring that you will always take away more knowledge than the average student in other schools. 

We are also one of the few tuition centres in Singapore to achieve the distinction of being MOE-registered, a nod to the high standards and quality of the education we provide!

Several of our students from so-called neighbourhood schools have not only scored distinctions at the O-levels, but also went on to secure places at prestigious junior colleges and overseas universities... studying Humanities!

Read on to find out more about the specific skills and strategies we help you with.

Skills And Strategies You Need To Ace Humanities Exams

  • Specialised in-house notes, infographics and mindmaps for easier content absorption with easy memorisation techniques.
  • Specific skills analysis and techniques to help you master different Humanities question types.
  • Targeted practice and application of questions and scenarios based on rigorous reviews of school and national examination papers.
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The illum.e-minated minds

illum.e lessons were always very useful as the teachers would explain the notes in great detail, and makes us do many timed practices. My tutor is a super understanding teacher, and responds to all my questions by even going above and beyond to mark extra assignments and giving consultations. Illum.e’s notes are informative, well-explained and the lessons enable me to get immediate feedback to improve my answering techniques. I’m super grateful that teachers at illum.e are really of the best teachers out there!


HCI - A for GP A Levels

illum.e's notes provided were extremely helpful in helping me master the the basics of the English language, allowing me to try out even more advance skills to strive for even greater results. Furthermore, Mr Chia's unique views has inspired me greatly, allowing me to generate more content for my compositions, and his effective drills has allow me to experience a drastic improvement in my comprehensions. These two years have been a great experience. Thank you!


Catholic High - A1 for English O Levels

Thanks to illum.e, I managed to score A1 for my language arts at IP Year 4. I would like to thank my teacher for being a very patient teacher and believing in us – my teacher’s guidance has really helped us to improve our English abilities and boost our confidence!

Lessons at illum.e have helped to boost my confidence and interest with regards to learning English. Before coming for lessons here, English was originally my worse subject and I struggled to score well all the time. 


NYGH - A For LA, IP4