Mr Joachim Chia giving direct instructions during Primary School English Tuition

Primary School English Tuition

With a robust education system in Singapore, every child's academic journey has become more than just getting good grades. At illum.e, we provide a comprehensive and bespoke primary school English tuition programme that's designed to cater to every student's unique learning needs.

Our syllabus is designed to equip students in Primary 1 to 6 with all the essential skills and knowledge required to ace every component of their English papers. Our programmes will prepare them with the essential language skills and competencies, such as writing and language use and comprehension, which are all aspects that they will require to understand to excel in their academics.

Why Choose Primary English Tuition by illum.e

Our tuition centre takes a unique dual approach, stretching students' creative thinking and writing skills while also using an effective, step-by-step approach for acing English.

Dual Approach to Learning

Our Primary English tuition centre embraces a unique dual approach, combining creative thinking with a systematic process to excel in English. We believe in adopting a holistic approach to teaching English where every section of the English paper is accorded significant attention. Our tuition centre focuses particularly on difficult yet important aspects of the English paper such as grammar, oral, comprehension and creative writing. Our tuition classes will not only help your child gain confidence in applying what they have learnt in class, but they will also learn how to check for errors, minimise them, and strive for accuracy in their work.

Personalised Learning

Each child's learning journey is unique. That's why our English tuition is personalised and paced to the individual learner's needs, promoting an immersive 1-on-1 learning experience even in a group setting. We also tailor our strategies to help individual students regardless of their foundation to ensure that all students benefit from joining our tuition centre. Our lessons are tailored to current exam formats and question trends to help students excel academically and understand what is required to answer every exam question well.

Qualified and Passionate Tutors

Our team comprises experienced educators committed to guiding your child towards academic success. In addition, our tuition classes are designed with the goal of being enjoyable, impactful, clear, and structured. Students will learn critical language skills that will help them succeed in primary and secondary school by tackling every component of the English paper. They will learn how to cope with the rigour of formal exams while maintaining a positive learning attitude and using the techniques we teach to effectively answer questions.

Quality Curriculum

Our curriculum follows the latest MOE syllabus, carefully designed to ensure instant learning and growth. We cover the four main components of English papers, enhancing students' grammar, comprehension, oral, and writing skills. With weekly practices covering all components of the latest Primary School Leaving Examination (PSLE), your child will not only attain academic excellence but also gain valuable analytical skills that are useful across other disciplines in learning. We are undoubtedly the best English tuition for PSLE in Singapore as our lessons will serve as a powerful springboard to help your child acquire the various skills, strategies and techniques required for lifelong success.

list of the MOE syllabus can also be found on the MOE website, with downloadable 2020 syllabus located here. Alternatively, you may contact us for more details on our english tuition services.

Our Primary English Tuition Curriculum

Paper 1: Situational and Continuous Writing

  • Key skills and strategies to excel in writing, with various writing strategies, loaded vocabulary lists, and targeted writing drills based on different writing scenarios in Primary School. With our writing drills, your child will be prepared for any writing scenario or question!
  • Clear scaffolding to understand Purpose, Audience, Context and Culture, in order to write well thought out Situational Writing essays.
  • Key and foundational grammar skills inclusive of resolutions of common grammar mistakes to master writing.
  • Specialised writing drills with sample paragraphs to help craft and improve your child's writing immediately!
Primary School English Tuition
Primary School English Tuition

Paper 2: Language Use and Comprehension

  • Specialised skills and strategies for all aspects of Paper 2, with elimination techniques for MCQ, and proper annotation and referencing to perfect comprehension and comprehension cloze.
  • Use of grammar word classes to better understand which choice of words to use for the tricky comprehension cloze segment.
  • Targeted drills for different skill sets, such as Synthesis and Transformation, and use of contextual clues in the selection of vocabulary MCQ.
  • Foundational grammar skills taught to ensure grammar MCQ is perfected.

Paper 3: Listening and Comprehension

  • Scaffolds and key strategies to eliminate and select the best answers.
  • Listening tips and frameworks to score for the most difficult listening comprehension questions.
Primary School English Tuition
Primary School English Tuition

Paper 4: Oral Communication

  • Key and specific pronunciation, enunciation, word stress, fluency and pitch tips and strategies to perfect your Reading
  • Scaffolded thinking frames for well-thought analysis for spoken interaction, together with brainstorming tools and answering techniques
  • Rigorous practice and drills before examinations to make sure your child is ready to face the examiners

Prepare Your Child for PSLE with Our Primary 6 English Tuition

Navigating through the rigorous PSLE paper requires more than just knowledge; it requires the right strategy. Our PSLE English Tuition is designed to help P6 students master these strategies, boosting their confidence and equipping them with the essential skills needed to excel in their English paper. Our Primary 6 English tuition is priced at $60 for a 2-hour lesson.

How Much Does Primary English Tuition Cost?

At illum.e, we believe in providing quality education at a reasonable cost. We offer Primary English tuition classes for both lower and upper primary levels:

Lower Primary (Primary 1-2): $45 for a 1.5-hour lesson.

Middle Primary (Primary 3-4): $60 for a 2-hour lesson.

Upper Primary (Primary 5-6): $60 for a 2-hour lesson.

For our detailed class schedule, please visit our class slot and fees.

Meet Our Qualified English Tutors

We take pride in our team of dedicated and experienced tutors, who are the cornerstone of our successful English tuition. Their commitment, experience, and expertise have had a significant impact on our primary students' learning journey.

Mr Timothy Joshua Chia-Lee

Curriculum Lead and Head Tutor

With decades of teaching experience, a former MOE Subject Head of English, and multiple teaching awards to his credit, Mr Chia-Lee's influence extends beyond the classroom. He has innovatively redesigned curricula to align with 21st-century learning needs and the latest English Syllabus. His extensive experience, coupled with his belief in Differentiated Instruction, ensures a tailored approach to learning that fuels every student's potential.


English Language Lead

Mr Roger-Etienne, a former MOE English teacher and language specialist, has decades of teaching experience since 2000. He's renowned for his ability to simplify the complexities of English, instilling confidence and fostering appreciation for the language in his students. His experience as a seasoned choral performer further enhances his unique teaching approach, especially in enhancing students' oral communication skills.


General Manager and Primary School Language Specialist

With 16 years of teaching experience and a previous position as the Head of Department in English Language, Ms Deline is a sought-after Primary School Specialist. She brings an array of skills to her students, including training for the Gifted Education Programme (GEP). Her high energy and dedication to teaching is reflected in her pedagogy, inspiring students to become intrinsically and extrinsically motivated in their learning.


Language and Primary School Specialist

A former MOE Primary School English tuition teacher, Mr Joachim Chia leverages his decade-long teaching experience to break down complex English components for students. His teaching methodology, rooted in Albert Bandura’s Social Learning Theory, has enabled hundreds of students to grasp abstract concepts effectively. Known for his engaging and interactive lessons, Joachim encourages empathetic communication, discerning reading, and creative inquiry amongst his students.


Language and Primary School Specialist

As an undergraduate candidate at NUS and a distinguished graduate of Hwa Chong Institution, Ms Jenny Huang applies renowned teaching pedagogies like Bloom's Taxonomy and the Socratic Method to provide high-quality, tailored education. Her commitment to community service, illustrated by free tutoring for underprivileged children, and international teaching experiences in Indonesia and China have honed her adaptability and empathy as an educator. Jenny's teaching ethos ensures an engaging, supportive learning environment promoting individual academic success.


English Language Specialist

Meet Yin Xuan, an NTU linguistics and multilingual studies major with a unique passion for exploring the intriguing relationship between languages and the brain. Her journey as a mentor spans across Primary, Secondary, and Junior College levels, where she has guided numerous students to excel in their subjects. Yin Xuan's enthusiasm for language acquisition extends beyond the classroom, making her a dedicated and inspiring educator. Building a strong rapport with her students, she creates a conducive and empowering environment to foster their growth and learning.

Proven Results

At illum.e, we believe that our success is measured by our students' achievements. Our bespoke approach to teaching English has consistently proven to enhance our students' results, making us the preferred choice for English tuition. To explore more about how our students have benefited from our programmes, read our Primary School Testimonials.

Choosing the right tuition centre is a critical decision that can significantly impact your child's learning journey. At illum.e, we promise an enriching and impactful learning experience that equips students with the right skills to excel in their English studies and beyond. Join us and discover a learning experience that truly makes a difference.


Have questions on our tuition services? Drop us an enquiry and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

The illum.e-minated minds

illum.e lessons were always very useful as the teachers would explain the notes in great detail, and makes us do many timed practices. My tutor is a super understanding teacher, and responds to all my questions by even going above and beyond to mark extra assignments and giving consultations. Illum.e’s notes are informative, well-explained and the lessons enable me to get immediate feedback to improve my answering techniques. I’m super grateful that teachers at illum.e are really of the best teachers out there!


HCI - A for GP A Levels

illum.e's notes provided were extremely helpful in helping me master the the basics of the English language, allowing me to try out even more advance skills to strive for even greater results. Furthermore, Mr Chia's unique views has inspired me greatly, allowing me to generate more content for my compositions, and his effective drills has allow me to experience a drastic improvement in my comprehensions. These two years have been a great experience. Thank you!


Catholic High - A1 for English O Levels

Thanks to illum.e, I managed to score A1 for my language arts at IP Year 4. I would like to thank my teacher for being a very patient teacher and believing in us – my teacher’s guidance has really helped us to improve our English abilities and boost our confidence!

Lessons at illum.e have helped to boost my confidence and interest with regards to learning English. Before coming for lessons here, English was originally my worse subject and I struggled to score well all the time. 


NYGH - A For LA, IP4