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Mr Liew Shan Hao teaching a GP Tuition class

The Result-Proven illum.e General Paper (GP) Tuition Programme


How Do We Teach General Paper (GP) at illum.e?

At illum.e, our primary goal is to clarify and simplify the complexities of General Paper (GP) for JC students. Our tuition centre in Singapore strives to help them comprehend the essential components of GP, including the requirements, scoring criteria, and the art of expressing critical thoughts in various written forms, such as essays, application questions, and comprehension responses.

We take pride in the success of our students, as evidenced by their improved understanding of GP. Every single student, without exception, demonstrated a better grasp of GP and acquired the skills necessary to progress towards achieving an 'A' grade, typically after their initial lesson or thematic module with us.

Moreover, our students develop a newfound appreciation and enthusiasm for General Paper, mirroring our own passion for the subject. If you wish to delve deeper into the effectiveness of our approach, we encourage you to read the testimonials shared by our students or see the results yourself by enrolling them in our programme.

a level general paper tuition class at illum.e with Mr KP
GP tutor Mr Yeo Jia Qi guiding students during a GP tuition lesson

What do General Paper (GP) tuition tutorials at illum.e look like?  

In a word, 'impactful'.

Our A Level General Paper tuition begins with our tutors introducing select skills and strategies to the class. Then, students will be engaged in a series of curated tasks, receiving immediate feedback to close any learning gaps. The tasks are specially designed to emulate select key skills and steps they will also perform in any GP examination. Furthermore, our activities are backed by rigorous educational research and experts in education to ensure students achieve optimal results.

JC students in Singapore can expect a fine balance between insightful strategies unique to our tuition centre and stimulating intellectual discussions between our tutors and students.

Here are several reasons why JC students should choose illum.e for their A Level General Paper tuition:

By choosing our JC GP Tuition programme, students open doors to a world of unparalleled educational opportunities. In 2022, an impressive 97% of our students attained A-B grades in the National Examinations, attesting to the quality of education and guidance we provide.

At illum.e, we go beyond the conventional approach to General Paper tuition. Our lessons are meticulously crafted to be not only informative but also insightful, engaging, and enjoyable. We believe in creating an intellectually stimulating environment that encourages critical thinking, thoughtful analysis, and effective communication skills.

As pioneers in the field, illum.e is proud to offer JC students a distinctive advantage - mock examinations. We are the first and only GP tuition centre in Singapore to provide these specialised examinations for our students. Our in-house papers are meticulously designed to surpass the benchmark set for National Examinations. To ensure accuracy, each paper undergoes double or triple marking by our highly qualified tutors. This rigorous process prepares our students for the challenges they will face and equips them with the necessary skills to excel.

At our tuition centre, we have highly qualified professionals who possess extensive expertise in General Paper. They are not only subject matter experts but also passionate educators dedicated to nurturing and guiding our students. With their wealth of knowledge and experience, our tutors provide top-notch instruction and personalised guidance, ensuring that each student receives the utmost support and attention.

We understand that students may have questions or require assistance outside of regular class hours. That’s why our GP tuition goes beyond the classroom setting and offers 24/7 consultation services, allowing our students to seek guidance and clarification at their convenience. Whether it's addressing doubts, seeking feedback, or discussing essay ideas, our team is always available to support our students' academic journey.

Our A Level General Paper tuition classes maintain small class ratios to ensure that each student receives individual attention and personalised feedback. This enables our tutors to tailor their teaching approaches to cater to the specific needs and learning styles of each student, fostering a more effective and impactful learning experience.

teacher and students in our gp tuition centre in singapore

What Can Students Expect to Learn from Our General Paper Tuition?

Our tuition centre is committed to fostering the skills and knowledge of JC students in GP. With our specially designed curriculum, students can refine their essay writing skills and structure their thoughts effectively to excel in their examinations.

Exam Paper 1

GP Paper 1 focuses on honing our students' analytical skills and writing skills so that they deliver clear and well-thought-out answers in their A Level GP examinations.

  • Understand the 16 different question types that anchor all GP Essay Papers, including the key steps and strategies, structures, and thinking frames to use in order to achieve your maximum content marks
  • Comprehensive and updated topical question lists from schools and A Levels
  • Thoroughly researched and concise content notes constantly updated to help students study smart, providing a convincing array of arguments and examples
  • Well-developed in-house essay plans offering dissection of question analysis, lines of debate with case studies, and higher level arguments
  • Higher-level nuances, theories, and philosophies for discerning students looking to pursue top percentile essays
  • In-depth skills notes to understand question requirements and rhetorical strategies
  • Effective analysis techniques and micro-writing application
  • Extensive strategies that teach students how to evaluate on a macro (essay-wide) or micro (intra-paragraph) scale to attain that coveted 'A'
  • Close mentoring, monitoring, feedback and assessment with structured consults to diagnose and improve your writing skills

Here's an example of the feedback we give our GP students!

@illum.e All you need for GP🇸🇬 & AQ🚀 Mastery! ✏️#Generalpaper 📚#GPtuition 🎯#AQ 🌟#AforGP 💡#illumetuition ♬ Stylish cafe-style BGM - Hiro Hattori

Exam Paper 2

Exam Paper 2, exercises students’ critical thinking skills so that they can deliver comprehensive and well-structured answers in their A Level GP exams that will help them achieve excellent marks.

  • Customised 3-step thinking approaches to attaining correct word-for-word or sense-for-sense paraphrasing (scoring 7-8 for summary is the minimum mark at illum.e)
  • Comprehensive and updated answering techniques to systematically perfect answers to all question types; understand how to master the 19 types of Writer's Craft and Purpose elements
  • Thorough analysis and annotation of texts to dissect Paper 2 passages and select the best Application Question arguments, together with rigorous skill notes examining different structures and answers
  • Strategies and techniques for mastering subtle contextual clues and rhetorics in passages
  • Personalised approach to evaluating comprehension responses to understand gaps in learning
  • Investigation of local contexts for illustration in Application Questions (we give a 200 page lecture on Singapore and an additional 100 page SG examples list segmented into various themes)

Lesson Layout of Our A Level General Paper Tuition

Step by step strategies are provided in every tutorial session at our GP tuition, with emphasis on different skills, such as the use of theories, deeper evaluation or illustration methods, or specific techniques for comprehension. This will enable you to chart your learning growth in GP with mini successes and expand your repertoire of skills as you gain enlightenment for excellence.

Note that during your A Level GP examination, the layout changes, especially with the various mock papers and revision periods. The team will furnish you with our term calendar.

Lecture - Paper 1: Thematic Content Lectures Centred on Major Themes of GP Syllabus 2023 and Consultations to Close Learning/Application Gaps

Tutorial 1 - Paper 1: Thematic Content Review, Essay Question Analysis and Skills Application Tutorials with Full Sample Essay Answers

Tutorial 2 - Paper 2: AQ Reading and Analysis with SG Context Content, UYOWAFAP questions/Summary Paraphrasing with Skill Lectures and In-house Answers

Tutorial 3 - Paper 2: Non-UYOWAFAP Paper 2 Question Types and Strategies Application, Paper 1 & 2: Review of Application with Sample Essay Paragraphs

How Much Does JC A Level GP Tuition Cost?

At illum.e, we offer specialised General Paper tuition classes designed to meet the needs of students at JC levels. Our comprehensive tuition programme aims to empower students with strong reading comprehension and essay-writing skills. Here are the rates for our classes:

JC1: $90 per 2-hour session

JC2: $95 per 2-hour session

Inclusive of personalised consults provided to students (arranged with tutors).

To ensure convenience and flexibility, we provide a class schedule that allows you to find the perfect slot when enrolling in our programme. In addition to our A Level GP tuition classes, we also offer other programmes such as secondary English tuition and IP English tuition. Join illum.e today and unlock your full academic potential today.

Meet Our Qualified GP Tuition Tutors


Curriculum Lead and Head Tutor

Mr Timothy Joshua Chia-Lee is a former Subject Head of English at the Ministry of Education (MOE) and brings a wealth of expertise in curriculum design and 21st-century learning methodologies. He is a key contributor to the redevelopment of the tuition centre’s curricula to align with the latest English Syllabus introduced in 2020. With a teaching career that spans several decades, including his National Service days, Timothy has accumulated extensive experience in teaching and tutoring English and General Paper. Additionally, he has played a crucial role in overseeing the academic and holistic development of more than 2500 students and educators under his guidance.


Language and GP Specialist, JC2 Lead

Meet Shan Hao, an experienced educator with a passion for teaching and an impressive background. With 8 years of teaching experience in MOE Secondary Schools and Junior Colleges, Shan Hao brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the classroom. His NUS double major in Political Science and Southeast Asian Studies makes him illum.e's go-to curriculum expert for politics, economy, governance, Southeast Asia, and the wider Asian region. GP students under his guidance benefit from his in-depth understanding of these subjects and his commitment to nurturing their academic growth.


Language and GP Specialist, JC1 Specialist

Mr Yeo Jia Qi is a graduate of Nanyang Technological University (NTU) with a degree in Linguistics and Multilingual Studies, complemented by a second major in Public Policy and Global Affairs. As such, he brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to his teaching role. With his comprehensive understanding of language and its connection to the world, Mr Jia Qi provides students with valuable insights into the intricacies of English and General Paper. Furthermore, he is a recipient of the Prime Minister's Book Prize for Bilingualism and has demonstrated exceptional linguistic abilities and fluency in both English and Mandarin. This bilingual proficiency allows him to effectively teach students in both languages, enabling them to express themselves confidently and appreciate the fundamental elements of language.


IP English and General Paper Specialist

Mr Faris Ridzuan is an accomplished scholar with a First Class Honours Degree in Sociology and a minor in European Studies. Currently pursuing his Master of Arts at the National University of Singapore, he also serves as an academic Tutor for Asian Studies in the College of Humanities and Sciences. He also has been recognised for his academic excellence and received prestigious scholarships, such as the Tan Ean Kiam Postgraduate Scholarship, the Malay Studies Postgraduate Scholarship, the Muis-Warees Bursary, and the National University of Singapore Tuition Allowance Award.


IP English and General Paper Specialist

Mr Allan is a law graduate from the UK and a passionate and dedicated educator. Leveraging his background in law, he excels in helping students develop strong and persuasive arguments. He is adept at analysing comprehension passages and case studies effectively. With a focus on critical discourse and critical thinking pedagogies, students enrolled in our General Paper tuition learn how to ground their answers with logical and effective reasoning in his class. Students with an interest in law will particularly appreciate the intellectual discussions and critical thinking skills fostered in his GP lessons.


Language and General Paper Specialist

Introducing Daemon, a fresh NTU graduate with a B.A. (Honours, Highest Distinction) in English and a pursuit of a Master of Arts by Research. With extensive tutoring experience and a deep interest in current affairs and language, Daemon is ready to make a difference in her students' lives. Her focus lies in fostering strong language comprehension skills and empowering students to articulate original opinions confidently, allowing them to deliver insightful responses both in and out of the classroom.


IP and Humanities Lead

Meet David, an experienced MOE-trained teacher and former subject coordinator with a passion for designing engaging curricula. He firmly believes in every child's potential for success. With a diverse range of teaching approaches, Mr. Lee ensures that all students, regardless of their abilities, grasp the subject easily and excel. Under his guidance, students gain confidence and often make remarkable progress, transitioning from struggling to achieving distinctions.


Language and General Paper Specialist

KP Chuah is an experienced English and General Paper (GP) teacher who has dedicated more than a decade to teaching these subjects. With a Master of Education from the National Institute of Education (NIE) and a CELTA Teaching Certificate from Cambridge, he brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the classroom. His deep passion lies in helping students unlock their potential and achieve their goals.

Proven A Level GP Results

Experience a track record of success in GP exams with our exceptional results. Achieving 97% A-B in 2021, our innovative tuition approach and expert teachers make us the leading choice. Don't delay, seize your future and choose our centre for top-notch GP tuition. Here are some of the testimonies that prove our excellent track record.

Results for 2022 A Levels

Learn more about General Paper (GP) on our Youtube Channel!

Not sure where and how to find content? Don't know what to write for General Paper (GP)?

Paper 1:
Fret not, as you will be equipped with all the necessary knowledge and insights through our content lectures. Our GP notes will prepare you for popular A level GP questions (e.g. Science and Technology, The Media) as well as those you may feel intimidated by (e.g. Democracy and Governance, International Relations). We keep up with global trends and developments, updating our notes on a regular basis to ensure that you are well prepared for current A level GP topics. You can read more about our other post we covered on "3 Ways you should practice for General Paper" or "3 mistakes to avoid in writing GP Essay" here.

Our strong and experienced team of tutors will follow up during our tutorial lessons to reinforce and apply what you've learned, guiding you step by step through a focus on both macro (essay-wide) and micro (intra-paragraph) evaluative techniques to help you achieve deeper evaluation and illumination in your writing. You will be taught to write persuasive, balanced GP essays by developing a strong understanding of question requirements and skills required such as the use of rhetorical strategies.

Paper 2:

Short-answer questions, on the other hand, are all about recognising question types and deploying the right answering techniques. At illum.e GP Tuition, we teach our students to recognise and approach every type of question in a systematic manner. You will hone your sensitivity to subtle contextual clues and nuances in writing as a result of the extensive practices provided, allowing you to craft the most accurate answers to the questions.

The secret to answering the dreaded Application Question (AQ), on the other hand, is to identify key points from the passage and apply them to the local context. At illum.e GP Tuition, our tutors will guide you through the entire process so that you can confidently approach the AQ. You will also be well-supported by our content and skills notes, which contain extensive investigation of the local context for popular A level GP topics coupled with a whole range of evaluative tools to tackle the AQ well.

Time and time again, A level GP has proven to be a challenge for many JC students. Knowledge, skills, and feedback to improve your work are all vital in preparing for and excelling in GP. At illum.e, rest assured that help is always one step away with 24/7 consultations available to ensure that you are aware of your writing strengths and areas for improvement. Join us today and enjoy studying for GP with illum.e!

A downloadable General Paper A-Level H1 for 2022 syllabus from SEAB can be found here. Alternatively, you may contact us for more details.


Have questions on our tuition services? Drop us an enquiry and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

The illum.e-minated minds

illum.e lessons were always very useful as the teachers would explain the notes in great detail, and makes us do many timed practices. My tutor is a super understanding teacher, and responds to all my questions by even going above and beyond to mark extra assignments and giving consultations. Illum.e’s notes are informative, well-explained and the lessons enable me to get immediate feedback to improve my answering techniques. I’m super grateful that teachers at illum.e are really of the best teachers out there!


HCI - A for GP A Levels

illum.e's notes provided were extremely helpful in helping me master the the basics of the English language, allowing me to try out even more advance skills to strive for even greater results. Furthermore, Mr Chia's unique views has inspired me greatly, allowing me to generate more content for my compositions, and his effective drills has allow me to experience a drastic improvement in my comprehensions. These two years have been a great experience. Thank you!


Catholic High - A1 for English O Levels

Thanks to illum.e, I managed to score A1 for my language arts at IP Year 4. I would like to thank my teacher for being a very patient teacher and believing in us – my teacher’s guidance has really helped us to improve our English abilities and boost our confidence!

Lessons at illum.e have helped to boost my confidence and interest with regards to learning English. Before coming for lessons here, English was originally my worse subject and I struggled to score well all the time. 


NYGH - A For LA, IP4