Our philosophy

Don’t settle for anything less, choose for your child to be illuminated today.

illum.e MOE approved tuition centre entrance
Every student has that ‘a-ha’ learning moment, where he or she gets it, and sees the connections between what is taught, and what they now know.
It is seeing these ‘a-ha’, ‘eureka’ moments and epiphanies, and witnessing our students’ eyes light up in understanding that illum.e was born.
Every child can achieve these eureka moments in the process of learning, although most students tend to get demoralised or have their confidence shaken from poor learning experiences, poor results, or worse, teachers who blame them for being incapable.
Too many teachers or even tuition centres construct this belief that your child is inadequate and unable to succeed (without their help). But this this changes once and for all with illum.e.
We believe in your child. He or she is more than adequate, and we will show them exactly that as they attain excellence step-by-step, lesson by lesson. As the saying goes, ‘Every Child is born a genius’. At illum.e, we believe that every child can learn, and will learn. With passionate and driven teachers, a strong curriculum baseline intertwined with growth mindset and meaningful use of educational technology, it is our firm belief that every child is an enlightened child.
Just like we will never accept anything less than your child reaching his or her fullest potential, we would like you to do the same.
Don’t settle for anything less, choose for your child to be illuminated today.

Snapshots of learning at illum.e

At illum.e, our learning environment and lessons are always optimised to ensure the best learning takes place. Our classrooms are always updated with the latest equipment, and offer bright, clean, spacious spaces which make it a pleasure to learn at (our students can also utilise the venues for their revision or group studies)!

Similarly, our in-class experiences will always provide personalised expertise to bridge learning gaps quickly in means which are both fun and illuminating for students!

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