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Economics Tuition

The Result-Proven illum.e Economics Tuition Programme

How Do We Teach JC Economics at illum.e?

At our Economics tuition in Singapore, we are dedicated to empowering JC students with the skills and knowledge they need to excel in A Level Economics. At the start of each lesson, our tutors cover and review content knowledge so that students can learn and comprehend each topic delivered. A good portion of the lesson would then be dedicated to applying their knowledge to different types of questions, either through case studies or essays. As a result, this hones their skills in question interpretation, diagrammatic analysis, and evaluation. By engaging students in real-life examples and case studies, we make Economics more relatable and accessible, igniting their passion for the subject.

Economics Tuition
Economics Tuition

What Do Economics Tuition Tutorials at illum.e Look Like?

When students enrol in our JC Economics tuition, they are in for an engaging and interactive learning experience. Our tutorials are designed to foster active participation, critical thinking, and a deep understanding of concepts introduced in A Level Economics.

Our tutors encourage active participation in discussions so that students can contribute to a breadth of perspectives. From there, responses will be sampled to help students critically analyse their strengths and areas of improvement. This practice will help them develop an examiner’s point of view and write more successful responses.

Every month, there would also be a lesson (or part of it) scheduled to discuss real-world economic issues or government policies occurring in the present day, such as high inflation, climate change and the Green Plan 2030. Discussions relating to real-world contexts enable students to be aware of these issues, policies and their ramifications on the economy. As such, they can then better appreciate how Economics is ‘alive’ and around them.

Why Choose A-Level Economics Tuition by illum.e?

When you choose our A-Level Economics tuition, you gain a competitive edge in your academic journey. Here are some compelling reasons to join us:

Our JC Economics tuition utilises results-proven and highly effective teaching strategies led by our award-winning Economics principal tutor. With a deep understanding of the subject matter and extensive teaching experience, our tutors employ unique approaches to teaching topics in Economics that consistently produces exceptional results in H1 and H2 examinations.

Our Economics tuition classes empower students with thoughtful perspectives and a better conceptual grasp of various economic concepts and statistics. By engaging in critical discussions and analysis, students develop a deeper understanding of Economics and gain valuable insights.

Our tutors understand the importance of personalised feedback and differentiated instruction. Lessons are tailored to address each student's unique learning needs, ensuring that they can keep up with their lessons. With focused attention and guidance, students receive the support necessary to excel in A Level Economics.

Our tuition centre takes pride in our team of experienced and qualified tutors. They have graduated from reputable universities and possess in-depth knowledge of the A Level Economics syllabus. With their expertise and passion for teaching, our tutors guide students in successfully passing their H1 and H2 Econs exams.

Our A Level Economics tuition equips students with not only useful knowledge but also essential analytical skills. By honing their critical thinking abilities, data analysis techniques, and essay writing skills, students leave our programme well-prepared for the uncertain future and equipped with the tools to excel academically and beyond.

Economics Tuition

Prepare for A Levels with Our JC Econs Tuition

At illum.e, we offer a comprehensive and structured JC Econs Tuition programme that prepares students for their A Levels. Our programme goes beyond simply covering the syllabus; we provide a holistic approach to learning that ensures students develop the necessary skills and knowledge to excel. When you join our JC Econs tuition programme, here is what you can expect:

A Thorough Understanding of Concepts in A Level Economics

Our experienced tutors dive deep into all the topics covered in your A Levels. They break down complex ideas into easily understandable components, ensuring that students grasp the foundations of Economics with clarity and confidence.

Application of Economic Principles to Real-World Scenarios

We believe that Economics is not just an abstract subject but a powerful tool to understand and analyse real-world phenomena. At our tuition centre, tutors incorporate real-world examples and case studies, enabling students to apply Economic principles to practical situations. This approach helps students develop a broader perspective and appreciate the relevance of Economics in their daily lives.

Effective Exam Strategies and Time Management Techniques

Scoring well in A Level Economics requires more than just knowledge; it requires strategic exam preparation. Our tutors equip students with effective exam strategies, including time management techniques, essay structuring, and answering techniques. By mastering these skills, students can approach their exams with confidence and maximise their scoring potential.

Comprehensive Practice on Past-Year Papers and Sample Essays

To excel in A Level Econs, practice is key. That’s why we provide students with ample opportunities to practise by working on past-year papers and sample essays. Through extensive practice, students gain familiarity with the exam format, refine their analytical and writing skills, and strengthen their ability to apply Economic concepts effectively.

How Much Does JC Economics Tuition Cost?

We offer competitive pricing for our JC Economics tuition programme, ensuring value for money without compromising on quality. Our rates are as follows:

  • JC 1: $90 for a 2-hour lesson
  • JC 2: $95 for a 2-hour lesson

To find a timeslot that is convenient for you, you can check out our class schedule. At illum.e, we are passionate about nurturing young minds and guiding them towards academic success. Join us on this transformative journey and unlock your true potential in Economics. You can also check out our other programmes, including Social Studies tuition and Geography tuition.

Meet Our A Level Economics Tutors


Curriculum Lead and Head Tutor

Mr Timothy is an esteemed tutor at our tuition centre with an exceptional background in English and General Paper. With extensive experience and expertise in his field, he has played a pivotal role in the education sector. As a former MOE Subject Head of English, Mr Timothy has been instrumental in developing and redesigning curricula that align with 21st-century learning approaches and adhere to the latest English Syllabus 2020.

With a teaching career spanning decades, Mr Timothy's passion for education has been evident since his National Service days. Students who engage in Mr Timothy's guidance can expect to benefit from his wealth of experience, innovative teaching methodologies, and deep understanding of the subject matter. He works to help students to have a strong grasp of the English language so they can express their ideas clearly and cohesively in their A Level Economics exams. His expertise equips students with the necessary knowledge and skills to deliver well-written responses to case studies and essays.


Principal Economics Tutor

Mr Derrick Liew, an NUS Business Graduate with First Class Honours, brings a wealth of teaching experience and practical industry knowledge to his role as an Economics educator. He believes in engaging students through relevant, real-life case studies that make learning memorable and meaningful. Mr Derrick's expertise in education, technology, real estate, and the start-up scene enables him to deliver captivating economics content and provide insightful case study explanations.

Embracing constructivism and collaborative learning approaches, Mr Derrick goes beyond textbook knowledge to ensure deep understanding. By immersing students in real-life case studies, he breaks down complex concepts into fundamental Economic principles. Through active participation in live discussions, students are encouraged to express their viewpoints and perspectives while also developing evaluative skills in their analysis. He fosters cross-learning among students, facilitated by educational technology, to encourage the exploration of differing perspectives, analysis techniques, and evaluative approaches that contribute to success in Economics.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Economics Tuition

1. Why study Economics?

At the heart of it, Economics is the study of human behaviour and the decisions made by individuals, firms, and the government. It is a way of thinking. Weighing costs against benefits and considering the impact of a decision on others are all examples of how studying Economics will illuminate a student’s mind. Economics is ‘alive,’ and it is all around us in the headlines and on social media. Learn more about how Economics affects us when you enrol in our JC Economics tuition.

Economics Tuition
Economics Tuition

2. Is it easy to score a good grade in Economics?

Economics is considered an Arts subject, where students would need to write comprehensive responses to case study questions or essays. As with any Arts subject, it might not be as easy to score a good grade compared to Science or Math, where there is a correct and objective response. However, Economics is considered a subject that has a more Science aspect amongst the Arts. This also aligns with it being categorised under the Social Sciences.

As such, it can be easy to score a good grade in Economics once a student has mastered the way of thinking through the lens of Economics and can apply appropriate analysis to respond to questions set in the examinations. This can be achieved with practice and the right help. If you want to score well in your A-Levels, you can enrol in our Economics tuition.

3. Should I take H1 or H2 Economics? 

Ultimately, the decision is yours. However, we have laid out two key considerations so that you can make a more informed decision.


There is lesser content coverage in H1 Economics compared to H2 Economics, though it is not exactly half per se. Two huge topics that are covered in H2 Economics, which are not taught in H1 Economics, are Firms and Decisions, as well as Trade and Globalisation. For students who are keen to understand the pricing decisions of firms better, taking H2 Economics is a must.


For H1 Economics, the examination comprises two case studies of 40 marks each. For H2 Economics, the examination comprises two different papers. Paper 1 is on case study questions, while Paper 2 is on essays. Students who wish to avoid writing essays altogether could take H1 Economics, though the rigour in applying Economic analysis is still very much needed.

Whether you choose to take the H1 or H2 Econs examination, you can prepare yourself by enrolling in a JC Economics tuition programme in Singapore, like illum.e. That way, you have the skills and knowledge to feel confident in succeeding in your A Levels.

Students engaged during H2 Economics Tuition
Students engaged during H2 Economics Tuition

4. How can I excel in Economics?

Economics is not an easy subject for many JC students as it requires a certain way of thinking and thus demands a level of maturity from its students. Regardless, it is still possible to excel in Economics despite the nature of the subject. One must put in more effort to master and internalise the concepts.

Compared to secondary school, where it was still possible to memorise the information and regurgitate it in the examinations, this is strongly discouraged at the JC level. Most subjects, including Economics, require students to understand and grasp various concepts.

Here are three tips on how you can approach Economics at the JC level and excel in it:

1) Understand the big picture first

To excel in Economics, it is important to first look at the big picture and grasp the inter-relationships before delving into the details of specific models or theoretical concepts. Our Economics tuition will help you with this.

2) Ask questions and question the assumptions

Each theoretical model has many underlying assumptions. To come up with counterarguments easily, one could question these assumptions and ask if they hold true in the real world. For example, one common assumption in Economics is ceteris paribus (or holding all other things constant), but this is hardly true in the real world since things are constantly in flux and different variables change all at the same time. Through questioning the various assumptions, you are also able to weigh and evaluate and arrive at a reasoned conclusion and overall stand.

3) Read widely

You need to keep abreast of real-world issues happening today so that you can easily pull out relevant and appropriate examples to substantiate the arguments in your essay. We know that most JC students are starved for time, and so our A Level Economics tuition distils important real-world economic issues for students to understand, think and discuss.


Have questions on our tuition services? Drop us an enquiry and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

The illum.e-minated minds

illum.e lessons were always very useful as the teachers would explain the notes in great detail, and makes us do many timed practices. My tutor is a super understanding teacher, and responds to all my questions by even going above and beyond to mark extra assignments and giving consultations. Illum.e’s notes are informative, well-explained and the lessons enable me to get immediate feedback to improve my answering techniques. I’m super grateful that teachers at illum.e are really of the best teachers out there!


HCI - A for GP A Levels

illum.e's notes provided were extremely helpful in helping me master the the basics of the English language, allowing me to try out even more advance skills to strive for even greater results. Furthermore, Mr Chia's unique views has inspired me greatly, allowing me to generate more content for my compositions, and his effective drills has allow me to experience a drastic improvement in my comprehensions. These two years have been a great experience. Thank you!


Catholic High - A1 for English O Levels

Thanks to illum.e, I managed to score A1 for my language arts at IP Year 4. I would like to thank my teacher for being a very patient teacher and believing in us – my teacher’s guidance has really helped us to improve our English abilities and boost our confidence!

Lessons at illum.e have helped to boost my confidence and interest with regards to learning English. Before coming for lessons here, English was originally my worse subject and I struggled to score well all the time. 


NYGH - A For LA, IP4