A Level General Paper (GP) Essay Questions

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The A Level GP Latest Syllabus:

The GP 2024 syllabus focuses on developing critical thinking, analytical, and communication skills in students. It aims to enhance their ability to analyse and evaluate a wide range of topics from various perspectives. 

The scheme of assessment for the GCE Advanced Level H1 General Paper Syllabus includes two papers. Paper 1, which is the essay section, comprises eight questions, which we will dive into detail below. Paper 2 involves analysing three passages (approximately 1200 words) for comprehension, inference, analysis, evaluation, summarisation, and synthesis. Questions cover connections between passages, application of themes, and overall understanding. Both papers carry 50 marks each, with a total duration of 3 hours for both papers. The syllabus includes themes such as Society and Culture, Economics, Politics, The Arts and Humanities, Science and Technology, and The Environment. 

The A Level GP 1 Exam Format:

The A Level GP Paper 1 exam format comprises 8 thought-provoking essay questions that cover a wide range of topics from different disciplines. These questions delve into both local issues of interest and global concerns. Students are required to choose one question out of the 8 and provide a well-crafted essay within a recommended word count of 500 to 800 words. 

The essay is evaluated based on:

Content: 30 marks

Use of English: 20 marks

Total mark: 50. 

Paper 1 carries a weightage of 50% and the duration of the exam is 1 hour and 30 minutes.

We have meticulously compiled a comprehensive selection of essay questions sourced from past A Level exams and reputable schools' prelims and resources. Moreover, our dedicated team of experienced tutors, who are also accomplished assessment book writers, have developed in-house materials and practices to ensure our students receive top-notch resources and guidance.

For a comprehensive list of 2022 Prelim Questions, please visit 2022 General Paper Questions. Here are a few examples of the stimulating questions you can explore:

  • "Increased international cooperation has failed to make the world a better place." Do you agree? - ASRJC
  • Is freedom always desirable? - ACJC
  • Evaluate the claim that the Arts are essential for a civilised society. - ACJC

Engage in critical thinking and analysis as you delve into these essay questions. Practice and refine your essay writing skills to excel in the A Level GP Paper 1 examination.

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Past Year A Level GP Essay Questions

Explore a rich collection of past year A Level GP essay questions to enhance your preparation. Delve into the nuances of different topics and gain valuable insights into the expectations of the examination. Follow the links below to access the specific A Level GP essay questions from various years:

A Level GP Essay Questions By Topic

In the A Level General Paper 1 examination, candidates are presented with a diverse range of topics to express their informed, critical, and creative responses. The suggested topic areas encompass historical, social, cultural, economic, political, philosophical, scientific, mathematical, geographical, literary, linguistic, artistic, and global/local issues. These questions require candidates to draw upon their knowledge from various disciplines, showcasing an awareness of significant issues and their implications for individuals and society. The ability to convey sustained arguments supported by examples is crucial.

At illum.e, we provide resources and question analysis to help you navigate these topics effectively.

Explore the following links for GP Paper 1 essay questions categorised by topic:

Additionally, delve into our question analysis to gain deeper insights into the nuances and approaches to tackling GP Paper 1 questions:

Prepare yourself for the broad spectrum of GP essay topics and equip yourself with the knowledge and critical thinking skills required to excel in your A Level GP examination. While you’re at it, check out our guide on how to study for the General Paper and our library of GP notes.

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