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At illum.e, we are the trusted Social Studies tuition centre in Singapore, dedicated to helping students excel in their O Level Social Studies examinations. We understand the significance of Social Studies as a Humanities subject that allows students to gain a better comprehension of the interconnectedness of Singapore and the world they live in and foster an appreciation for the multifaceted nature of the human experience.

With our experienced tutors and tailored programmes, we provide comprehensive tuition that fosters a deep understanding of Social Studies concepts and cultivates the source-handling skills on specific sources and explanation construction skills needed for success. Our highly qualified Social Studies tutors possess extensive experience in teaching Social Studies and have a solid grasp of syllabus requirements and examination formats. Through interactive teaching methods and engaging discussions, they create a dynamic learning environment that encourages students to delve deeper into the subject matter.

Embark on a transformative learning journey with us at illum.e.

Why Choose Social Studies Tuition by illum.e?

When it comes to Social Studies tuition, illum.e stands out as the preferred Humanities tuition centre among students in Singapore. Our comprehensive programmes and dedicated tutors provide students with the essential support and guidance to excel in their O Level Social Studies examinations.

Here's why you should choose illum.e for your Social Studies tuition:

1. Tailored Curriculum for Social Studies

Our tuition programmes are meticulously designed to cater specifically to the unique requirements of Social Studies. With a focus on key topics, such as Globalisation, and skills essential like the ability to demonstrate sound reasoning, our curriculum ensures that students receive targeted instruction that enhances their understanding of Social Studies concepts and what is required to ace their tests. 

2. Access to In-house Resources

At our MOE-registered tuition centre, we provide students with exclusive access to our comprehensive range of in-house resources. From curated study materials and in-house set mock examinations to concise and comprehensive notes and practice papers, these resources are tailored to support Social Studies learning and optimise differentiated learning, enabling students to deepen their knowledge and apply their skills to hone them for perfection.

3. Dedicated Humanities Specialists

Our team of tutors includes dedicated Humanities specialists who possess extensive expertise in Social Studies. With their in-depth knowledge of the subject, our subject experts will provide specialised guidance and insights through the illum.e pedagogy to help students grasp complex concepts, develop critical thinking skills, and excel in their Social Studies examinations.

4. 24/7 Support

We understand the importance of continuous support for students, in and outside of the class. That's why illum.e offers free consultations on multiple platforms or face-to-face, where students can access additional resources, seek clarification on concepts, and receive prompt feedback from our Social Studies tutors. This round-the-clock support ensures that students can address their queries and challenges effectively, allowing for uninterrupted progress in their Social Studies learning journey.

Prepare for O Levels with Our Social Studies Tuition

At illum.e, our Social Studies tuition programme is meticulously designed to equip students with the knowledge, skills, and strategies necessary for success in their O Level examinations. With impactful lessons, targeted practices, and comprehensive support, we cover all the essential topics that cover three main issues — Exploring Citizenship and Governance, Living in a Diverse Society, and Being Part of a Globalised World — as specified by the official MOE and SEAB syllabuses.

Exploring Citizenship and Governance

We will explore what it means to be informed, concerned, and participative citizens in Singapore. Through our programme, students will be able to critically examine societal issues through the systematic process of gathering, interpreting, analysing, and evaluating information from diverse sources. By honing these essential skills, students develop the ability to construct well-reasoned and substantiated arguments, make informed recommendations, and draw meaningful conclusions on complex societal issues.


Living in a Diverse Society

Our Social Studies tuition will also help students appreciate diversity and the importance of harmony when exploring the issue of Living in a diverse society. Our Social Studies tutors will help students understand the factors that shape individual and collective identities that contribute to a diverse society. Students explore the experiences and consequences of living in such a diverse society, gaining insights into the many ways individuals, communities, and governments can effectively respond to the challenges and opportunities presented by diversity.

In our Social Studies tuition programme, students will develop critical thinking skills by examining societal issues critically and gathering and analysing information from diverse sources to make well-reasoned arguments and recommendations. They will also be able to demonstrate responsible decision-making, considering Singapore's unique contexts and the consequences of their actions on others. Students also learn perspective-taking, engaging in constructive deliberations with open-mindedness and effective communication.

Being Part of a Globalised World

During our Social Studies tuition lessons, students will also be taught about the key driving forces of globalisation and the various responses of countries and individuals to the economic, cultural and security impacts of globalisation.

With our Social Studies tuition programme, students will learn to critically examine societal issues by gathering, interpreting, and evaluating information from various sources. Through this process, students develop the ability to construct well-reasoned arguments, make informed recommendations, and draw substantiated conclusions. They will also be able to demonstrate sound reasoning and responsible decision-making, taking into account Singapore's unique contexts, constraints, vulnerabilities, and the impact of their actions on others. Additionally, students cultivate perspective-taking skills to understand differing views, engage in fruitful deliberations by actively listening, being receptive to new and opposing perspectives, and effectively communicating their own ideas with supporting evidence. Lastly, they embrace reflective thinking, reviewing their understanding of societal issues and exploring their personal assumptions and beliefs about others. This comprehensive skill set equips students to navigate societal complexities, contribute responsibly, and foster a more inclusive and thoughtful society.

GP tutor Mr Yeo Jia Qi guiding students during a GP tuition lesson

Skills and Strategies for Social Studies

To enhance content absorption and facilitate memorisation, we provide specialised in-house notes and tests. These resources are designed to simplify complex concepts, aid in information retention, and promote meaningful connections between different Social Studies topics. Through the use of these study materials, students can reinforce their understanding and improve their retention of key concepts.

We also offer targeted practice exercises and the application of Social Studies concepts based on rigorous reviews of school and national examination papers. These practice sessions allow students to develop their skills in analysing questions, structuring responses, and applying knowledge to real-world scenarios. Students will also receive personalised feedback and guidance to further refine their answering techniques.

How Much Does Social Studies Tuition Cost?

At illum.e, our Social Studies tuition is priced competitively to ensure accessibility for students. Upper secondary students can benefit from our tuition at $90 per 2-hour lesson. For detailed information on our tuition fees and schedules, please visit our programme page. Take the next step towards academic success by enrolling in our Social Studies tuition programme.

Benefits of Social Studies Tuition

At illum.e, our Social Studies tuition programme offers numerous benefits that help students overcome common challenges they may face in the subject. Here's how illum.e can support students in tackling these challenges:

Clarity and Understanding: We clarify complex Social Studies concepts and ensure students understand what is required, particularly in scoring and reflecting evaluative perspectives for essays and application-based questions. Our engaging teaching methods make the subject more accessible and enjoyable for students.

Significant Score Improvements: We are proud to share that a high percentage of our students have achieved grade jumps in their scores after their first term with us. Through our proven teaching techniques and comprehensive guidance, students experience remarkable academic progress and gain the confidence needed to excel in Social Studies.

MOE-Registered Tuition Centre: As a MOE-registered tuition centre, illum.e upholds high standards and delivers quality education. This recognition reflects our commitment to excellence and provides assurance to students and parents that they are receiving top-notch instruction.

Meet our Qualified Social Studies Tutors

At illum.e, our team of highly qualified and experienced Social Studies tutors is dedicated to delivering exceptional education and fostering students' academic success.

Curriculum Lead


Meet Timothy Joshua Chia-Lee, our Curriculum Lead at illum.e. With a notable background as a former MOE Subject Head of English, he has played a pivotal role in driving innovative curricular redesigns aligned with the latest English Syllabus 2020. With decades of experience in teaching and tutoring English and General Paper, Timothy brings a wealth of knowledge to the classroom. His comprehensive guidance and expertise extend beyond teaching, as he also excels in leading and training other educators and professionals. With a track record of ensuring academic and holistic success for over 2500 students and educators, his dedication and passion for education make him an invaluable asset to our team.

IP and Humanities Lead


Meet David Lee, a dedicated MOE-trained teacher and former subject coordinator with over a decade of experience. His passion lies in designing engaging curricula and teaching strategies, firmly believing in every child's potential for success. David's versatile teaching approaches cater to students across different streams and abilities, making the subject accessible and easy to score in. Under his guidance, students gain confidence and often witness remarkable transformations, going from failing to achieving distinctions.

Humanities Specialist


Meet Evan Han, our esteemed Humanities Specialist at illum.e. With over ten years of experience as a MOE-trained teacher, Evan specialises in History and Social Studies. Having taught in various schools across Singapore, he brings a diverse perspective from different regions of the country. Recognised for his dedication to delivering quality service, he is a recipient of the MOE Service Excellence Award. Known for his engaging teaching style, he creates enjoyable classroom environments that foster strong teacher-student relationships and captivate students' attention, resulting in enriched learning experiences. With his expertise and passion for education, he also plays a vital role in helping students excel in their Humanities studies.

English and Humanities Teaching and Curriculum Specialist


Meet Elizabeth Lin, an exceptional Humanities tutor with a Masters' in Teaching and eight years of experience in prestigious Singapore schools. Her numerous accolades, including the Most Caring Teacher Award, reflect her unwavering commitment to her students' well-being and growth. Believing in making learning enjoyable, Elizabeth's student-centred approach involves using diverse pedagogical tools to keep students engaged and curious. She fosters academic competencies while igniting their curiosity, making her a dynamic and effective educator.