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javier yeo

Outram Secondary School

I am really thankful to have Mr Andre as my tutor for Tuesday lessons. As my O levels are around the corner and time goes by quickly, Mr Andre has guided me and prepared me well to face obstacles ahead of me. For example, when I was struggling with my oral, he taught me how to face such challenges by providing ways to answer the question. Subsequently, the lessons done by Mr Andre is easy to understand and this helps me in school because with all the other workload from other subjects, the strategies Mr Andre taught me makes English a fun subject and rather enjoyable. This helps me with my examinations too. Before I joined illum, i was constantly failing my english practices or written assessment. With all the help given to me, I am more confident about passing my English and definitely have high hopes for my O level English Examination!! Thank You!!

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Xavier Shen

Clementi Town Secondary School

Overall, learning at illum.e is provided students with personal attention to seek improvements. This is not possible without the help of the main teacher guiding the lesson structure and the assistant teachers going around to give feedback to students here in illum.e!

My English Teacher Mr Chia has been really approachable and encouraging! During lessons, Mr Chia will always relate what is taught with current affairs and our lifestyles which makes his lessons interesting and engaging. After classes, he is always available for me to clarify any doubts I have and seek places that I can improve at. Going the extra mile to assess our oral recordings and test papers in school, Mr Chia will never fail to provide personalised feedback which encourages me to work on my weaknesses and improve.

My Humanities Teacher Mr David Lee has helped me to simplify and explain certain humanities concepts and content. He would always ask the class how we're coping with school and life in general. Mr David would always spice up the lesson with analogies and current global affairs to bring life to the lesson! Yeah, I'll never forget about ferty, herby and pesty hahaha.

Thank you illum.e for making my English and Humanities lessons enjoyable!

~Xavier (English Sat 10am, SS/Geog Mon 4.30pm)

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Olivia Cheng

Singapore Chinese Girls' School

I am Olivia Cheng from lower sec english and this is my review about my amazing tutor, Mr Roger!

I feel incredibly fortunate to have Mr Roger as my tuition teacher. From the moment I joined his class, I knew I was in excellent hands. Mr Roger possesses a unique blend of qualities that make him an outstanding educator.

First and foremost, his caring nature is evident in everything he does. He genuinely cares about each student's progress and well-being. He takes the time to listen to our concerns and is always ready to offer guidance and support. Knowing that he's there for us creates a comforting and motivating learning environment.

Mr Roger is the epitome of patience. He never rushes through a lesson, and he's always willing to explain a concept multiple times until everyone understands. His patience has been a game-changer for me in my comprehension studies. I never feel hesitant to ask questions or seek clarification because I know he'll provide it without hesitation.

But what truly sets Mr Roger apart is his incredible sense of humor. Learning with him is not just informative but also enjoyable. His humor lightens up the classroom, making even the most challenging topics feel approachable. It's a rare gift to be able to teach with humor, and Mr Roger does it effortlessly.

When it comes to teaching comprehension, Mr Roger is nothing short of amazing. His teaching methods are effective, and he has a knack for breaking down complex concepts into manageable pieces. Thanks to him, my comprehension skills have improved significantly, and I now approach these challenges with confidence.

In conclusion, Mr Roger is a caring, patient, and humorous teacher who excels at teaching comprehension. I couldn't have asked for a better tutor. He has not only helped me academically but has also made learning an enjoyable journey. I highly recommend Mr Roger to anyone seeking an exceptional teacher.

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Jamie Yong

Jurong Secondary School

Dear Mr David Lee,

First, I’d like to take the moment to thank you for your help in this journey thus far, your unwavering support made me always have the confidence to always conquer my challenges face on and inspire me to be better in my studies.

I attended your English & social studies lessons and I always observe that you always put in your best efforts in teaching. Mr Lee would always go above and beyond! I am extremely grateful from the bottom of my heart that you always try to provide improvements that could be made for each individuals. Mr lee lessons are comprehensive and always make lessons to be super duper fun. I must say it is phenomenal and I am glad to be able to enjoy one of the best classes at illume!

Under your care and guidance I was able to understand and learn from my mistakes. As you always say “there is always room for improvement.“

And that has never faltered- Mr lee have always reminded us of the different writing styles, and the important key knowledge we need to take note of. This will always be ingrained in my head and will continue to strive for excellence!

I would also wanna thank you to all the staff and teachers at illume for always being really friendly and supportive in my journey

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Dorine Wu

Swiss Cottage Secondary School

I still remember that day, clear like a shard of crystal shedding. It was someday in October of 2022, an afternoon when the leaves' dews reflected the bright sun's brilliant rays. The taunting row of “73”s on my report book laughed at my nonchalant self – that if I worked harder on it on my own, I would eventually get there and stride my way towards the coveted diamond ranks. Yet, I was lost, a clueless adventurer in search of the North Star — finding that last shard shouldn't be far.

After a few days of scavenging through brochures like a hopeful archaeologist, I found that last remnant of crystal, the one elusive turquoise jade that was setting me back from unlocking that treasure chest. It is the page you’re seeing here, right on this treasure map, where I unraveled the secrets, I longed to learn.

Lessons here were the sweet mixture of informative and intriguing, coupled with the relevance of its contents with our 21st-century society – the perfectly curated formula to success. From essays to the once-dreaded comprehension to even oral and listening comprehension, illum.e covers every nook and cranny of the English syllabus comprehensively and meticulously. Besides lecture-style teaching, Mr. Chia and his TAs also provide personal feedback and consultations for individual improvement for me to polish my literary and interpretation abilities. This methodology was certainly the one factor that I missed in my previous attempts at laboriously slaving and digging for that last crystal. I've finally attained some level of mastery on this quest, my pen sharpened, ready to clinch and defeat the monstrous national examination, conquer the desired ranks and scream victory in the language I adore. (a pen is mightier than a sword, right?)

Moreover, the variety of question types and essay types we are exposed to in illum.e enabled me to discover and rediscover my strengths and develop my weaknesses in the realm of the language. The smorgasbord of activities I had my hands on allowed me to step out of my comfort zone and try new techniques and question types for essays. Past obstinate me would simply dismiss claims that expository writing is up my lane – I’d always preferred crafting narratives (which illum.e too developed me in!) – and this shift in mindset can be easily attributed to illum.e’s pedagogy and Mr. Chia's effective teaching.

Besides the quality of illum.e's lessons and notes, classes never fail to make my early morning worth. Mr. Chia's humour and enthusiasm in teaching has enabled me to appreciate the English language as more than mere alphabets forcefully punched together, an uncanny force, but melodies of words strung together to stitch up a piece of music. Even in the most tiring of mornings, I will never escape into slumbers and dream of another utopia — this is the dream I live in, the utopia I belong to.

Past me was the antithesis of my present self. Without the pivotal aid of illum.e’s classes and tutors, I am certain that my grades would maintain the status quo, my blunt pen still helplessly scribbling the fiction of my ‘A1’ grade, in search of the special medicinal recipe, but perhaps, to no avail. But under the close guidance of illum.e, I managed to easily escape my stagnant "73"s and acquired knowledge and understanding of the subject, attaining never-before-seen results, conquering personal milestones as I journey towards the final treasure chest in this

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Anglo-Chinese School (Independent)

MR IVAN IS THE GOAT!!!!! HE IS MUCH BETTER THAN LIONEL MESSI AND LEBRON JAMES COMIBINED. His lessons are awesome and interesting! He always uses certain terms during class such as "(that one i cannot say if not im dead)" and it helps me to gain more insight in every topic! His teaching is logical and well-detailed! I really enjoy studying combined humanities now because I realised how slay the subject is! IT IS SO FUN (better than your average history teacher i promise)

Due to Mr Ivan's teaching, my social studies improved to 70% (from 54% in CTs) and passed my history elective (failed my CTs) for prelims! He even congratulated me for my academic results and even said my teacher is (also cannot say if not im dead) He also tests us questions during classes to recall certain concepts. Additionally, he will always give us sweets to rejuvenate our energy whenever we feel tired.

Moreover, he takes his time to conduct additional classes during the holidays. When he first realised how horrible my history was, he immediately knew my problems and encouraged me to attend the additional classes. He never moved on unless the historical terms were etched to my mind, and I always left the centre with new concepts and skills.


Nonetheless, I'll give credit when credit is due. Credits to Mr Andre for teaching me English and the counter for sponsoring such a nutritious and healthy drink!

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Hwa Chong Institution

I had the privilege of being a student in Mr. Liew's English class, and I can confidently say that he is not just a teacher but a true inspiration. Mr. Liew embodies the qualities of an engaging, humorous, and experienced tutor, making each lesson an unforgettable experience.

Engagement is the key to effective teaching, and Mr. Liew has mastered this art. From the very first day of his class, I was captivated by his enthusiasm for the English language. He has an incredible knack for turning even the driest information into engaging stories and practical examples. He makes class come alive with his animated discussions and insightful analysis on mundane topics. Mr. Liew understands that students learn best when they are actively involved, and he encourages interactive exercises that keep us on our toes.

But what truly sets Mr. Liew apart is his sense of humor. Learning English with him is not just educational; it's a hilarious adventure. He has a way of infusing laughter into even the most challenging topics. His witty anecdotes, dark jokes, and quick one-liners keep the class light-hearted and enjoyable. Mr. Liew's humor is a breath of fresh air, making us look forward to each and every class.

Experience is the cornerstone of great teaching, and Mr. Liew brings years of it to the table. His vast knowledge of language and teaching techniques is evident in every lesson. He effortlessly adapts to the needs of his students, whether it's explaining a complex concept in a simple way or providing one-to-one consultation sessions after class to the students who need extra help. Mr. Liew's wisdom extends beyond textbooks; he imparts life lessons, encouraging us to become better communicators and critical thinkers.

In Mr. Liew's class, I not only learned about English but also about the power of effective teaching. He fosters an environment where students feel safe to express themselves, ask questions, and make mistakes. His patience and dedication to our growth as individuals shine through in his teaching style.

To sum it up, Mr. Liew is the kind of teacher who leaves a lasting impact. His engaging lessons, witty humor, and extensive experience make him a standout tutor. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to learn from him, and I can confidently say that my passion for English and my appreciation for great teaching have grown immensely under his guidance. Mr. Liew is not just a teacher; he is a mentor, a guide, and an inspiration to all lucky enough to be in his classroom.

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Irwyn TOH

Chung Cheng High School (Main)

English has not always been my forte, and I did not always like the subject. However, illume has really helped my English improve from a C5 to an A1. llum.e has consistently provided me with great educational support and their interesting lessons and their comprehensive notes proving invaluable for my revision. Illum.e has not only helped me mastered comprehension techniques, such as handling Quote and Explain Questions and Inference Questions, but also gained a deeper understanding of the subject.

In particular, Mr Liew played a pivotal role in elevating both my English grades and my confidence in the subject. In my opinion, what sets Mr Liew apart is his willingness to go the extra mile to ensure each student's is able to refine their thought process and engages in live writing in class, which many others might shy away from. He further personalises his classes to ensure everyone in class can improve on their specific weak points.

Illum.e has certainly made a positive impact on my English journey. I owe all thanks to Mr Liew and the illum.e team for inspiring me to achieve my best .

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Joachim Ng

Jurong West Secondary School

Thanks to Mr Chia’s unwavering dedication and passion for delivering well-tailored lessons using unique methods well-suited to each student’s learning style, I was able to achieve an A1 in English. Before this, I had consistently received C grades, and my interest in the subject dwindled, eventually affecting my humanities-related subjects. However, since attending Illume lessons, I have noticed a significant change. Thanks to Mr Chia’s exceptional teaching style and his ability to inspire students like me to rediscover our passion for English, which is truly commendable, I was able to achieve a grade I never thought possible.

Mr chia employs excellent and effective delivery methods of content, reinforced by his commitment to maintaining high-quality and effective lessons. He continues to remain ahead of the curve by scheduling revision sessions and consistently updating his teaching materials to cover the latest examination trends, which sets him greatly apart from other educators and institutions. Mr Chia, in particular, continues to be a source of inspiration for me and my fellow students by fostering a safe, comfortable, and conducive learning environment that encourages growth and development bringing out our greatest potential. Thank you Mr Chia for always replying to my texts and questions even at late hours giving me so much encouragement and guiding me in my journey to improving my English!!!

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Yik Hang

Hwa Chong Institution

I am a Secondary 4 IP student, enrolled in one of the comprehensive courses offered at Illum.e. Despite being part of the newer cohort of students at the centre, I have a profound respect for the team, with a particular appreciation for my teacher, Mr Liew. Their expertise in guiding students is immediately evident, akin to switching on a light in utter darkness.

I wish to express my deep appreciation for Mr. Liew, my dedicated teacher. Mr. Liew possesses an exceptional talent for simplifying intricate and abstract concepts, rendering them comprehensible and approachable. His teaching style is characterised by its precision and effectiveness, often with a touch of humour to enrich the overall learning experience.

One of Mr. Liew's standout qualities is his profound knowledge of global affairs. He seamlessly integrates this awareness into our curriculum, enriching our educational journey. This approach not only deepens our academic knowledge, but also broadens our global perspective.

What distinguishes Mr. Liew is his remarkable intelligence, impeccable communication skills, and the ability to guide our learning with a clear and structured approach. He effortlessly facilitates our sessions, creating a well-defined path for us to grasp the course material. Moreover, he customises the classes to cater to our specific needs, ensuring that each student benefits optimally from his teaching. A common practice during lesson time includes hosting a multitude of Q&A sessions, ensuring that every one of us remains actively engaged with the session while fostering a conducive learning environment.

In conclusion, Mr. Liew is an exceptional educator who consistently goes above and beyond to nurture his students' academic growth. His ability to simplify complex topics, integrate global perspectives, and tailor lessons to individual needs truly sets him apart. I wholeheartedly endorse Mr. Liew's classes to anyone seeking a top-notch educational experience.

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Migiwa Sueda

Swiss Cottage Secondary

I had the privilege of being taught by Mr. Chia, and I can confidently say that he is an exceptional tutor! His teaching style is not only effective but also incredibly enjoyable. Mr. Chia's sense of humor is second to none; he effortlessly infuses laughter into every lesson, making learning a delight. Even on days when I have sunken deep into the embrace of hebetude, his classes never fail to lift me up! His mastery in explaining complex concepts is truly amazing. He is a whirlwind of intellect and humor, and it is truly a joy to be his student!

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Valencia Low

Tanjong Katong Secondary School

My English teacher is Mr Andre and I really enjoy his lessons tremendously. Every lesson, he makes it a point to focus on a few weaker areas that many students tend to struggle with. I find his lessons very helpful and I feel more confident whenever I attempt questions, specifically comprehension questions. He is a patient and caring teacher and I am so glad to have him as my English tutor! 🙂

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Hwa Chong Institution

My English teacher is Mr Andre and I really enjoy his lessons tremendously. Every lesson, he makes it a point to focus on a few weaker areas that many students tend to struggle with. I find his lessons very helpful and I feel more confident whenever I attempt questions, specifically comprehension questions. He is a patient and caring teacher and I am so glad to have him as my English tutor! 🙂

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Jing Ying

Fuhua Secondary

To many, English may be a boring subject to learn in a class setting. However, illume has made every single lesson an interesting and astonishing one. Mr Roger was a really approachable tutor who constantly reaches out to all the students in his class. His patient guidance really stood out to me when he once stayed back with me after a lesson to go through my prelim paper with me. He picked up some errors I have made repetitively throughout practises and annotated them to remind me to not make the same mistakes again. I am really lucky and thankful to have met such a wonderful teacher who goes the extra mile to help me reach for greater heights. Thank you Mr Roger!

I like how illume uses specially curated notes for each lesson, with lesson content on the cover page so I am clear of what the entire lesson will be about. Furthermore, as I go through my tuition notes during revision, it makes it easier for me to find the specific notes for different sections of the paper. Mr Roger also uses videos to inspire us in essay writing. I remember vividly how he showed us a valedictorian speech at the start of the lesson to kickstart the lesson on speech for situational writing. That was really helpful in terms of both oral and essay writing, which kills two birds with one stone.

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L. Marc Andrew

Woodlands Secondary School

The teachers here at Illume are highly skilled, experienced and passionate about teaching English to students .
I was able to exceed myself and soar to unimaginable success in terms of my grades jumping from a borderline fail to a B3 in O-Levels in a matter of a few months.

And its all thanks to Mr Roger's excellent teaching skills and lesson materials. I particularly appreciate the oral notes and the feedback that he provided me to improve my speaking skills, which were previously my biggest weaknesses. I also really appreciate Mr roger for giving me revision notes that were a lifesaver to me. These notes consisted of the main points that were needed to excel in whatever component of English the notes covered. Genuinely the best Tuition I've ever had, and I have absolutely no regrets about having to join illume for English lessons 🙂

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Hua Jing Yi

Unity Sec

As an international student from China I came to Singapore at the age of 12, and repeated my year as a primary four student. Initially my grades for English were always on the verge of failing for every exam, all the way until secondary school, until recently when I joined illume's English tuition.

During the tuition classes, I feel that the teachers were patient and were really understanding. They were willing to listen to my points even though sometimes they do not make much sense. Teachers will often cue me in class and ask for my opinions on certain questions, giving me chances to voice out my thoughts and point of views, which really helped me a lot to be engaged in the lesson. Needless to say, the lessons there were mesmerizingly fun! 

At illum.e, friendly teachers and classmates really boosted my confidence and courage to reach out to them whenever I'm in need of help or just for normal conversations. Academically, the teachers also used unique teaching methods which greatly improved my writing skills and comprehension skills. These skills which I have acquired are even beneficial for my further education.

Moreover, they even spared extra time after classes to help me out with my queries. I remember vividly when I was having troubles with writing articles, our teachers reached out to me immediately, and put in efforts to print many notes to aid in my revision. 

My main tutor, Mr Roger, really helped me a lot in clarifying my doubts for the language, as well as telling me my weak areas to improve on. The lessons were fun and engaging as well. as such, my language speaking skills and comprehension skills were greatly enhanced. Mr Roger taught me with such great passion  and energy that he motivated me all the way through when I continuously doubted myself in the ability to learn english. it is his guidance and confidence in me that really spiked my motivation to give my best shot for O Level

I am now able to speak and express my thoughts fluently and accurately, which has helped me greatly in my oral examinations. My grade for English was a flat D7 in MYE, but after joining illume shortly after, it had improved from D7 to a B4 in prelim, and an A2 for O Levels! Thank you very much dear Mr roger, much credit to you!

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Clementi Town Secondary

At illume, I met multiple kind and patient teachers. Although the tuition sessions are group sessions, I was able to get attention from the teachers. In a class, apart from Mr Chia, the main tutor, there are multiple assistant teachers who walk around to help students and give them individualised feedback.

For me, I opted for online tuition sessions. For online lessons, Mr Chia, Ms Teo and other assistant teachers will comment on my work. Despite me being the only one online, I was not neglected by Mr Chia and his team. I am not someone who is strong at grammar. So, I often had multiple grammar errors when I wrote my essays. What I remember was Mr Chia highlighting grammar errors one by one to signal me that they were wrong.

The assistant teacher whom I interacted most with was Ms Teo, she gave me feedback to improve my answers. Once, I wrote "China people" in one of my answers and Ms Teo suggested a substitute, "Chinese nationals". Not only does the sentence sounded more formal, the stand sounded more neutral too. For my oral, Mr Chia held consultation sessions with me. He constantly gave me feedback and encouraged me. When Mr Chia was busy, Ms Teo had 1 to 1 oral sessions with me. She is extremely encouraging too. Ms Teo would always boost my confidence by saying which parts of my response were great. At the same time, she would give suggestions to improve my wording and propose what other things I can say.

One of the most important things I learnt from illume was the broader development skill for oral. I had never heard of this term in my school. Broader development helped me to link different oral topics together and increase the amount of my content significantly.

I used to be a student who repeated her points over and over again due to the lack of content. However, the content notes provided by illume coupled with the practises I had with Mr Chia and Ms Teo allowed me to expound on the topics better with more confidence. One of the astonishing moments I had was when one of the content notes questions was the third question of my O-level oral. I applied what I read from the notes and got affirming nods from both examiners! That was a very memorable moment. Apart from oral, Mr Chia held free 1 to 1 consultation sessions with me after every examination I had. He analyses the mistakes I made and set goals for my next examination. During my one year in illume, I encountered friendly admins, patient and caring teachers. They made an impact on my English learning. Thank you Illume for helping me score my first A1 in upper sec English for O Levels within 1 year!

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Bukit Batok Secondary School

I feel that the lessons at illum.e are very engaging and clear. Of all tuition centres that I have went to for English, I have never understood the lesson content more, than at illum.e.

The teachers there really take their time out of the day to guide students and to ensure that they understand every single thing taught in a lesson. Should students have any doubts or some things that they are unsure of, they could always book free consultation sessions with their teachers. The teachers at the centre are really patient, kind, knowledgeable, wise and approachable. Most importantly, they make each and every student feel at home during a tuition session.

The notes and lesson materials given by this centre has detailed information of what you need to know about a certain aspect of Secondary School English Language (e.g. Argumentative Essay). This really helps students to understand each aspect clearly. Another excellent thing is that the notes that are given to each student every lesson is well-organised and is easy to refer to. This is especially crucial to ensure that students learn effectively.

As for me, I would truly like to thank Mr Timothy Chia and Mr Roger for their guidance and patience towards me and every other student. I am very grateful to know them in my life and to know illum.e. They have enlightened me with knowledge of English Language like no other tuition teachers/centres have done. Truly, I am grateful and thankful.

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Catholic High

Mr Chia has truly been of great help to me in learning English. His unique views has inspired me greatly, allowing me to generate more content for my compositions, and his effective drills has allow me to experience a drastic improvement in my comprehensions.

He has always been able to blend interesting ideas and facts that are more relatable to me not his lessons, allowing me to better understand and benefit from them.

The notes provided at illum.e were extremely helpful in helping me master the the basics of the English language, allowing me to try out even more advance skills to strive for even greater results. His frequent encouragements and passion in teaching has also motivated me to work harder myself. These two years has been a great experience, Thank you Mr Chia and illum.e!

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Juying Sec

Mr Chia was very nice and helpful. He provided top materials and notes that were well-researched, with a clear strategy for each component. illum.e materials also provided a lot of tips on how to do even better, such as for instance how to apply persuasive techniques in situational writing, to help us do better than our peers in school.

Mr Chia is also a good teacher and his instructions were very clear and easy to follow and easy to apply. He is also very patient and he always ensures that the students understand the skills and techniques before he carries on with their lesson. Consultation and help are also always available, something that not many group tuition provides.

I managed to obtain a B3 at O levels. This was the best grade that I have ever achieved for EL (I usually get a C for EL in school). I feel that I could have perhaps even improved to an A2 if I had more lessons or time at the centre.

illum.e made me realise that it is actually possible to prepare for the EL paper, and this was very different from school, where the teachers just asked us to read the newspapers or do practices. illum.e teaches and focuses a lot on skills, and that is why i think that students and parents should sign up at illum.e without any hesitation, because they are definitely the best English learning centre in Singapore.

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Hwa Chong Institution

Mr David Lee was my Upper Secondary IP English teacher. He has never failed to make lessons interesting for his students. Despite having graduated, I can still fondly recall his crafty ways of teaching us concepts through quirky mnemonics. His sense of humour and energy has certainly helped to keep a class of restless students engaged. My friends and I were even inspired by him to create our own mnemonics which helped supplement our revision across other subjects.

Mr Lee provided me with much-needed guidance, both academically and personally. When I was still an international student living alone in Singapore, I had to make many decisions myself. I could always approach Mr Lee for advice regarding matters such as life in Junior College as well as National Service. He would share insights based on his own experiences, which gave me a glimpse of what’s ahead for me. In hindsight, I am grateful to him as he helped me make better life decisions during a period full of uncertainty.

Mr Lee’s broad perspective and tenacious spirit have inspired me to strive to achieve more in life. He has always encouraged us to not underestimate ourselves and set greater goals. At the same time, his support has provided me with the courage to leave my comfort zone and take on more challenges. As an educator who goes above and beyond his responsibilities, Mr Lee and illum.e deserves greater appreciation and recognition.

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Teng Shi

Jurongville Sec

My teacher (Mr Chia) is a very out-going person. He is also very creative in the way he teaches his lessons. He would always use real-life context to explain a vocabulary word when it is hard for me to understand the word. Furthermore, he is also a person who conducts his lessons systematically and he always plans his lessons with a clear objective to the lessons. As a student I can really understand what he is teaching and I am able to apply all the writing skills that he has taught me.

In one of his lessons, he taught me the skill of how to introduce sensory details in my writing so that I can improve my writing skills. He wrote a sample essay as an example and asked me to observe the skills that he applied. Afterwards, he guided me with my writing experiments. He taught me not to be too literal in my writing and after applying the skills that he taught, I realised that I am now able to write proper essays, and i am also starting to enjoy the process of writing essays.

I am thankful for his lessons. Without his guidance, I might not be able to pass my English. I am currently one of the top students in his class at Jurongville Sec, and I appreciate everything, especially the 'high impact' vocabulary list that he gave to me. It definitely helped me a lot in my writing!

Mr Chia is someone who really interacts with students. He is very open minded and whenever you talk to him, he sounds and feels more like a friend which is very important for me. I believe that effective learning can only take place when the students feel comfortable talking to the teacher. Thus i would recommend illum.e to my friends.

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Jurong Sec

Looking back, I really did enjoy my time spent here in the company of my fellow peers as well as the strong support given by my tutors. In particular, I would like to extend my utmost and sincere gratitude to my Geography tutor, Mr David Lee, for being such a supportive figure throughout my upper secondary years.

Back in Secondary 3, when I was struggling to grasp several geographical concepts, Mr Kun was more than willing to have consultation sessions, slowly explaining the concepts in a simplified and digestible way. Even when it took several times for him to repeat the same concept, Mr Lee never once lost his cool and was always patient with me. Till date, I am amazed by how he is able to explain an initially daunting and complex theory in a coherent and logical manner. For that, I am very thankful for Mr Lee, for his endearing passion for teaching and making our Geography class fun.

Beyond the rigour of the ‘O’ level syllabus, Mr Lee has always been a genuine and sincere teacher outside class. Like a companion, he always encourages us when we may not do as well as our expectations. Rather than penalising our faults, he constantly reinforces the fact that failures are an integral part of the whole learning process and it’s through a process of trial and error that we will eventually get a good grip at what we are doing. Mr Lee has also nurtured me to become a critical and bold thinker who constantly questions the world around us. His help and guidance has been invaluable in my receiving the MOE Humanities Scholarship and decision to enter the Raffles Humanities Programme.

All in all, Mr Lee has been nothing short of amazing. He has inspired me to consider a future career in teaching, and I hope he will continue to inspire many more generations of students at Illum.e to come.

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Yi Jia

Nanyang Girls High School

I like that illum.e's lessons are tailored to our needs and learning styles and that they are focused on improving our thinking and writing skills instead of just overloading us with content.

They have truly illuminated me by improving my critical thinking abilities, as well as giving me exposure to a wider range of vocabulary and question types.

Thank you Mr Chia for always helping, customising lessons for us and for always teaching us the subject enthusiastically and passionately!

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Wang Hong Yu

Hwa Chong Institution

Mr Liew is a very responsible English teacher who is focused on helping his students improve. His in-depth breakdown of essay topic sentences allowed students like myself to better understanding how to structure our essays. In class, Mr Liew regularly types out essay paragraphs on the spot to demonstrate some of the writing approaches and strategies at illum.e. With his guidance, I saw my English improve a lot this year. Thank you Mr Liew!

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Juying Sec

Teachers at illum.e are literally the best English masters ever. I have learnt so many new things at illum.e especially hybrid mixed-genre essays and article writing which we did not really cover in school. The learning atmosphere is also great, with a spacious classroom that doesn't make us feel claustrophobic. The teachers are also super friendly and are able to help you whenever, if you ask for it. 

What really set illum.e apart from other centres is the clear and concise notes provided as well as the detailed explanation from the teachers. The notes were really useful with clear strategies on how to successfully prepare for each component of the EL paper, and the teachers even prepared summary notes before O levels to ensure that we know what are the most important aspects of each skill that we need to revise before the exams. The lessons were also very clear and interesting, with a key learning objective, and we could see the overall direction that we were moving and where we would get to.

I will forever be grateful to illum.e, for they have helped me in my O level English, and made a drastic difference to when i first joined. They helped me pull up my C6 to a B3, in half a year and i even managed to secure an A2 for O level! This was something that i thought would only be possible for Science and Maths, but not for EL, because we often hear comments from seniors and teachers that it is difficult to score for EL and we should be satisfied with a B3. But illum.e proved that it is possible and i am glad i joined illum.e.

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Nanyang Girls High School


Lessons at illum.e have helped to boost my confidence and interest with regards to learning English. Before coming for lessons here, English was originally my worse subject and I struggled to score well all the time. After going for lessons here, I began to have a better grasp of the skills required when writing and have seen huge improvements.

I like how lessons at illum.e are catered to student’s needs. This really helps us to improve as the worksheets targets our weaknesses so it makes it easier for us to learn from our shortcomings and improve from there.

Thanks to illum.e, I managed to score A1 for my language arts in IP Year 4. I would like to thank my teacher, Mr Chia, for being a very patient teacher and believing in us – my teacher’s guidance has really helped us to improve our English abilities and boost our confidence!

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Unity Secondary

Mr Chia is friendly and easy to approach, he helps us by clarifying our doubts. He teaches things in a way which makes things fast and simple to remember, and this increases the speed of the lesson such that no time is wasted. He has a strong passion for English, thus influencing his students positively to love English more. I would always look forward to attend tuition classes as it was always fun and interactive. The lessons are sometimes designed with group work which helped me improve while working with different types of people and learning together with them. His lessons made me realise that English is not as easy as it seems like every type of questions requires a different answering technique which is applicable in our examinations. Knowing more about the subject drives me to become a better learner as I will know how to analyse questions and expand text during exams before answering them.

Illum.e’s lesson preparation and materials are clear and very easy to understand. All the presentation slides and notes are prepared with engaging graphics. The notes are filled with information and step by step strategies to help us memorise it better. With each part of a lesson taught, we will receive multiple practices to make sure we fully understand and make use of what we have learnt. The homework given are not demanding yet it helps us practice till we clear our doubts about the particular topic. corrections are also marked and explained to us individually so that we know our mistakes. Whenever we have any doubts, it was always easy to approach and ask questions either in real life or by sending our teacher a text. You can also always stay back after classes to clear your doubts with the teacher. For example, during the oral examination period, the notes of all possible oral discussion topics are given, and the teacher tackled every student's weaknesses to do one by one practices until their oral skills improved.

I would like to thank my teacher for his continuous support, believing that we will all do well. Also, for his great professional teaching classes and sparing his time out to help us.

I would recommend illum.e to other students as the teacher and lessons will help you evaluate your weakness out and help you improve as the time passes. Together with your own hard-work and the teacher endless effort you will definitely see a change in the results for the subject itself.

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Hwa Chong Institution

illum.e brought me a new experience in the area of learning the English language. Multiple learning platforms allow me to take part in lessons regardless of location and the availability of both hardcopy and soft copy lesson materials brought me great convenience. On top of that, the teacher's lessons are structured in a way that we learn and have fun at the same time, and the lessons are also planned according to our interests and needs. Attending lessons at illum.e is definitely something I look forward to every week. Lastly, group discounts are available so do recommend friends and classmates to illum.e to enjoy the discounts!

Illum.e English, Humanities & GP Tuition


Unity Sec

Mr Chia was my school teacher and he had helped me to realise the potential that I had to excel in English! His materials prepared proved to be extremely useful for my revision before my O levels. The notes were highly detailed and informative, with various real-life examples that I could use in various essays. The lessons also provided us with a multitude of drills and practice questions for various skills and techniques in comprehension such as Unusual & Effective which were not taught anywhere else.

These practices helped improve the way I answered the questions in English Paper 2, an area which I found to be particularly challenging for me to score. Furthermore, the teachers were always more than willing to clarify any doubts that I had regarding the skills and content that I learnt, and always encouraged me to ask more questions so I could improve.

Even now that I have moved on to poly, the notes have helped me in numerous ways for my writing assignments. The facts and statistics included in the notes, as well as the extensive list of vocabulary words have improved the way I present my information in my projects and presentations.

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Victoria School

As someone who used to study English on my own, I struggled a lot in Secondary 4. But after joining illum.e’s English classes, I saw immediate improvement especially in the areas I was struggling with in Paper 2. The teachers here explained all the skills and strategies very carefully, letting me know what I needed to do well and I did well after applying them! Highly recommended because I believe illume’s structure, teaching and teachers will supplement everyone’s need to excel in English for WAs, Examinations and most importantly O level exams!

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Jurong West Secondary

Before attending Mr Chia's lessons, I was doubtful about how to study for English Language examinations. I could not even understand how to answer different types of comprehension questions, especially Quote and Explain and summary questions. I could barely understand how to master situational and continuous writing. But after attending his lessons, I could finally master all types of comprehension questions. My summary has improved from 4/15 in Secondary 3 EOY to 10/15 in Preliminary Exams. My situational writing has improved from 16/30 in Sec 4 MYE to 21/30 in tests. I became more motivated in studying for English Language examinations.

Mr Chia patiently clarifies my doubts during lessons, as well as via Whatsapp. He also goes the extra mile to mark my extra assignments and patiently went through them with me. He will provide feedback for every assignment so that I can understand the requirements of each question, as well as the rubrics of situational writing and continuous writing. During online lessons, he would use Mentimeter to ensure that I can learn at a comfortable pace and clarify my doubts along the way.

The lesson notes are very comprehensive, providing a step-by-step methodology for tackling each comprehension question type. In every lesson, Mr Chia has given us comprehension and writing drills from other schools to apply these strategies I have learned so that I can master these crucial components in O Levels. He has also given me O Level papers with comprehensive answer keys from 2013 to 2020 so that I can understand the difficulty level of each type of question, and the trends of questions tested at O Level. Before O Levels, he has created summarised notes to emphasise the key strategies and formats of each question type in Paper 1 and 2.

Thank you Mr Chia for providing a fun and interesting learning experience, especially during online lessons. I would highly recommend Mr Chia and illum.e as your go-to centre for English.

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Sean Tey

Juying Secondary

Mr Timothy Chia has been an incredible and spectacular teacher in many ways. Due to his excellent teaching abilities, I was able to surpass myself and soar to greater heights in terms of my grades and character. To those who may already be wondering what makes Mr Chia’s teaching so remarkable, the reasons go beyond just these few lines. While it seems impossible to list them all out, here are a few top specs of Mr Chia.

To any student, lessons with a teacher must consist of fun, enthusiasm and an unstoppable drive for learning. While teaching me, Mr Chia was able to execute all these components flawlessly. So what makes Mr Chia’s teaching so great, is how observant he is to the mistakes of students that many like myself have at times neglected. He would correct us immediately and make us ponder on how we could answer the question better. One such example includes a Quote and explain exercise. When there were errors in my answer, instead of simply marking it wrong and going through with the whole class afterwards, he spent his precious time going over my answer and explaining what I did wrong or could have done better. An example of this is when he explains that my quote was either missing certain lines, too long or short or when my explanation was unclear. I enjoyed lessons with him as I was able to learn how to tackle multiple components of the comprehension. I no longer dread those quote and explain or global text questions. Lessons were also very engaging due to the methods he used for annotation including close reading. I could feel a part of myself in the context of the text and was able to answer the questions a lot easier.

When it comes to lessons with Mr Chia, notes were never short of and were always in great quality and clarity. Most of the notes include drills on the most common sections in the comprehension paper in which multiple students have struggled over. The notes would include answering and annotation techniques that really helped us rephrase our answers better especially in sections that really need this skill for questions like in your own words(IYOW).

Paper 1 components were also practiced well and regularly. Mr Chia has often shared us model essays in which we can refer to mostly written by him so we students would have a better idea on how to write better. In the notes for paper 1 components, there would always include a practice each for an introduction, body and conclusion paragraph. This teaching method was really helpful as instead of going through with writing an entire essay itself, we students were able to work better on each paragraph to ensure our entire story or essay flows with what we think and write. This step by step strategy allowed me especially to write tremendously better, reducing on my often lengthy and repetitive or illogical sentences which really boosted my grades.

There are multiple things in which I would like to thank Mr Chia for and express my gratitude. First of all would be his remarkable patience. I am an especially slow learner who would take multiple practices before mastering anything . Thanks to Mr Chia, who never hesitated to go through the struggling comprehension components again and drill me well enough till I get it, I might never have done as well for my exams. Following this is the very clear and helpful advice he give whenever I encounter a problem in my learning or when I struggle on correcting my errors by myself or with my group during group work. I got a better drive to learn thanks to his methods and constantly making me ponder on how better my elaborations can be improved or what phrases or vocabulary could be included. Last but not least, in fact most of all, is the powerful encouragement he gives during and after lessons. He would always cheer me and other students on when facing never ending hurdles, and always open to us. He allowed us to have a better mental state during the exams thanks to his methods of helping us tackle the difficult components. We felt a little less nervous during the exam thanks to these helpful skills we learnt from him.

In conclusion, Mr Chia is an incredible teacher who is always there for his students and never neglects them, believing in their endless potential and capabilities while enhancing their abilities. It is hard to find a teacher who would always be so open to you or can always consistently helps each individual directly, going through their personal flaws and helping them improve from where they are weak. Not every teacher in this world can always be there for each individual student in a class of 20 or 30 students. Mr Chia has put plenty of effort into helping each individual on their own flaws on a regular basis. For this reason alone is why I would recommend this great teacher to all students out there who would be seeking strength to improve and surpass their old self.

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Pin Yi

River Valley High School (IP4)

The lessons and curriculum of illum.e definitely has helped me enhance my writing skills in the essay aspect, and I am more confident in using wider vocabulary. The lesson materials are also of great quality and they help broaden how I see modern world issues, allowing me to write with more creativity in school.

I like most about the lessons at illum.e being intuitive and adaptive to cater to my needs. For example, once I had a English Summary test at school the next day, so illum.e specifically gathered practices and resources just for summary to give me extra help, and i was able to score well 🙂 The lessons are very nicely paced too and the content coverage are of good quality too.

If I could thank my teachers, I would say that I am very thankful and proud to have you all as my mentors in my journey of honing better English language essay skills and I am eternally grateful for your patience and unwavering support, believing in me all the way 🙂

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As a student who has often struggled with English and having tried many other centres, I must say that the teachers here are by far the best English experts, hands down. Their patience and efforts to help us really shows how passionate they are, and they are always happy to help answer any of our questions. More importantly, their engaging lessons and unique skills taught has helped all of us in general! Plus the learning environment is very conducive, and they have great welfare too!!

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