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illum.e is a trusted tuition centre for high-quality General Paper (GP), English, and IP Language Arts tuition. Located in the heart of Novena, our centre is designed to allow students to experience an enriching and supportive learning environment. With our experienced tutors and tailored programs, we aim to empower students to excel academically and achieve their educational goals.

Where to Find Us

Our tuition centre in Novena is strategically located near various amenities and educational institutions. Situated at 10 Sinaran Drive, Novena Square 2, #04-52/54, Singapore 307506, our tuition centre is easily accessible and well-connected to public transportation, making it convenient for students from Novena and surrounding areas to reach us.

How to Get to illum.e Novena Tuition Centre

Our tuition centre in Novena is accessible, making it easy for students to locate our campus. Here's a guide on how to reach our Novena campus:

If you're taking the MRT,

head to the MRT Exit A and enter Novena Square 2 from the basement entrance. Take the escalator up to Level 4 and turn right. Our tuition centre is on your right.

Subjects We Offer

illum.e's Novena tuition centre offers a comprehensive range of tuition programmes to cater to the diverse needs of our students. Our subjects and their schedules include:

Our Primary School English tuition programme is designed to strengthen students' language skills and foster a love for reading and writing. Our Novena centre offers Primary English tuition for upper primary students with the aim to inform them of methods to check for errors and strive for accuracy in their work.

Our Secondary School English and IP Language Arts tuition programme focuses on refining students' language abilities and honing their literary analysis skills. illum.e’s Secondary School English tuition classes are available for both lower and secondary school students at our Novena centre. Each of these classes is designed to equip students with key insights and strategies to mitigate any language errors and skills so as to push their grades to the next level.

Our Junior College General Paper tuition programme is designed to prepare JC 1 students for the challenging A Level General Paper examination. Our tuition centre in Novena offers GP tuition that teaches students how to study for their General Paper and learn the necessary skills to answer their comprehension questions with ease.

illum.e’s JC Economics tuition programme focuses on providing students with a strong foundation in economics principles and theories. With a result-proven Economics tuition programme for both JC 1 and JC 2 students, we aim to actively deepen their learning in the subject matter.

Our Novena Campus

At illum.e, we aim to create an environment where our students feel at ease as they learn. Our Novena tuition centre is equipped with the learning resources that our students can utilise during their classes. We also keep our facilities clean and sanitised to ensure the safety of our staff, tutors, and students.

illum.e Novena Branch

How To Contact Us

At illum.e, we understand the importance of quality education and its impact on a student's future. We are committed to delivering exceptional tuition services to help students develop critical thinking skills, improve their language proficiency, and excel academically.

For any inquiries or assistance, feel free to reach out to us or drop by our illum.e tuition centre at Novena. Our dedicated team is always at your service, ready to assist.

Address: Novena Square 2, #04-52/54, 10 Sinaran Dr, Singapore 307506
Telephone: +65 8889 8705 (Enquiry Hotline) / +65 8887 5790 (Student Management)

Experience the illum.e Difference

illum.e, is a MOE-registered tuition centre that believes in nurturing students' intellectual growth and helping them realise their full potential. With our dedicated tutors, comprehensive curriculum, and individualised attention, we strive to create a conducive learning environment that fosters academic excellence and personal development.

Join illum.e's tuition centre in Novena today and embark on a transformative educational journey. Contact us for more inquiries about our classes or to book a trial lesson. Together, let's illum.e-minate your path to success.


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Mr. Joshua Tan @ Muscle Math


Chemistry Tuition
Mr Jacky Wong @ MyChemCafe


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