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“There are two ways of spreading light; to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it.” – Edith Wharton


Here are illum.e, our passionate and driven educators do both - in being the candles to light the fire and motivations of learning and to be the mirror to help your child achieve their utmost.
Every tutor is carefully selected, trained and groomed to help your child achieve excellence. 

Mr Chia, head tutor - Illum.e English, Humanities & GP Tuition

Contact: timothy.chia@illum.education

Mr Timothy Joshua Chia-Lee

Founder & Head Tutor

An award-winning former MOE Subject Head of English, Timothy possesses extensive educational leadership experience, having spearheaded and innovated various curricula to be impactful, results-proven and engaging. Timothy has taught since his National Service days, having decades of experience in teaching English and General Paper, as well as leading and training educators and professionals. He has personally overseen the academic and holistic success of over 2700 students and educators under his direct guidance, and led illum.e's team through its meteoric rise.

Mr Timothy Joshua Chia-Lee - Founder & Head Tutor

Mr Roger, tutor and English teaching lead

Contact: roger.etienne@illum.education

Mr Roger-Etienne

English Language Teaching Lead

Former MOE English teacher with decades of experience since he began teaching in 2000. With a wide repertoire of teaching experiences in multiple primary and secondary schools across all streams, ‘Mr Roger’, as he is fondly called by his students, is illum.e's English Language Lead who guides illum.e’s team in ensuring high quality English language learning.

Mr Roger Etienne - English Language Teaching Lead

Mr David Lee

Contact: david.lee@illum.education

Mr David Lee

IP Lead, Chief of Staff

Mr Lee is one of the most sought after IP English experts in Singapore. An award-winning MOE-trained teacher and former subject coordinator with a decade's experience designing and teaching engaging curricula anchored on the belief that every child can and will do well. With a wide repertoire of teaching approaches across all streams and streams, Mr Lee's pedagogic strength lies in making the subject simple to understand and score in for all students, with those under his charge improving in confidence and frequently making the jump from fail to distinction.

Mr David Lee - IP and Humanities Lead

Mr Liew, GP and English teacher

Contact: shanhao.liew@illum.education

Mr Liew Shan Hao

Language and GP Specialist, JC2 Lead

One of Singapore's most sought after GP tutors, and author of the EPH GP TYS 2019-2023 answers, Mr Liew is a teacher with a decade of teaching experience, having taught in MOE Secondary Schools and Junior Colleges. With an NUS double major in Political Science and Southeast Asian Studies and a Masters in International Relations from NTU RSIS, Shan Hao is illum.e’s resident curriculum expert for politics, economy, governance, Southeast Asia and the wider Asian Region.

Mr Liew Shan Hao, Language and GP Specialist, JC2 Lead

Mr Joachim Chia, Primary School Lead

Contact: joachim.chia@illum.education

Mr Joachim Chia

Primary School English Lead

A former MOE Primary School English teacher with over a decade of teaching experience,  Mr Joachim Chia has helped many students over the years achieve better results in English by breaking down the components and helping them understand the requirements better. As a firm believer of Albert Bandura’s Social Learning Theory, he is able to enable students to pick up simple or abstract concepts through role-modelling, thinking aloud strategies and simulating thinking processes. Through this, hundreds of students have improved their English learning with his mentoring, especially with the use of the Gradual Release of Responsibility instructional framework.

Mr Joachim Chia - Primary School English Lead

Mr Jia Qi Yeo

Contact: jiaqi.yeo@illum.education


GP Curriculum Lead

An NTU Linguistics and Multilingual Studies graduate with a second major in Public Policy and Global Affairs, Jia Qi is an experienced teacher who is the author of the EPH GP TYS 2019-2023 answers. He often draws on his extensive understanding of both language and the world to help students gain deeper insights into their English and General Paper. A Prime Minister’s Book Prize for Bilingualism winner, Jia Qi is effectively bilingual and can teach in both English and Mandarin, empowering students to express themselves and appreciate the various building blocks of language.

Mr Yeo Jia Qi - GP Curriculum Lead

Mr Derrick Liew, Econs Tutor

Mr Derrick Liew

Economics Lead

Derrick Liew is an NUS Business Graduate with First Class Honours with extensive teaching experience in guiding students and using relevant, real-life case studies to make learning engaging and memorable. With experience and expertise in the industries of education, technology, and real estate in addition to the start-up scene, Derrick brings onboard a vast wealth of knowledge critical in delivering interesting and impactful economics content and case study explanations.

Ms Mcdeline, English and GEP Primary School Teacher

Contact: MC.deline@illum.education

Ms MC Deline

Lower Primary Lead

An experienced educator with over 16 years of teaching experience, Ms Deline is a highly sought after Primary School Specialist with experience in schools and well-known educational centres or institutes. Previously the Head of Department in English Language, Deline brings a wealth of expertise in training students in achieving success with the Gifted Education Programme (GEP).

Her pedagogy sees a reflection of her own personal traits with persistent high energy, adaptiveness and a continual dedication to the craft which younger students pick up, mirror and grow with. Her students in turn become highly intrinsically and extrinsically motivated, and are known to always be on task, and completing their work to their utmost efforts.

Mr Andre, English Teacher, Curriculum Lead

Contact: andre.yeo@illum.education

Mr Andre Yeo

English Curriculum Lead

Former MOE English Subject Head with 10 years of teaching experience, largely leading school’s English syllabi and curriculum and preparing graduating students to score for national examinations. Possessing the expertise and experience in teaching all the different levels and streams, Mr Yeo has a comprehensive understanding of various pedagogical methods in effectively teaching students to excel and in developing streamlined and impactful curriculum.

best humanities tuition

Contact: evan.han@illum.education

Mr Evan Han

Humanities Lead

The most sought after History and Social Studies teacher in Singapore, Mr Evan Han has more than ten years of experience as an MOE-trained teacher in the Humanities. Mr Han possesses an extensive experience, having taught in multiple schools from the east to west of Singapore. With a Postgraduate Diploma in Education (PGDE), he was also a recipient of the MOE Service Excellence Award for rendering quality service to students and parents. He believes in making the classroom a place for education and fun to make learning more engaging for his students. This is further amplified in Mr Han’s ability to develop strong positive teacher-student relationship with his students, who find his lessons interesting and enriching.

Mr KP Chuah

Contact: kp.chuah@illum.education

Mr KP Chuah

Language and General Paper Specialist

A highly popular and NIE-trained English and GP teacher, KP has taught General Paper and English for more than a decade and is a decorated educator with a Masters of Education from NIE. Possessing also a CELTA Teaching Certificate by Cambridge, KP is deeply passionate about helping students unlock and reach their greatest potential as soon as possible.

Milanpal, Primary School Teacher

Contact: milanpal.singh@illum.education

Mr Milanpal Singh

Middle Primary Lead

Milan, a distinguished former MOE teacher, brings a wealth of educational leadership experience, having developed and enhanced various curricula for maximum impact, proven results, and engaging experiences. With over a decade of experience in teaching English and Mathematics and leading successful professional development teams, Milan has directly overseen and guided the academic and holistic success of over 1000 students.

AC Chua, Geography Lead

Contact: ac.chua@illum.education

MR AC Chua

Geography Lead, Humanities Teaching Specialist

An award-winning MOE-trained teacher, AC is a highly sought after educator with more than a decade of educational leadership and teaching in both MOE schools and international schools. A humanities and social scientist by training, he graduated from the National University of Singapore and University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill with a Joint B.A (Honours) in Geography. As a MOE teacher, he taught Geography, History and Social Studies. He values the importance of a strong education in the humanities and seeks to bring in the real world into his teaching.

Ms Teo Yin Xuan, Teacher

Contact: yinxuan.teo@illum.education

Ms Teo Yin Xuan

English Language Specialist

An NTU linguistics and multilingual studies major with a strong interest in how languages affect the brain, Yin Xuan has extensive experience in mentoring and guiding students from Primary, Secondary and Junior College levels in their subject mastery. Always keen and passionate in language acquisition in and outside of the classroom, Yin Xuan believes in building a firm rapport to ensure a conducive and empowering classroom experience.

Ms Koh, English Language Specialist

Contact: Mskoh@illum.education

Ms Koh

English Language Specialist

An NTU graduate with an honours degree in English Literature, Ms Koh has a deep-seated passion for the written word, dedicating herself to exploring the intersections of creative expression, critical thought and interdisciplinary applications.

Her rich and multifaceted experience spans across seven enriching years of youth mentorship, reflecting her commitment to educational development and her skill in nurturing young minds. This, coupled with her exposure in research, policy and the arts, empowers her teaching to be supported by various dimensions and perspectives.

Ms Daemon, teacher

Contact: daemon.leong@illum.education


Language and General Paper Specialist

A recent graduate from NTU with a B.A. (Honours, Highest Distinction) in English and currently embarking on a Master of Arts by Research, Daemon is an author of the EPH GP TYS 2019-2023 answers and brings her multiple years of tutoring experience and a strong passion for current affairs and language use to her students. Having previously worked closely with students to build a strong foundation for language comprehension, her primary interest is in guiding students to develop and express original opinions in response to questions, so that they can provide incisive and well-thought out responses both inside and outside of the classroom.

Mr Allan, English and GP teacher

Contact: mr.allan@illum.education

Mr Allan

IP English and General Paper Specialist

As illum.e's in-house law specialist, Mr Allan brings with him a diverse experience in educating students from different backgrounds and in inspiring budding lawyers-to-be among the students. A passionate and driven educator with years of experience, Mr Allan found teaching to match his personal zeal to help make the world a better place.

Ms Alya, English Teacher

Contact: Alya.maisarah@illum.education

Ms Alya

English and Humanities Teaching and Curriculum Specialist

As an NTU major in linguistics and multilingual studies, Ms Alya is captivated by the various aspects of language and communication, ranging from the characteristics of phonetic symbols to the structure of grammar and more. An experienced teacher,  Ms Alya has four years of teaching experience with primary and secondary school students, providing them inspirational support and encouragement in their studies.

Mr Mark, English Teacher

Contact: mr.mark@illum.education

Mr MarK

Secondary School Language Specialist

Mr Mark is an MOE-trained educator with over a decade of experience in the classroom. As subject coordinator across multiple levels and streams, he has internalised and developed outstanding pedagogical strategies, which are personalised according to student profiles. An award winning and inspirational teacher, Mr Mark has received multiple Outstanding Contribution Awards, Caring Teacher awards and many more from MOE. These are testament to his personal philosophy of excellence and his passion in striving to nurture every student to his or her utmost potential.

Ms Jasveen, English Language Specialist

Contact: jasveenkaur@illum.education

Ms Jasveen

English Language Teaching Specialist

A former MOE Secondary school teacher with over a decade of experience, Ms Jasveen believes in integrating real-world knowledge into language development. Recognising the importance of exposing students to authentic facts, current events and cultural references, she strives to create a learning environment where students hone their language skills while understanding the world around us.

Ms Meiyunn, English Language Specialist

Contact: meiyunn@illum.education

MS Toong Mei YUNN

English Language Teaching Specialist

As an impassioned educator, Mei Yunn is dedicated to fostering a lifelong love for learning and empowering students to excel in their academic journey. Graduated with honors from NUS with a degree in English Language, she brings a deep understanding of language acquisition and pedagogy to her teaching practice. With experience teaching English Language and Humanities subjects such as Social Studies, she firmly believes that language learning should not be isolated but rather integrated authentically with real-life examples, paired with critical thinking.

Ms Yuan Xin

Contact: yuanxin.lim@illum.education

Ms Yuan Xin

English Language Teaching Specialist

As an NTU English Literature major, Ms Yuan Xin has a deep appreciation for the beauty of the English language. She aims to instil this love in her students by building a strong foundation in reading and writing.

Ze Qin GP Teacher

Contact: zeqin@illum.education

Ms Ze Qin

IP English and General Paper Teaching Specialist

Ms Ze Qin’s educational philosophy transcends the conventional focus on grades, aiming instead to instil a lifelong awareness, joy, and curiosity about the world. She believes that by critically engaging the students to the world around us, she is able to deeply enrich students’ educational journeys while also preparing them to thrive in diverse environments. Her lessons thus integrate critical perspectives of the world that has shaped her through her breadth of educational and lived experiences.

Contact: fern.teo@illum.education

Ms Fern Teo

General Paper Teaching Specialist

With eight years of dedicated service in MOE schools, Ms Teo has established herself as an experienced, versatile and dynamic educator. Specialising in General Paper, Literature and Geography, she has successfully taught different learning profiles at various secondary institutions and junior colleges, including Lower Secondary, 'N' Levels, 'O' Levels, 'A' Levels, Integrated Programmes, and the Gifted Education Programme. Ms Teo's classroom is a melting pot of diverse backgrounds and thought processes, where she fosters a culture of respect and inclusivity.

Contact: jordan.han@illum.education

Mr Jordan Han

Humanities and Language Specialist

Han, an alumnus of the prestigious Raffles Institution, is a distinguished tutor with a profound understanding of the Humanities. While he is currently furthering his academic pursuits in Sociology at the National University of Singapore, Han's educational journey is marked by notable academic achievements, including the Ministry of Education Humanities Scholarship and the prestigious NUS Global Merit Scholarship. These accolades reflect his intellectual rigour and dedication to academic excellence.

Contact: mrslee@illum.education

Mrs LEe

IP English and General Paper Teaching Specialist

Mrs Lee is an experienced MOE-trained teacher who has over two decades of rich experience teaching and designing quality curriculum and assessment for English and General Paper. With teaching experiences in various secondary schools and junior colleges, Mrs Lee possesses the unique ability to stretch and help students of all backgrounds.

Ms Lin, Econs Tutor

Contact: ms.lin@illum.education

Ms Lin

Language and Economics Teaching Specialist

Ms Lin is a well-travelled educator with a rich and diverse background. With teaching experiences in the USA and the United Kingdom, she is also a former MOE teacher in English Language and Junior College Economics with various schools. In her decades of experience, she has also taught many tertiary courses in Economics, and her multifaceted career spans TV journalism, banking, and education, reflecting her diverse skills and insights. Presently pursuing her doctoral studies, Ms Lin's approach to teaching is rooted in clear, succinct explanations and a firm belief that with time and effort, all goals are achievable.

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