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Did you know that there is a greater percentage of bilingual people than those who only speak one language?
Mr Roger gives close attention to student during English class

About English Tuition 

Too many teachers or even tuition centres construct this belief that your child is inadequate and unable to succeed (without their help). But this changes once and for all with illum.e. 

We are here to show that English Tuition is not a temporary solution. Instead it is a core skillset that can be implemented through a student's course of study. In this post, we will cover the core requirements trusted tuition centres will possess.

What Makes a Tuition Agency Trusted. 

There are two main reasons to send your children to tuition.

  1. The first is to ensure that they learn new knowledge that can be applied for their studies.
  2. The second is to allow your children to score well within a distinguished range of grades, A's and B's.

While that is important, choosing a tuition agency should also be done with a separate criterion or rubrics.

1. Experienced English Tutors

An experienced team with proven teaching experience is the first key to a trusted tuition agency.

At illum.e, our head tutor, Timothy Joshua Chia Lee is a former MOE head of English.

Awards and Recognitions

Timothy is also an esteemed winner of multiple education and teaching awards with MOE, inclusive of multiple Outstanding Contribution Awards (individual), innovation awards, and MOE AST’s Innovator Award for English Language and Literature (2020),

Apart from the above mentioned awards, Timothy was awarded the English Language Institute of Singapore’s Research Grant in 2018, with completed research on English Language Writing, which was published in the ELIS Research digest on Classroom Inquiry, and presented at the Singapore’s Teachers’ Conference in 2019. He is also certified by Research for Better Teaching (RBT) as part of the Skillful Teaching Programme (STP).

Needless to say, Timothy's history of teaching and awards indicate a wealth of knowledge which is important to teach effectively.


A Strong Tuition Team

Teaching experience is one of the criterions of any trusted tuition agency not only because of the fact that parents want to see actual results. It also shows a proven track record.

Consider the following factor. Prestigious tuition centres which gather the top few students of the cohort into their lessons are not always the solution. This is because they are more accustomed to teaching motivated, smart students that already possess relevant knowledge and only need a nudge here and there.

In such a situation, it is less important that a tuition centre tells you it has produced A students, than that it has managed to help a student improve his grades.

Therefore, illum.e gathers an agglomeration of tuition teachers from different backgrounds to cover the grounds of teaching from every angle.

Our stance on teaching is clear. "We believe in your child. He or she is more than adequate, and we will show them exactly that as they attain excellence step-by-step, lesson by lesson. As the saying goes, ‘Every Child is born a genius’. At illum.e, we believe that every child can learn, and will learn. With passionate and driven teachers, a strong curriculum baseline intertwined with growth mindset and meaningful use of educational technology, it is our firm belief that every child is an enlightened child."

Every child has talent, our role is to awaken the potential from within, to build the very basis of confidence in the child.


2. Flexibility and Collaboration

Contrary to traditional ideals of tuition, a teacher does not need to be strict and fierce. The class does not need to be constantly swarmed with assignments and tasks.

In the modern age, tuition has morphed to become a more collaborative learning space. This is a proven study as in this research by Jacqueline S. Thousand. The research explores the potential of collaborative learning for the purposes of increasing"the capacity of future teachers to address the increasingly diverse student populations that enter their classrooms.".

In essence, a trusted tuition centre will explore opportunities to enhance learning outcomes by allowing students to collaborate amongst one another. The teacher and student relationship would also subscribe to that model as teachers strive to deliver and provide the best equipments for their course of study.

3. Additional Effective Resources and Notes Provided by GP Tutors

At Illum.e, we offer english tuition, GP tuition and humanities tuition.

To become a trusted tuition agency, the wealth of resources has been gathered by our teachers to expose students in pre preparation for exams and post preparation from the tuition centre.

By engaging in Illum E's Tuition services in Singapore, your child will be able to receive highly effective and consolidated General Paper revision materials and resources to supplement his/her learning for the subject. Past-Year Practice Papers, Model Essays, and Summary Notes are often provided during the H1 GP Tuition to help students revise and learn. Furthermore, it ensures that students get sufficient practice and exposure to GP examination questions, equipping them with the necessary knowledge and skills to ace in the A Level General Paper Examination.

Alternatively, your child can always access free effective General Paper resources available online for all JC GP Students!


Practice English Through illum.e

At illum.e, we strive for students to succeed in their English competency exams. We help students practice English through various tools and strategies such as oral, written, and reading.

These skills are carried over and encouraged in the home environment, which boosts English immersion and understanding. What are you waiting for? If your child needs help with their English, contact us today and get started with our customizable programs.