illum.e MOE registered tuition centre entrance Jurong East

The illum.e Name



What does illum.e stand for?


The illum.e name celebrates language and wordplay intentionally.


'Illum' is Latin for 'that', which means Illum Education Centre is 'That' Education Centre.


Illum.e therefore, while upkeeping the illumination within our classrooms, is enables the future directions of the centre to be foreshadowed, with '.e' representing the 'e-learning aspect', and the centre's mission to enable, empower and educate.

student receiving guidance during tuition lesson for Upper Secondary English with Mr Andre

The illum.e Logo

Front exterior at Novena branch - The Best English tuition at Novena

What goes behind the design of the logo?


The illum.e logo symbolises the illumination within our students neural synapses through the 'aha' moments embedded within our lessons.


The differing sizes of the neural synapses pays homage to the centre's beliefs in differentiated instruction and education - that everyone is at different stages, but everyone can be illuminated.