Secondary one English tuition

Is it necessary? What can parents do to help their children after psle?
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How can parents help secondary one students?

As students finally leave PSLE (Primary School Leaving Examinations) and enter the realm of Secondary Schools, many parents have the belief that they can take a breather and allow their children to be the ones who hold responsibility for their own learning.

However, a completely hands-off approach is not a feasible one, especially if parents have hand held their children for most of the important parts of the PSLE journey. The trick of course, is to slowly let your hands go while the child continues riding the bicycle (or so to speak, metaphorically).

Thus, one common pathway many parents take is to opt for English tuition, particularly when they search for the best English tuition centre in Singapore.

What else can parents do?

Besides understanding the different requirements of the English syllabus (which is thoroughly reviewed and covered at illum.e), parents can consider the following options too.

1) Build up a strong reading habit.
Parents can help their children curated books fitting of their interest, so they can continue their love of language by pursuing reads of their choice. However, they have to make sure that they read for language, and not for a content. A language expert like any of our teachers will be able to help with that.

2) Have multiple conversations in English.

Different homes may have different languages spoken at home, but insisting on English being used for many formal occasions can help children to improve their oracy abilities. This is especially if they do not have strong oral communication skills.

Parents can also consult our oral questions list to have conversation starters with their children, perhaps over a meal or similar

3) Provide them avenues of practice and feedback.

Like any skill, such as basketball, English is a skill which requires knowing the rules of the game, and ample practice of the skills and techniques.

Of course, this is much further improved with high level strategies and tricks which good teachers at illum.e can share.

Where should parents sign up their children for Secondary One English Tuition?

While many parents are considering which school, stream or track to put their children in, it is important to recognise that there are very few top English centres in Singapore which are equally proficient in Integrated Programme (IP), Language Arts (LA), O Level, and N Level Track.

Based on extensive research on the market from experts, indeed, illum.e is the best option for the best head start for any Secondary 1 student.

Get the best English tuition Through illum.e

At illum.e, we employ the best tools, strategies and scaffolds for students, which is why we are so highly rated, well-reviewed and thoroughly loved by many parents and students alike.

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