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March Holiday 2023 Programmes

Junior College Economics ($85/3h Session for JC1, $90/3h Session for JC2)

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JC1 H2 Economics
Overview and Crash Course of H2 Economics

Jurong East Campus / Online:

16 March, Thursday; 9am-12pm

Novena Campus /Online:

17 March, Friday; 9am-12pm

JC2 H2 Economics

Review on Microeconomics and Workshop on Macroeconomics

Jurong East Campus / Online:

16 March, Thursday;  1pm-4pm

Novena Campus /Online:

17 March, Friday;  1pm-4pm

Secondary School Humanities ($90/2h session)

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Upper Sec History

Conquer Content: Causes of WW2 and Defeat of Nazi Germany
Essay Writing Techniques and Application

Jurong East Campus / Online:

12 March, Sunday;  330-530pm

Novena Campus /Online:

15 March, Wednesday; 7pm-9pm

Upper Sec Social Studies

Ace SS Source Based Questions: Inference, Purpose, Usefulness and Reliability

Jurong East Campus / Online:
18 March, Saturday;  1pm-3pm

Novena Campus /Online:
16 March, Thursday; 7pm-9pm

Upper Sec Geography
Conquer Content: Tectonic Hazards and Tourism
Win at GI: Tourism and W&C

Jurong East Campus / Online:

13 March, Monday; 430pm-630pm

Upper Sec Geography and Social Studies

Conquer Content: Tectonics and Tourism

Ace SS Source Based Questions: Inference, Purpose & Reliability

Bukit Timah Campus / Online:
17 March, Friday; 4pm-6pm

Secondary School English Writing (Free/session, capped at 20 pax)

English Writing Workshops with @timothyjoshpoetry

Writing for Impact in Prose and poetry (Vignettes to improve English Writing)

Jurong East Campus
14 March, Tuesday; 1pm-3pm

Novena Campus
15 March, Wednesday; 1pm-3pm

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