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Why Choose Pivot, the Centre of Physics?

  • Learn from the best: Industry-leading notes with succinct Pivotal Points and Mind Maps
  • Unparalleled practice booklets with differing difficulty levels which are extensively researched and handpicked 
  • Highly effective and impactful pedagogical techniques with results-proven examination strategies and skill sets 
  • Personalised Feedback and Assessment with free consultations
Baarath Ram from Pivot Physics, in class
Baarath Ram Pivot Physics Author

Pivot’s Head Tutor - Mr Baarath Ram

  • One of the most sought after Physics tutors in the country
  • 18 years teaching experience: Physics - H1, H2, H3, IB, Pre – U Cambridge, AS Level, O Level, IP, GEP, SMTP, Senior Olympiad, NUS Year 1 Physics.
  • Higher Education Teaching Certificate, Harvard University
  • B. Eng. (Electrical) degree from the National University of Singapore (NUS),
  • Author of various Physics Guide books / Textbooks adopted by Singapore Institutions

Mr Ram has a wide range of experience teaching students from a wide spectrum. He also taught international students who secured seats in Ivy League Universities. One example would be a student from Malaysia, Joyce, who used to score mediocre grades, 52%, for Physics. After just 3 months, under the tutorship of Mr Ram, she bagged 97% for Physics, making her the state 1st for Physics. She also secured a seat at Cambridge, where she now reads Medicine. The success story of Joyce, who achieved her fullest potential under Mr Ram’s tutelage to achieve remarkable academic feats, shows the transformative power of his teaching.

Why Choose Pivot, the Centre of Physics?

Here are several reasons why JC students should choose Pivot Physics for their A Level Physics tuition:

By choosing our JC Physics Tuition programme, students open doors to a world of unparalleled educational opportunities. In 2022, an impressive 88% of our students attained A-B grades in the National Examinations, attesting to the quality of education and guidance we provide.

At Pivot, we go beyond the conventional approach to Physics tuition. Our lessons are meticulously crafted to be not only informative but also insightful, engaging, and enjoyable. We believe in creating an intellectually stimulating environment that encourages critical thinking, thoughtful analysis, and effective communication skills.

As pioneers in the field, Pivot is proud to offer JC students a distinctive advantage - mock examinations. We are the first and only Physics tuition centre in Singapore to provide these specialised examinations for our students. Our in-house papers are meticulously designed to surpass the benchmark set for National Examinations. To ensure accuracy, each paper undergoes double or triple marking by our highly qualified tutors. This rigorous process prepares our students for the challenges they will face and equips them with the necessary skills to excel.

At our Pivot, we have highly qualified professionals who possess extensive expertise in Physics. They are not only subject matter experts but also passionate educators dedicated to nurturing and guiding our students. With their wealth of knowledge and experience, our tutors provide top-notch instruction and personalised guidance, ensuring that each student receives the utmost support and attention.

We understand that students may have questions or require assistance outside of regular class hours. That’s why our Physics tuition goes beyond the classroom setting and offers 24/7 consultation services, allowing our students to seek guidance and clarification at their convenience. Whether it's addressing doubts, seeking feedback, or discussing physics concepts, our team is always available to support our students' academic journey.

Our Physics tuition classes maintain small class ratios to ensure that each student receives individual attention and personalised feedback. This enables our tutors to tailor their teaching approaches to cater to the specific needs and learning styles of each student, fostering a more effective and impactful learning experience.

Baarath Ram Pivot Physics Author

JC1 $90
JC2 $95
per class of 2 hours

Jurong East Campus
JC1: Wed 730-930pm

JC1: Sat 515-715pm
JC2 Sat 730-930pm

Bukit Timah Campus
JC1: Mon 5-7pm
JC1: Thurs 430-630pm

JC2: Mon 730-930pm
JC2: Thurs 715-915pm

JC2: Sun 1130-130pm

Parkway Campus

JC1: Sun 430-630
JC2 Sun 7-9pm

Hougang Campus
JC2: Tues 715-915pm
JC1: Tues 430-630pm


‘Mr Ram is an exceptional physics teacher who excels in simplifying complex concepts. His explanations are clear, making even the most challenging formulas easy to understand and recreate or re-derive. His notes are brilliant, providing a concise summary of key concepts and definitions. He uses diagrams which enhances comprehension, making difficult topics much simpler. He focuses on teaching what is essential, ensuring that I was well-prepared and know only what I needed to know. His teaching style is very clear and descriptive. His teaching allowed me to go from a U to an A by not rote memorisation but also understanding and appreciation of the subject. Overall, Mr Ram is a fantastic teacher who greatly aided in my love for and success in H2 Physics.’

-Aasim, YIJC

‘Mr Ram is a passionate teacher who can come up with ways to make the lesson more interesting for the students. During lessons, he explains in the simplest way possible such that everyone is able to understand each concept taught clearly. If not, he is always happy to take time off to answer his students’ questions. The questions that he compiled from past year A levels and JC papers for each topic really helped me strengthen my concepts and they serve as a useful tool for revision. As I came into the tuition with a weak foundation, I realised that with the help of his notes and explanations my conceptual understanding of several topics is way better now. Mr Ram is truly a dedicated teacher and I have enjoyed all my lessons with him.’

Sze Yu, HCI

'Mr Ram was the best help I could ask for. Despite having a weak foundation due to taking combined sciences, he helped me to bridge the gap and grasp the concepts efficiently. On top of class, he went out of his way to spend extra time and often clarify my doubts. I am extremely appreciative for all the help that he has given me.’ 

Neill Soloman, Temasek JC

‘Mr Ram is an exceptional teacher who always explains and conveys concepts clearly. He would also reply to our WhatsApp questions with detailed workings and answers to ensure we understand. His lessons were also planned so that we could retain the information easily. His lessons were always interesting and unique, and I enjoyed learning from him.’

Poon Heem Tuck, CJC

As a student who always struggled with understanding physics concepts, Mr Ram was a very incredibly skilled and knowledgeable teacher who has helped me to excel in JC H2 Physics, despite having taken combined science in secondary school. His methods and shortcut techniques were of immense help in examinations. 

Aishwarya, JPJC

‘I wanna thank Mr Ram for his unwavering support for his weaker students and continuously pushing us to do more practices. I also wanna thank him for always staying back after class to answer my questions even if some of them could be confusing. Mr Ram does a really great job in pointing out details that could be easily missed in our schools and clarifying them. I wanna say that his material resources and his books are really amazing. He gave us the opportunity to attempt older physics questions that are beyond TYS.’ 

Hui Si, MI

I genuinely enjoyed my time learning physics with Mr Ram. Mr Ram is a passionate physics teacher who spends his time patiently clarifying any doubt his students may have. I really appreciate his help and even jumped grades from U in promos to B in As, couldn't thank him enough for all the help and encouragement.’

Braden Ng, ACJC

‘I had the pleasure of being a student in Mr Ram's Physics class for 2022 and 2023. Mr Ram stands out as a passionate and diligent educator, constantly updating course materials and lesson plans to meet the latest academic requirements and his students' needs. He actively encourages questions and discussions, creating an atmosphere where students feel comfortable approaching him for clarification and challenging themselves. His genuine interest in his students' progress is evident in the individualized attention he provides both in and out of the classroom. He pours his heart and soul into bringing out the best in his students, hoping that they achieve their desires. Mr Ram is truly exceptional at being a student's guide into the world of Physics.’

Darius Lim, NYJC

‘Mr Ram is very well-versed in explaining the physics concepts through the use of anecdotes and tricks to help those with a poor physics foundation grasp the concepts. He is also very patient in answering student’s questions out of lesson time. The notes that he provides are concise, and exam-targeted. They cover common exam questions and nearing exam periods, he will go through more questions and focus on difficult concepts that frequently appear.’    

Min Yu, JPJC

'Mr Ram is a capable tutor who is friendly and approachable. He never fails to make class interesting and engaging, always being there to answer our questions when in doubt no matter how silly our questions can be sometimes. The notes that he provides are high quality, concise and exam-targeted. They cover common exam questions and nearing exam periods, he will go through more questions and focus on difficult concepts that frequently appear. Thanks to Mr Ram, I am now more confident in my physics skills and I will definitely recommend him to friends who are struggling in physics or are just looking to get better at it.’

Wei Yi, HCI


‘Mr Ram was my physics tuition teacher, and his teachings were highly effective in deepening my understanding of the content and enabling my grades to improve sharply from a D to A grade by A-levels. He explains concepts in a clear and concise manner, clarifying any doubts immediately should they arise and is able to present information in a digestible manner suitable for students of various levels. He is flexible in his approach in teaching, from providing real world models, examples and analogies, to physical demonstrations, to better convey concepts and ideas. In addition, he is extremely encouraging and motivational, going out of his way to write notes of encouragement when marking pieces of work submitted. He welcomes questions asked in class, and is readily available even outside of class should one face any difficulty. Truly, he is a teacher who goes above and beyond for his students. Mr Ram is a dedicated and effective teacher who puts thought and care into his work.’

Ng De Min, EJC

The illum.e-minated minds

illum.e lessons were always very useful as the teachers would explain the notes in great detail, and makes us do many timed practices. My tutor is a super understanding teacher, and responds to all my questions by even going above and beyond to mark extra assignments and giving consultations. Illum.e’s notes are informative, well-explained and the lessons enable me to get immediate feedback to improve my answering techniques. I’m super grateful that teachers at illum.e are really of the best teachers out there!


HCI - A for GP A Levels

illum.e's notes provided were extremely helpful in helping me master the the basics of the English language, allowing me to try out even more advance skills to strive for even greater results. Furthermore, Mr Chia's unique views has inspired me greatly, allowing me to generate more content for my compositions, and his effective drills has allow me to experience a drastic improvement in my comprehensions. These two years have been a great experience. Thank you!


Catholic High - A1 for English O Levels

Thanks to illum.e, I managed to score A1 for my language arts at IP Year 4. I would like to thank my teacher for being a very patient teacher and believing in us – my teacher’s guidance has really helped us to improve our English abilities and boost our confidence!

Lessons at illum.e have helped to boost my confidence and interest with regards to learning English. Before coming for lessons here, English was originally my worse subject and I struggled to score well all the time. 


NYGH - A For LA, IP4