Is English Tuition Necessary?

Did you know that there is a greater percentage of bilingual people than those who only speak one language?
Mr Roger gives close attention to student during English class

Why should one learn English? 

In Singapore, English is the lingua franca among the new generation, it is the main language that binds the country, as well as an international language to connect this global hub to the world.

It is also a crucial part of daily life as it is taught in schools, used in formal settings, and above all, an indicator of a learned individual.

While it is never a strict requirement to master the language, learning English can help to improve one's confidence to use it as a tool of communication.

Is English Tuition necessary?

While the benefits to learning english are endless, English tuition helps to supplement the understanding of concepts that structure the language such as in the phrasing of words, grammar, tense, punctuation or other key principles.

To answer the question if English tuition is necessary, this article will state several factors for your consideration.

What does English Tuition mean?

To begin, English Tuition is defined as teachingespecially when given to a small group or one person, such as in a college or university.  While the act of giving tuition to any student is the same, the outcomes differ depending on what English Tuition is meant to achieve.

  • For some, English Tuition at the primary school or secondary school level is important to boost grades from a pass to an A.
  • For others, scoring is not the key problem, understanding the dynamics of English and its foundation may be the hindering factor.
  • Similarly, students can also be found to posses a natural flair for both scoring and foundational understanding, but seek to perfect techniques to score consistently in the exams and to use them in real life applications.

The list of reasons for undertaking an English Tuition lesson is exhaustive, therefore, understanding what english tuition means to each individual can be a good starting point to determine if tuition is needed.

Is English Tuition Effective?

After considering the reasons for English tuition, understanding the learning capacity of students will determine the effectiveness of the lesson. There are a few methods to determine the effectiveness of a lesson.

  • Firstly, oral communication occupies a component of english tests, if families are not equipped with the right tools, a tuition centre can help to teach students to get meaning across correctly and smoothly.
  • Subsequently, putting ideas into writing can be daunting. Without exposure to content and feedback, students often lack the motivation to continue practising. This can be partially resolved if a student reads and gains interest. However, tuition can help to speed up the process as students gain access to additional resources and direct feedback.

Therefore English Tuition is effective in improving the English abilities of students, especially if the circumstances impede their learning abilities.

What is the use of English?

As pointed out by Studio Cambridge "English is the language of science, aviation, computers, diplomacy, and tourism. Knowing English increases your chances of getting a good job in a multinational company within your home country or of finding work abroad."

Thinking beyond academics and learning, learning English early will build the foundations for the future. English tuition helps to direct the course of learning towards the path of success.

Discovering the potential of language will expand the possibilities of exploration. At Illum.e, our dedication towards english and GP are ultimately meant for students to excel in their learning experience.

Practice English Through illum.e

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