How useful is General Paper (GP) Tuition

General Paper (GP) is the bane of existence for many JC students in Singapore who are preparing for their GCE A level examinations. GP requires not only a much more robust vocabulary and stronger language skills as compared to ‘O’ level English, but also requires students to keep up to date on current affairs and also develop a strong personal voice. 
GP Curriculum

Why Choose GP Tuition?

GP tutors at illum.e provide a wide range of services, such as one-on-one sessions, group lessons, online tutorials, and study guides. They also offer flexible scheduling options so that students can fit them into their busy schedules.

The Benefits of GP Tuition

GP tutors help students achieve better grades by providing personalized attention and guidance. Students who receive GP tuition often report feeling more confident when taking exams and having improved test scores.

Types of GP Tuition

There are two main types of GP tutoring: one-on-one and group. One-on-one GP tutoring involves a tutor meeting with a student individually to provide feedback and answer questions. Group GP tutoring involves a small number of students being taught together by a tutor.

Finding a GP Tutor

If you need help with your studies, then you should consider finding a GP tutor. They will work closely with you to ensure that you achieve the grades you deserve. You can find a GP tutor through the following methods:
1) Ask your school guidance counsellor for recommendations
2) Check online directories such as TutorFind
3) Visit local GP tutoring centres

Choosing a GP Tutor

There are several things to think about when choosing a GP tutor. First, make sure that the tutor has relevant qualifications. This means that they must hold a degree in psychology, education, or medicine. Second, choose a tutor who works well with students. It’s important to feel comfortable with them so that you can learn effectively. Third, ask friends and family members for recommendations. Finally, check the tutor’s website to see what other students say about them.