How much does English Tuition cost in Singapore

English tuition is one of the most sought after tuitions in Singapore. English is a compulsory subject taken by every Singapore student up till JC. It plays an incredibly important role in determining the grades of students at national examinations such as the PSLE, O level and A level.
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Thus, many students choose to supplement their school lessons with additional English tuition classes due to their clear benefits. English tuition comes in many forms ranging from home tuition to group tuition in English tuition centres. Thus the cost of English tuition, understandably varies greatly depending on the type of English tuition. 


Through no fault of their own, school teachers unfortunately tend to be overworked and thus unable to provide the one-to-one help students often require. English tuition centres attempt to fill this void by providing tuition classes with small class sizes. This allows tuition centres to give their students the individualised attention in tuition classes to help students reach their potential. Tuition centres, such as illum.e, even go the extra mile to provide 24/7 consults outside of regular tuition classes. Parents can also opt for home English tuition for their children due to the one-to-one tuition classes.


One of the key determining factors of the type of English tuition parents choose is of course the cost. Parents understandably may want to look for the best deal possible for their children’s English tuition. However, it is important to note that English tuition has become somewhat off a necessity and thus parents should also not compromise on the quality of the English tuition. 


The cost of tuition classes vary on a whole slew of factors such as;

  1. Class level of student 
  2. The experience of the tutors teaching the tuition class
  3. Tuition class size


Tuition classes are reasonably priced higher for higher level classes across the board. JC students preparing for the A level general paper would of course require more work by the tutor as compared to a lower primary student. Hence, the price of tuition classes is often on a sliding scale based on the class level of the student. 


At our English tuition centre, illum.e, our prices are as follows:


Lower Primary tuition class: 45 dollars per session

Upper Primary tuition class: 50 dollars per session

Lower Secondary tuition class: 60 dollars per session

Upper Secondary tuition class: 70 dollars per session

Junior College tuition class: 80 dollars per session


Our tuition classes are priced according to the amount of work tutors would have to put in to provide the good quality lessons at our tuition centre, illum.e.


The experience of the tutors teaching the tuition class would also have an impact on the rate they demand. Student tutors such as those currently studying in Polytechnic or University draw the lowest rates due to their lack of experience teaching tuition classes. National Institute of Education (NIE) trained and Ministry of Education (MOE) school tutors draw the greatest rates for their tuition classes for their experience. 


NIE trained tutors are the most sought after tutors for tuition classes as parents realise the value such tutors can add to their children’s education. Such tutors would be aware of best practices to help the students in their tuition classes learn optimally. Thus, NIE trained tutors are often able to promise better results for their students in their tution classes. 


The tuition class size is another major factor that impacts the cost. Logically, tuition classes with larger tuition class sizes have cheaper rates. However, the amount of attention the tutor can give to each student in the tuition class is compromised with increasing tuition class size. Hence, English tuition centres attempt to strike the delicate balance between keeping tuition classes affordable while at the same time effective. At our centre, illum.e, we pride ourselves on our relatively smaller class sizes that allow us to give our students maximum attention. Tutors teaching the tuition classes are also available 24/7 to our students outside of regular tuition class timings.  


Rates charged by our centre, illum.e, are lower than our competitors. This is despite our tuition classes being taught by a very experienced group of tutors who go above and beyond. GP tuition centres with small tuition class sizes also allow every one of their students is able to reach their potential.


We attempt to keep English tuition affordable as it has become somewhat of a necessity. At illum.e, we try to provide affordable but effective English tuition. Join our centre, illum.e, today to take advantage of the incredibly affordable high quality tuition classes.