GP is time-consuming, subjective and confusing at best. Learn proven exam strategies, language tips and get quality feedback to improve on your A Level H1 General Paper.
a level general paper tuition class at illum.e with Mr KP

Why GPTutor SG Tuition Centre?

Like illum.e, GPTutorSG offers high quality, results proven General Paper Tuition for Junior College students.

Unlike traditional tuition centres that hand out tuition assignments without proper guidance, GPTutorsg leads the way with a fascinating journey of critical thinking and self-identity.

As a tuition agency, their tutors construct courses as an opportunity to explore preconceptions and allow students to see the world in a new way.

Ultimately, these strategies aim to allow your child to attain subject mastery and help you achieve deeper illumination in your child's learning.

What Does GPTutor SG Tuition Centre Teach?


GPTutorSG offers general paper tuition for Junior College students.

As a GP tuition specialist, GPTutor pays close attention to the GP MOE syllabus to ensure the accurate teaching of core skills such as critical thinking or analysis.

To that end, GP tuition offers free materials for students to access such as GP test questions or video tutorials.

Moreover, at GPTutorSG, tutors believe that teaching GP is a valuable experience. It enables students to reconsider the way that they view the subject. At the tuition centre, GP is not a grade on a printed sheet of paper, it is a lens to capture the world around, it is all about building a lifelong skill in dissecting and building a blueprint for problem-solving.

Why Choose

To begin, GPtutor is not all about GP technical skills and troubleshooting 101.

We begin with this, "This may come as a surprise to you, but we’re in love with the A-Levels General Paper. How could anyone, you say? Well, at First Class GP, maybe we’re the odd ones out." 

That is not an understatement, in fact it serves as a good grabber at the start of the paragraph. Introductions should not bore the audience or lack clarity of depth in thought.

As shown in this example, GP can be taught in a more organic way while the experience of learning can be less academic. At your reasons to choose us as your tutor is simple, our tutors offers a comprehensive lesson that will allow you to expand your knowledge and boundaries, one that is not based on rote learning and mindless repetition.

Apart from lessons, also provide quality tutors.

KP is a decorated educator, holding a Master of Education from National Institute of Education (Nanyang Technological University) which focused on accelerating writing skills development among JC students, a CELTA Teaching Certificate by Cambridge English. He also holds a Bachelor of Engineering from Nanyang Technological University.

Oh, and how can we forget, KP scored an A in his GP exam

illum.e and

Together with, illum.e also offer a variety of English or Humanities tuition for students of all levels.

At both tuition centres, the approach to teaching is goal-oriented.

illum.e supports having the right strategies to diagnose and rectify every child's learning gaps to attain English excellence.

Like our counterpart at, our unique illum.e curriculum framework ensures a strategic, holistic approach to teaching English skills such that every lesson is an empowering and illuminating lesson.

With such dedicated tutors, students will see an immediate impact and improvement after each lesson!

Practice Subjects Through illum.e

At illum.e, we strive for students to succeed in their English competency exams, GP or humanities. We help students practice through various tools and strategies.

We believe that these skills are carried over and encouraged in the home environment, which boosts immersion and understanding. What are you waiting for? If your child needs help with their subjects, contact us today and get started with our customizable programs.