GP 2023 A Level Essay Questions

  1. How realistic is it for countries to implement a national minimum wage for all their workers?
  2. ‘Fossil fuels should no longer have a part in the production of energy.’ Discuss.
  3. Consider the view that spending money on space travel cannot be justified in today’s world.
  4. Consider the argument that there should be no censorship of the arts in modern society.
  5. . ‘People who undertake voluntary work do so more for their own benefit than for the benefit of others.’ Discuss. 
  6. Assess the extent to which all people in your society have the opportunity to achieve their full potential.
  7. ‘The quality of human interaction is diminished by modern communication devices.’ How far do you agree?
  8. To what extent are festivals and national holidays effective in promoting unity in your society?
  9. ‘Regret for past actions is vital for progress.’ What is your view?
  10. Evaluate the claim that sports personalities make good role models for young people. 
  11. Assess the view that accurate translation between languages is always necessary.
  12. ‘Young people want to change the world because they do not know it is impossible.’ How far do you agree? 


As candidates in 2023’s A Levels would notice, there were plenty of easy questions to attempt to secure an easy ‘A’ for Paper 1. Again, the outdated methods of spotting ‘content topics’ to study for are no longer very helpful in preparing for the examinations. 


Instead a proper dissection of the specificity of the key terms as covered in illum.e will prepare you to provide a rigorous ‘A’ answer for the papers.


During our 2023 mock examinations, our papers were equally rigorous, if not more so, which prepared all our students for the paper well! This led to many students realising that they had accomplished very strong essays and Paper 2 responses!