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In your journey to excel in your General Paper (GP) examination at the A Level, you'll encounter a vast array of topics and concepts that require in-depth understanding and analysis. GP notes play a crucial role in helping you navigate through this challenging subject. They are comprehensive study materials specifically designed to enhance your knowledge and prepare you for the examination. To know what you can expect from A Level General Paper notes, we give you detailed information on how you can benefit from it, what it covers, and where you can get one for yourself.

What Does Our GP Notes Cover?

A Level GP notes cover a wide range of topics and provide valuable insights into various issues. By gaining access to comprehensive A Level GP notes, you gain access to a wealth of information that will empower you to answer your examination with confidence.

Content Packages

General Paper notes are structured into content packages, ensuring that you have a systematic and comprehensive understanding of each topic that may come up in your A Level examinations.

  • Politics and Governance: This content package explores political systems, government structures, and the dynamics of power. You'll delve into topics such as democracy, authoritarianism, international relations, and the role of politics in society.

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  • Globalisation and International Relations: This package examines the interconnectedness of nations and the impact of globalisation on various aspects of society. You'll explore topics such as economic globalisation, cultural exchange, international cooperation, and global issues such as climate change and human rights.
  • Science and Technology: In this package, you'll delve into the fascinating world of science and technology. It covers advancements, ethical considerations, and the societal impact of fields like biotechnology, artificial intelligence, genetics, and environmental science.
  • Social Issues and Cultural Trends: This package explores significant social issues and cultural phenomena shaping our world today. Topics may include inequality, social justice, identity, cultural diversity, social media, and the influence of popular culture.
  • Environment and Sustainability: This package emphasises environmental challenges and sustainable development. You'll study topics such as climate change, conservation, renewable energy, environmental policies, and the interplay between human activities and the natural world.
  • Economics and Business: This content package provides insights into economic principles, market structures, and business strategies. You'll explore topics like supply and demand, globalisation's impact on the economy, income inequality, entrepreneurship, and corporate social responsibility.
  • Ethics and Morality: This package delves into ethical theories, moral dilemmas, and ethical decision-making processes. It explores topics such as human rights, ethical considerations in scientific research, ethical implications of emerging technologies, and the role of ethics in social and political issues.
  • Education and Learning: This package examines educational systems, learning theories, and the purpose of education. You'll explore topics such as educational inequality, educational reforms, critical thinking, and the role of education in shaping individuals and societies.

Question Analysis

When you get GP notes from a quality GP tuition centre in Singapore, you can expect a dedicated section on question analysis, where they provide strategies and techniques to dissect and understand different types of questions commonly encountered in the examination. This section in your GP notes guides you through the process of deconstructing questions to uncover the underlying themes, requirements, and nuances.

How Can GP Notes Help Me?

GP notes can help you when studying independently and enhance your performance in the A Level examination. Here are some ways in which GP notes can assist you:

Comprehensive Coverage

They encompass all the essential topics outlined in the syllabus, ensuring that you develop a holistic understanding of the subject matter. These notes provide a systematic approach to learning, covering the different subjects that will appear in your A Levels.

Conceptual Clarity 

A Level GP notes simplify complex ideas and concepts, breaking them down into easily understandable explanations. With clear and concise information, you can grasp the material more effectively, enabling you to comprehend and analyse the content with greater ease.

Critical Analysis

They go beyond presenting the information. General Paper notes offer insightful analysis of key questions and issues. By preparing for your exams with these notes, you can develop critical thinking skills, learn to evaluate arguments and explore multiple perspectives. This analytical approach equips you with the tools to excel in your examination, where critical analysis is highly valued.


Our GP notes are designed with the examination in mind. They are tailored to align with the specific requirements and expectations of the A Level assessment. These notes highlight the key points, themes, and concepts that are frequently examined, helping you focus your studies and prioritise the most relevant information.

Where to Get General Paper Notes

JC Students can get free notes on the SG exams website, which hosts a collection of GP notes that are available to everyone. You can also choose to get free notes from seniors who have already taken their A Level GP paper. However, know that this is not a substitution for knowing current events that may be tackled in your assessment. You can also choose to join GP tuition centres to get high-quality GP notes, like illum.e. We cover popular A Level GP topics at great depth with no compromise in breadth.

Furthermore, you can gain access to GP model essays written by our excellent group of experienced tutors. These GP essays are written in a way that ensures our students will definitely benefit from them. Join our GP tuition centre today to benefit from our exemplary General Paper programme and detailed, yet easy-to-understand GP notes. If you want to learn more about preparing for your GP examination, you can also check out our guide on how to study for GP.