General Paper (GP) A Level Questions 2020

For your revision purposes, do take note regarding the different topics which have been appearing!

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Qn no.QuestionTopics
1How reliable are statistics as a guide for planning the future?


Statistics, Future
2To what extent is human life in general about the survival of the fittest?




3‘Individuals achieve sporting success, not nations.’ DiscussSports
4‘We shape our buildings, but then our buildings shape us.’ To what extent is this true of your society?


Arts and Culture


Singapore Context

5To what extent can any society claim to be great?




6Examine the view that the scientist is concerned only with knowledge, not morality.


Science and Ethics
7Given greater levels of international cooperation, how necessary is it for countries to engage in the arms trade?


International relations
8Should politicians pursue the popular viewpoint or their own convictions, if they conflict?




9Is modern technology a benefit or a threat to democracy?




10‘An appreciation of music is vital for a fully rounded education.’ How true is this of your society?




11‘In a free society, there should be no restrictions on freedom of speech.’ Discuss.



Freedom of expression

Media (partly)

12How far can prosperity and uncontrolled population growth go hand in hand?


Economic growth

Population growth