General Paper (GP) A Level Questions 2019

For your revision purposes, do take note regarding the different topics which have been appearing!

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Qn no.QuestionTopics
1How far should countries have relations with others whose human rights record is poor?


International Relations

Human Rights

2To what extent should income equality be a goal in your society?


Income equality/inequality

Singapore context

3‘Science is the only answer to global hunger’. Discuss.



Global Hunger

4Consider the view that social media has more influence than politicians.


New Media

Politics and Politicians

5To what extent is artificial intelligence replacing the role of humans?


Science and Tech – AI

Roles played by AI vs Humans

6‘A leader’s responsibility should always be to his or her own country, not other nations.’ Discuss.


Leadership & Governance
7‘Religion is an important part of the lives of young people today.’ Consider whether this is true in your society.



Young people

Singapore Context

8Does violence in the visual media portray reality or encourage the unacceptable?




9Is globalisation to be welcomed or feared today?



Contemporary context

10Should both parents take equal responsibility for raising their children?


Parenting and gender roles
11Assess the importance of food within Singaporean culture.


Arts and Culture


Singapore Context

12Can fiction teach us anything meaningful about the real world?


Fiction vs Reality