English Tuition for Secondary School Students

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Secondary English Tuition

Secondary School English

English Tuition for Secondary School students is one of the most common among all the other subjects.

At illum.e, while we specialise in teaching English at all levels, we have also noted that a considerable amount of technicalities exist in the secondary school MOE syllabus such as grammar, phonetics, sentence structure, listening, reading and so on.

The progressive element from primary to secondary school may require English tutors to reconcile that learning gap. Hence, this post will introduce some of the key points to look out for when searching for "English Tuition for Secondary School students".


What is Secondary School English Tuition? 

As a preliminary question, what constitutes an English tuition lesson?

This can yield different results depending on the approach of the tutor. Some tuition centres follow a schedule that alternates between comprehension and creative writing/essays, while others use past years' papers to enhance the understanding of how to approach a passage and the exams.

Nonetheless , Illum's approach is all of the above. We achieve the most effective way of teaching English through a series of structured teaching objectives. Here are some of our objectives and lesson plans.

Our Focus:

Targeted step-by-step scaffolded strategies

Coverage across all EL paper types

Crucial and unique comprehension and writing strategies

Intensive Grammar Skills and Lessons

Deepening of student vocabulary in each lesson

Key drills and examination styled oral practices

In other words, English tuition classes for secondary school students will contain an equal blend of technical skill lessons, i.e lessons that teach grammar and vocabulary, while also imparting strategical tools, i.e lessons that teach students to identify key terms. Both of these skills will allow students to tackle English with strong foundational knowledge.

How to score in Secondary School English? 

Tutors and teachers alike are constantly thinking about how to teach English tuition.

In general, the best English tutors are inclined to teach students to comprehend the implications of a question.

This is the key to scoring in secondary school English, it is the ability to execute critical thinking. With the new "O-level" syllabus, 70% of the score weightage lies in the component of writing and comprehension.

Any response to these questions will require an understanding of what is being written and how a student persuades the examiners of his/her awareness of what is being read.

Hence, Illium tuition centre teaches various step-by-step strategies and techniques not taught in schools or other centres, such as how to precisely score for difficult or mark-heavy questions, or build grammatical foundations to construct strong and accurate sentences.

What are the charges for Secondary School Tuition? 

Most tuition centres offer a rate of $40 per hour for secondary school tuition, or $640 per month.

At illum tuition centre, we strive to make tuition affordable at:

$60 for Lower Secondary school students for a 2 hour lesson.

$70 for Upper Secondary school students for a 2 hour lesson.

The time slots and availability of these lessons are subjected to our schedules which can be found here.

Where to find English tuition and who to look for?

Look for a tutor who can direct you towards higher-level thinking, such as being able to identify Cambridge marking standards or a model of thinking that can be readily deployed to tackle the questions.

A misconception about English is that: "English requires constant reading and it cannot be taught.".

That is inaccurate, instead, English is a subject that cannot be formulaic, which produces the illusion that it cannot be taught. Underneath the illusion is certain core skills that require the input of the student, a component that can be cultivated.

Hence, always look for an English tutor or tuition centre that opens up the pathway of possibilities, the ones that inspire you.

Like our mission at illum, our tutors' direct students towards an "Aha" realisation, a momentary epiphanic moment where English questions make sense and become easier to tackle.

Practice English Through illum.e

At illum.e, we strive for students to succeed in their English competency exams. We help students practice English through various tools and strategies such as oral, written, and reading.

These skills are carried over and encouraged in the home environment, which boosts English immersion and understanding. What are you waiting for? If your child needs help with their English, contact us today and get started with our customizable programs.