Economics Tuition

Understanding JC Economics and A Levels Economics Tuition

About Junior College Economics

After graduating from secondary school, some students may choose to proceed to Junior College or Millennia Institute for further studies.

Admission into these schools will require the choosing of subjects that will make up your curriculum and specialisations. These subjects are categorised into H1 and H2 subjects. 

To further understand JC economics and A levels economics tuition, this post will elaborate on the subject based on the H1 and H2 economics syllabus. 

Should i choose H1 or H2 Economics?


  1. Subject combinations at a JC level are partially dependent on the combination that you choose. For example, schools may offer H2 maths, chemistry and physics, with H1 Economics as the contrasting art subject. To decide on H1 or H2 economics, refer to the subject combination list available for each school.
  2. Subsequently, choose the subjects based on what you are good at, H1 econs covers the fundamental concepts of micro and macro economics, while H2 econs syllabus cover the subject in depth.


As a general rule of thumb consider factors such as, am i interested in the subject? Is economics of use to my future plans, i.e will you proceed in further studies as an NUS economics student or a public university?

While there are no definite rules to choose H1 or H2 economics, always plan ahead based on the feasibility of the plan and the advice of those around you.

What are the charges for tuition?

More importantly, while jc fees for most Singaporean citizens are affordable, it is also important to take into account the charges for tuition centres.

In general, tuition for JC subjects are around $40~$60 per hour. 

At illium, our charges for JC economics is $80 for 2 Hours. 

Where to find A-level's economics tuition in Singapore? 

For others, the selection process has already been done, yet, you may find that economics is difficult to understand, the concepts of demand, supply or price elasticity are enough to confuse you.

In this case, many tuition centres offer A-levels economics tuition, tuition is a great way to break down the concepts into digestable bits of information. The pace of teaching in JC's can be too fast and teachers may not have the time to revisit basic concepts in microeconomics and macroeconomics, however, most of these concepts are linked in one way or another.

At illum, our priority is to cover these grounds that were left out by schools and allow students to maintain competitiveness in the top jc's. Our team consists of MOE-trained teachers and tutors that are familiar with the academic rigour.


How to find a correct tutor for JC Economics? 

After searching through a Singapore tuition centre list, it can be hard to choose a correct tutor. Fret not, consider the following elements.

Simply put, economics tuition will consist of two segments.

Firstly, a lecture and teaching of the fundamentals to understand the concepts for application. This provides an opportunity for students to clarify doubts and content-based questions.

  1. Microeconomics, demand, supply, market failure...
  2. Macroeconomics, circular flow of economy...

Secondly, methods to tackle the examination and answer questions. This segment allows students to adapt and use content knowledge to tackle questions (paper 1 for H1 students, paper 1 and 2 for H2 students).

Tutors that suit your learning habits should be able to deliver these 2 segments easily, more importantly, as with our main mission in illum, the teachings should allow you to leave the class less confused and more confident of your mastery in economics.

Practice Economics Through illum.e

At illum.e, we strive for students to succeed in their Economics exams.

These skills are transferable into your future studies and allow you to have a better understanding of the mechanics behind the world and trade. Perhaps you may find your way into the Economics Society of Singapore, or become an entrepreneur, the possibilities stemming from JC economics are endless.

To book a session with us or learn more about how we teach economics do not hesitate to contact us