Descriptive Writing – Teacher: Sample Essay Paragraphs for English Language

Focus Skills

  • Metaphors and Extending Metaphors
  • Sensory Details
  • Suspense
  • Juxtaposition

Descriptive – Teacher/ Person

“Class stand!” The Class Chairperson barked.


“Good Morning Mr. Nesh.” We acknowledged our Commanding Officer in unison, afraid to make any wrong moves.


That was how every English Lesson began – a resounding chorus to welcome Mr. Nesh Shelby into class that we were both mentally and physically prepared for since our scout would have reported his movement to class from the staffroom. This preparation came with a flurry of activity to ensure that our attire was proper and that we were at our utmost best. Mr. Nesh never conceded any ground when it came to our adherence to school rules. Like a true general in the front lines, he expected only the best from his elite soldiers, both in demeanour and in performance. He was dressed like a true officer too, immaculately decked in a tailored formal cotton shirt which was never creased, fitted pants which were never too skinny nor too baggy and a well-waxed and polished pair of tan or black oxfords which matched his outfit utterly.


“Good Morning, take a seat.” His voice echoed through the classroom as his loyal troops sat down swiftly. Every chair was pushed, never dragged, just as he liked. Mr. Nesh made his customary glance at his watch before opening his file to place his materials on his teacher’s table like a soldier laying down his stripped weapon. His lanky frame did nothing except to enhance his authority as the discipline master of the school, and his piercing glance, when affixed on you, was akin to having the barrel of a machine gun pointed at you, lock and loaded. This kept many students’ eyes away from his gaze, almost as if we would be executed for taking a longer than usual look at his well-brushed and trimmed Johnny Depp-esque beard.

He locked his eyes on me. “Giselle, please come over here.”


I could almost feel the colour drain from my face as I steadied my breath in anticipation of what he had in mind for me.


That was the first lesson we had with him following our first class test the other week. It turned out that I had almost clinched an A in my test, and he had prepared a special gift – 1984 by George Orwell – as a form of an encouragement for me to keep up my good work. While Mr. Nesh seemed to rule the class with an iron fist, he is the most patient, caring and inspiring teacher I have ever met in my life, which was why everyone of us were willing to study our hearts out for English throughout our secondary school lives.