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Yong Lok QingYong Lok Qing
08:07 24 Dec 22
Personally, i like that at illume, we aren't force-fed with model essays, rather, we're guided to come up with points which reflect our own opinions on real world issues which we were previously unable to succinctly put into words! this is due to the exceptional thinking framework curated by the teachers, which allows every student, no matter what their standard of language is like, to be able to write clear and thoughtful essays!Also, each student is given more than sufficient attention as the teachers go around the class to check on their work to ensure we are on the right track, and if we had done additional essays on our own time we could always submit them to the teachers who would give detailed feedback on how to improve them!I like that in lessons, sometimes the teachers would talk about a hot issue that was viral on the internet then, and we would hear the teachers' candid take on these issues, before learning how these issues are relevant and are connected to another big issue and how we could use them in our essays!i would like to thank the teachers for always believing in us in spite of our grade, and for putting in the same effort, or more, as us in ensuring we are sufficiently prepared for A levels!
Sean TongSean Tong
03:20 20 Dec 22
Great environment to learn with experienced teachers who guide you through every step. The amount of attention paid to each student's progress is amazing. Really the best tuition centre in the area.Thank you Mr David Lee for your lessons! I was having a hard time with Geo/SS but your teaching style made it so interesting!
Amanda TayAmanda Tay
06:06 23 Oct 22
Professional concept of teaching and they handled my child's challenges well. I personally like the teaching environment as well, got a chance to look around before the sign up and explanation about their structure was clear as well. A great place for English tuition indeed!
Mindy TanMindy Tan
18:01 09 Oct 22
Teachers are very experienced, knowledgeable and skilful. Really appreciate the English lessons here which are both fun and interesting too. Methods and skills taught are very easy to follow with many insightful ways to improve my English. Best English tuition in Singapore for sure.
Lina TayLina Tay
18:00 09 Oct 22
Having attended their GP classes for some time, I find that illume provides the most well-thought out and concise notes for skills and content which help massively in our revisions. The tutors are skillful, insightful and also very patient. They have taught me many useful skills for insightful and evaluative answers which have helped me score in GP.
Catherine HoCatherine Ho
16:44 08 Oct 22
Despite spending a lot of time and money on other GP tuition centres for my daughter, there was little improvement. Yet, shortly after joining illume, my daughter Joan, scored her first ‘A’ and have been maintaining the high grades and being top in class. I almost don’t want to share her secret to scoring well with others, but I think illume deserves the credit for really helping students understand General Paper and English. Highly recommend.
Benjamin TayBenjamin Tay
08:21 08 Oct 22
I joined illum.e after watching their content on Instagram, and I am delighted to say that the lessons are even more amazing in real life. They helped my English results grow from a just pass to almost an A. The teachers here are very caring, and always try their best, and the lessons are always impactful and helpful.
Joshua TanJoshua Tan
06:52 08 Oct 22
My daughter was previously with another GP tuition centre, but immediately after coming to illum.e her doubts and problems were solved. Truly amazing team of teachers and very very strong materials that are better than other centres (we tried many others). Truly worth every single cent spent.
Judy AngJudy Ang
18:15 07 Oct 22
Both my children enjoy and always look forward to class at illume. This is very important in motivating them and also growing their love for the subject. Their teacher, teacher Roger is very attentive and caring. He always follows up on their progress and give them extra guidance and advice to improve. We are very happy to have found illume English tuition lessons for our children.
Justin LimJustin Lim
18:07 07 Oct 22
Illum.e is considered the best English tuition centre in my opinion. Not only do they have experienced English teachers who make the subject interesting, but lessons are always impactful. The best part is the lessons which are always very meaningful and offer me deeper insights than any other centre, or school classes I have ever had. It feels like one lesson is at least worth 3-4 lessons I had in school, or at my previous tuition centre. They also have handy revision guides before examinations and useful cheat sheets to help us grow our writing. I believe that any student is guaranteed to see improvement in English from illum.e’s English lessons!
Jessica ChawJessica Chaw
14:19 26 Aug 22
The best part about illume is the overwhelming enthusiasm and support from the teachers and the amazing curriculum and learning environment which has helped me improve very quickly from a C5 to an A2 in English. I am so much more confident in knowing how to really solve my grammar mistakes, improve my vocabulary, write and respond well to questions in a way that I know I will score.If I am being honest, the learning experience here at illume is not just better than what I learn in school, but also better than any English learning experience I have ever had with other centres.
Jason LeeJason Lee
14:08 26 Aug 22
My son used to be scoring a C6 in his English Examinations every single time. Knowing that English is a very important subject for him in his Upper Secondary years, I was recommended by many to let him try illum.e’s English tuition classes, and this was one of the best decisions I have ever made for his academic studies so far!What really makes illum.e stand out from other English centres is the special curriculum and deeply passionate teachers. Their teachers are all published writers or assessment book writers and they have both the skill and heart to help students, and they really did help my son gain a lot more confidence and marks in his English examinations. I am very grateful and would also like to thank the admin team for always helping especially with the different arrangements we had to request for due to COVID. Outstanding centre!
Michelle LinMichelle Lin
13:44 26 Aug 22
Since the beginning of secondary school, English was the greatest challenge for my daughter and going to multiple tuition centres and doing practice papers never improved her results. It was only after I decided to enrol her into illum.e, which was highly recommended to me by other parents, that I saw an immediate change in her results. From someone who usually just passes or fails, she started scoring the top in class, and gaining both confidence and skills to do well in English. She has told me that what she learns in the centre every week is a lot more than what she used to learn every month in school and at another brand-named tuition centre.
Lucio ZhengLucio Zheng
13:29 26 Aug 22
As a student who has often struggled with English and having tried many other centres, I must say that the teachers here are by far the best English experts, hands down. Their patience and efforts to help us really shows how passionate they are, and they are always happy to help answer any of our questions. More importantly, their engaging lessons and unique skills taught has helped all of us in general! Plus the learning environment is very conducive, and they have great welfare too!!
Angelina TanAngelina Tan
12:48 26 Aug 22
The pacing of the classes was at a just-nice speed with a good coverage on the points to follow and take note. I would say that the school’s concept and techniques have helped my child a lot as compared to what she has experienced at bigger name centres by A LOT! Also, I have to emphasize that for a GP and English tuition centre, I would have to say that the teachers are really open to helping my child learn to get A as fast as possible. I highly recommend Illume for anyone needing help with your GP paper. They are truly the best GP centre in Singapore.
Joe WongJoe Wong
09:10 31 Mar 22
Highly professional teachers, and great admin team. Wonderful place for my children to learn, they have fun and also score well in exams! My child was top in class in English. Parents, look nowhere else but illum.e!
Structured curriculum, admin is well supported,. The tutors are very experienced in their areas of expertise and are very kind and dedicated. Classrooms are new, well appointed and spacious. Most of all, students improve quickly. Highly recommended!



NOVENA campus

Tel: +65 8889 8705 (Enquiry Hotline) / +65 8887 5790 (Student Management)


Address: Novena Square 2, #04-52/54, 10 Sinaran Dr, Singapore 307506


Jimmy WongJimmy Wong
01:50 27 Aug 22
The tutors here are very caring, approachable and friendly. The mastery that my tutor has in GP is amazing too! He could write an A essay in half the time it takes for me to plan one and I really look up to him. Knowing that, I quickly got myself to learn the different tricks and tips and I also enjoyed the well-thought out and concise notes for all the different topics for GP. I will always gain new insights from every tuition lesson, and I instantly saw improvement in my writing which was always my weakness. Definitely will recommend illum.e to all A level students!! :))
Andrew LauAndrew Lau
01:02 27 Aug 22
GP is, or should I say, WAS, a daunting subject for me, but things started to change after I joined illum.e’s classes. The lessons are well-structured, engaging and highly effective. They completely reshape what I know about GP into much understandable but yet scalable levels which enable me to score well. I can see how I can consistently improve and the growth mindset the teachers passed on to us is very encouraging. I am very happy to see my grades improving and scoring A’s!
Gabriel TangGabriel Tang
00:10 27 Aug 22
I send my children here since they struggle with English. It was holding them back, especially my eldest since he was doing well in Science and Maths but not English. To my shock and surprise when I saw their results next, they were actually scoring the best in English and topping their classes! The teachers here have the right attitude, care and skills to help children in English. I will highly recommend all parents to try.
Joanna ChenJoanna Chen
22:55 26 Aug 22
I came to illum.e in the earlier part of J2 after being highly recommended by my friends who are studying here. I truly felt helpless in GP at first but illum.e has turned that around completely for me. With so many resources and tutors who are willing to go the extra mile to help me and a very conducive study environment, I managed to grow and improve in my grades to score an A for GP. The lessons are very very well planned and targeted, and always with the best concise and effective notes!
Viona wangViona wang
22:42 26 Aug 22
My son joined the Novena branch for GP tuition. Outstanding organisation and administration with high quality teaching. I must commend the centre for having effective teaching, highly useful notes and curriculum which helps my son learn and grasp all the concepts very well. Highly recommended as prices are very reasonable, yet they are much better than any other centres we have tried so far. Best GP tuition in Singapore.


Tel:  +65 8889 8705 (Enquiry Hotline) / +65 8861 5086 (Student Management)


Address: 170 Upper Bukit Timah Road, #B2-09 & #03-50, Bukit Timah Shopping Centre
Singapore 588179
Rui Shan ChaiRui Shan Chai
04:02 05 Mar 24
I joined illum.e at the start of J1 because of many terror-inducing things I heard about GP and I'm glad I did because they made grappling with GP so much easier 🆙🆙🆙 I love how their pedagogy makes tackling essay questions and comprehensions so systematic, they really made GP a lot less overwhelming for me
arissa 书恩 03arissa 书恩 03
03:59 05 Mar 24
I really enjoy going for GP tuition! I find that the teaching style is easy for me to follow, and the feedback that my teachers give me are very useful for me and helps me see GP in a whole new light. I used to think it was impossible to do well for GP, and i’m really happy to be proven wrong. My teachers, Mr Chia and Mr Yeo, are really approachable, friendly, and engaging. They are always willing to help me, and would go above and beyond for every student!! I’ve learnt so much from them and I’m so grateful i found illum.e.
M IrfanM Irfan
03:00 07 Sep 23
Dedication and CommitmentOne of the hallmark traits of Mr. Chia's greatness lies in his unwavering dedication to his students' academic growth and personal development. His tireless commitment is evident in the countless hours he invests in crafting bespoke lesson plans, refining instructional strategies, and providing tailored guidance to meet each student's unique needs. Beyond the realms of conventional tutoring, Mr. Chia cultivates a supportive learning environment, fostering open communication and trust that empowers his students to embrace challenges with a sense of purpose and resilience.Empathy and IndividualizationA distinguishing feature of Mr. Chia's pedagogy is his innate empathy, which enables him to perceive the unique strengths, challenges, and aspirations of each student. He views education as a collaborative journey, tailoring his approach to cater to different learning styles. By acknowledging the multifaceted nature of his students, he fosters a sense of inclusivity that emboldens even the most reticent learners to participate actively and thrive.Innovative Pedagogical TechniquesA truly great tutor is an agent of change, embracing innovation to adapt to the evolving landscape of education. Mr. Chia exemplifies this spirit through his adoption of innovative pedagogical techniques. From integrating multimedia resources and interactive simulations to gamifying learning experiences, he transforms the traditional classroom into a dynamic hub of exploration and experimentation. By harnessing technology and unconventional methods, Mr. Chia ensures that his students remain engaged, inspired, and well-prepared for the challenges of the modern world.Cultivation of Critical ThinkingAt the heart of Mr. Chia's teaching philosophy is the cultivation of critical thinking skills. He recognizes that rote memorization and regurgitation of information merely scratch the surface of true education. Instead, he prompts his students to analyze, evaluate, and synthesize information, fostering a deep understanding that transcends the confines of the classroom. By encouraging independent thought and incisive inquiry, Mr. Chia equips his students with tools that are indispensable for navigating an increasingly complex global landscape.Feedback and Continuous ImprovementMr. Chia's commitment to greatness is exemplified by his willingness to continuously evolve and refine his teaching methods. He views feedback not as a critique but as a catalyst for growth. Through regular self-assessment and an openness to constructive criticism, he remains receptive to the evolving needs of his students and the changing dynamics of education. This adaptability underscores his dedication to providing the best possible learning experiences.Legacy of InspirationA great tutor's influence extends far beyond the confines of their tenure, leaving an indelible mark on generations to come. Mr. Chia's legacy lies in the lives he has touched, the minds he has shaped, and the futures he has illuminated(gettit cos illum.e haha im so funny). His students carry his teachings as guiding lights, inspiring them to pursue excellence and contribute positively to society. The ripple effect of his influence permeates diverse spheres, enriching communities and fostering a culture of lifelong learning.In conclusion, Mr. Chia stands as a testament to the transformative power of education. His commitment, expertise, empathy, innovation, and mentorship collectively define his greatness as a tutor. As the educational landscape continues to evolve, Mr. Chia's approach serves as a beacon of inspiration, reminding us that the pursuit of knowledge is a noble endeavor that transcends the transmission of information. It is about nurturing minds, igniting passions, and fostering a generation of critical thinkers and compassionate individuals. In the mosaic of educational luminaries, Mr. Chia's brilliance shines brightly, a guiding star for both educators and learners on the journey to enlightenment.
jodi cjodi c
06:34 26 Apr 23
One thing I appreciated about Illum.e was the clarity of the lessons. In class, Mr Chia and Mr Yeo always made it a point to bring us back to fundamental concepts and answering techniques that would help us tackle any GP paper. This allowed me to easily apply whatever was taught in class, even during the heat of exams. GP lessons at Illume were always informative and stress-free, thanks to Mr Chia and Mr Yeo’s enthusiasm, humour, and approachability. These qualities also created an environment where I was unafraid to ask questions both during, and after class. The teachers’ care and dedication were also evident through the personalised feedback they gave for our classwork and graded assessments. Personally, the technique handouts were most helpful during my time at Illum.e. The handouts provided a good summary of techniques taught in class, such as how to analyse Paper 1 questions, and Paper 2 questions types + answering techniques. Coupled with in-class timed practice, going through papers together in class, and the feedback, I was able to quickly grasp and apply these concepts.Thank you Mr Chia and Mr Yeo for your help and dedication in teaching me! I really wish I had joined Illum.e earlier. Nevertheless, in the 1-2 months I was there, I learnt so much and felt more confident going into the exam. I’m very grateful to have been introduced to Illum.e!
Lin TingLin Ting
05:26 30 Mar 23
mr kp chuah goes through concepts very clearly while keeping it engaging and he often integrated his own knowledge of current affairs into the lesson materials which was definitely very useful and interesting! other than that, he gave me extra consults outside of lesson time nearing A level period and guided me through essay planning which was incredibly helpful 🙂 his crash courses are very fun and enriching too!! 20/10 recommend 🔥
Andrea TanAndrea Tan
06:20 02 Mar 23
Classes at Illum.e are always so fun and engaging 🙂 My teachers, Mr Chia and Mr Yeo are highly dedicated and teach us things beyond the syllabus, which helped make GP so much more fun. The environment at Illum.e is also very welcoming, which really helped me learn more effectively. Besides being fun, the teachers are also very clear in their teaching, and quick in pointing out my mistakes and helping me correct them. They were also very approachable, and I could always clear my doubts with them at any time. I would like to thank the teachers at Illum.e for always being so passionate in the way they teach, and for being so patient even when I kept repeating certain mistakes.
tiara kohtiara koh
06:16 02 Mar 23
In addition to being able to test our understanding of essay techniques and skills, Illume lessons include time to write essays and AQ paragraphs or do comprehension questions as part of their lessons. By marking our work on the spot and giving constructive feedback to probe us to think more critically, they ensure that we really understand how to answer these questions.A unique aspect of My tutor’s tutorials is that they create their own list of keyword types by categorizing certain keywords together and offering specific ways to answer them in order to help us organize our thoughts when writing essays. My tutors are also very engaging throughout the lesson to help us stay attentive during class such as through giving us time to do pair work .In addition to all the consultations he does for us, I would like to thank my teacher most for his dedication to teaching. He would put in a lot of effort before my A level to help mark my essays and to provide feedback on my corrections as soon as possible no matter how late it is or how early I sent them to him. Moreover , he always answered my questions that i texted him very quickly throughout the year and even encouraged me to ask more .
Wee Chia ChanWee Chia Chan
02:39 21 Feb 23
i attended gp classes at illume under mr chia in the later part of j2 and they were really some of the best classes ive attended 🙂 mr chia is super duper passionate in teaching gp and it really shows because he goes all out to help his students improve ✌️💞 he really puts in a lot of effort for us especially during post-prelim season, where we could consult him (endlessly). illume also gave us timed mock practices to better prepare us for As, and that was really useful in serving as a checkpoint for me to correct any glaring mistakes or misconceptions before the final battle.for regular lessons, the lecture weeks were helpful in giving me a broad overview of a topic before we deep-dived into trying essay questions regarding that topic the following week. the hybrid lecture-tutorial style really worked for me because i used to struggle with researching relevant examples myself. however, illume's substantial lecture and tutorial notes ensure that students never run out of examples to pick from!i would 100% recommend illume to current and future students as the teachers are more than just people who teach you a subject; you can really ask them for advice for anything as well!! special shoutout to mr chia who helped me clinch my A in gp 🙂
Jenny HuangJenny Huang
10:31 16 Feb 23
Since young, English has always been my weakest subject and the language that I struggled with the most. Before joining illum.e, I was having difficulties catching up with both the content acquisition as well as skills application. I was also constantly worried about my GP grades as they usually hover around E or D.However, after joining illum.e, I got to meet passionate teachers who are ready to provide me with constructive feedbacks that significantly enhanced my learning. The notes at illum.e are well structured and easy to digest. Apart from the interactive and engaging lessons, on the spot feedback provided also instantly addressed my doubts. Recorded lectures are also available online so that we can always revisit them before any exams.I would like to thank Mr Liew for being a really wonderful and approachable teacher who helped me a lot in my GP journey. Mr Liew is always open to consultations and will not forget to check on his students’ progress. Being super insightful, even a small chit-chat with him can be an eye-opening experience as I got to learn multiple GP case studies in the process!
Noelle HoNoelle Ho
08:00 09 Feb 23
I enjoy that Mr Chia's lessons are very engaging and he helps me to understand how I could improve for each piece of writing (be it during lessons or consults). He is also very down to earth so I find it very easy to ask him any questions that I have. GP has been a less intimidating subject to tackle with his help!The recorded lecture videos help me to digest the notes more easily and if there are any parts I am unclear of, I can look back at the videos. I also like the practice that we do every lesson (practice makes perfect!) as it helps me to hone my writing and comprehension skills. The teachers at illume walk around to check on our individual work during lessons and that personalised aspect is really beneficial for us since it helps us to identify our strengths and weaknesses. The tutorials also refresh our memory on the keyword and question types for essay writing so that it is ingrained in our minds!Thank you Mr Chia for your patient and meticulous guidance throughout my time in illume! Your lessons and consults have been really useful for me and I've seen myself improve at GP with your help 🙂 Much appreciation for you!
Charlyn ShanCharlyn Shan
17:35 19 Jan 23


Tel:  +65 8889 8705 (Enquiry Hotline) / +65 8887 9457 (Student Management)


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