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Changes to the A Level Scoring System

The Ministry of Education (MOE) has announced changes to the GCE A-Level scores system that will provide students with more room to pursue interests and explore various areas. Starting from 2026, the fourth content-based subject will only be counted for university admissions if it improves a candidate’s score, and Project Work subject will be changed to a pass or fail grading system from 2024. These changes will aim to lower the assessment stakes and provide more time and space for students to pursue their interests. The moves are in line with the need to prepare students for a future where critical and inventive thinking is a more important skill.

As such, GP tuition is becoming more critical for junior college students in Singapore since General Paper is now compulsory.

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The illum.e curriculum understand the importance of general paper and help students improve their critical thinking and analytical skills. With the changes in the A-Level scores system, it is essential for students to develop their critical thinking skills to achieve better scores in the A-Level examinations. Additionally, illum.e's GP tuition prepares students for the future by encouraging them to pursue their interests and broadening their horizons. Therefore, students who enroll in illum.e's GP tuition will be better equipped to navigate the changing education landscape and succeed in the future.

Why is GP tuition Important?

General Paper (GP) is one of the most important subjects in the Singaporean education system. GP is a compulsory subject that is required for students who are pursuing the GCE A-Level certificate. The subject is designed to help students develop critical thinking, analytical and communication skills. However, for many students, GP can be a challenging subject to understand and score well in. This is where illum.e's GP tuition comes in to help students.

illum.e is the best-known tuition centre in Singapore, offering a range of programmes for students at various levels. However, the centre is particularly renowned for its GP tuition programme, which has helped countless students achieve excellent results in their GP examinations. In this blog post, we will explore the virtues of illum.e's GP tuition and explain how the programme helps students achieve their academic goals.

Understand the Requirements of GP

The first step in mastering GP is to understand its requirements. illum.e's GP tuition programme focuses on demystifying GP by breaking down the different components of the subject and explaining them in a way that is easy for students to understand. Through a series of carefully curated tasks, students are introduced to the key skills and strategies that are required to excel in GP.

The programme is designed to help students understand the different question types that appear in GP examinations, the key steps and strategies required to answer them, and the structures and thinking frames needed to achieve maximum content marks. With a comprehensive and updated topical question list from schools and A levels, students are constantly exposed to a wide range of questions that will help them develop their skills and knowledge.

Comprehensive Study Materials

illum.e's GP tuition programme offers a range of study materials that are designed to help students study smart. The centre provides students with thoroughly researched content notes that are constantly updated to provide the most concise and researched notes available. These notes provide a convincing array of arguments and examples that are essential for students to develop their critical thinking and writing skills.

Additionally, the centre offers well-developed in-house essay plans that offer dissection of question analysis, lines of debate with case studies and higher-level arguments. For discerning students looking to pursue top percentile essays, the centre offers higher-level nuances, theories and philosophies that are sure to help students score well in their GP examinations.

In-depth Skills Notes and Effective Analysis Techniques

To achieve excellent results in GP, students must develop a deep understanding of the question requirements and rhetorical strategies that are required to deepen and gerrymander examples. illum.e's GP tuition programme offers in-depth skills notes that help students understand these requirements and strategies.

The programme also provides effective analysis techniques and micro-writing application that help students develop their writing skills. With scaffolded evaluative strategies, students learn how to evaluate on a macro (essay-wide) or micro (intra-paragraph) scale to attain that coveted 'A'.

Close Mentoring, Monitoring, Feedback and Assessment

illum.e's GP tuition programme provides close mentoring, monitoring, feedback and assessment to help students develop their writing skills. Through structured consults, the centre is able to diagnose and improve students' writing skills. Additionally, students are given personalized feedback on their writing, helping them understand their strengths and weaknesses and identify areas where they need to improve.

Customized 3-Step Thinking Approaches

For GP Paper 2, students must develop a deep understanding of the writer's craft and purpose elements that appear in different types of texts. illum.e's GP tuition programme offers comprehensive and updated scaffolds and answering techniques to systematically perfect answers to all question types. The programme is designed to help students master the 19 types of writer's craft and purpose elements, ensuring that they are well-prepared for their GP examinations.

So, what are you waiting for? Contact us and consider the trial classes or directly signing up for illum.e's highly sought after GP classes today!