Can MOE teachers teach tuition?

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MOE teachers

MOE trained teachers are screened and interviewed before training, this process often involves understanding the teaching history of individuals and their aspirations. Many start from tuition as a key stepping stone to build a comprehensive and trustable portfolio.

Given the experience and teaching expertise, parents and students are often inclined to trust MOE teachers more than others and seek their help for tuition.

Nonetheless, in accordance to the contract and governmental regulations, MOE teachers are not allowed to provide tuition services outside of work, unless they have approval to do so.

When are MOE teachers not allowed to teach tuition.

In the past, parents often recall that teachers are allowed to teach tuition as long as it does not exceed 6 hours a week. This was the norm, however, new regulatory procedures have been revised by the Public Service Division. As of 2021, MOE teachers can only teach tuition if granted approval by the principal and for legitimate reasons.

Therefore, MOE teachers are effectively not allowed to teach tuition in most circumstances.

MOE's binding rules and contract.

While seeking tuition from MOE teachers is out of the picture, tuition centres are also bound by certain rules and regulations. Based on MOE's FAQ, businesses which are operating as tuition / enrichment centres are to be registered with MOE. A 'school' is defined in the statute relating to education and registration of schools as an organisation for the provision of education for 10 or more persons; or a place where 10 or more persons are being or are habitually taught, whether in one or more classes; or in the case of a correspondence school, the place or places where instruction is prepared or where answers are examined or corrected.

This regulatory procedure allows the government to track the population of the tuition industry and sustain a standard of teaching that is required of a tuition centres. With tuition being referred to as a "billion dollar industry that's still growing", it is unavoidable that more rules and type of contracts will be created in the near future to regulate the industry.


Where to find teachers that teach tuition

It is no longer a need to search for MOE teachers for tuition as 1 in 10 teachers were giving paid tuition in 2019 and that statistic has changed drastically. Instead, more parents turn to former MOE teachers that have converted into tuition teachers.

Similarly, that poses a new problem as finding a suitable teacher can be a daunting task, some students are better suited to study in smaller groups while others prefer a more interactive teacher.

To aid in this journey, illum.e has a comprehensive team of teachers ranging from former MOE trained professionals to experienced graduates. In our hands, students will experience advanced pedagogical teaching methods such as role-modelling, thinking aloud strategies and simulating thinking processes. Moreover, at our tuition centre, students will be able to find a teacher that is most suitable to their learning habits.

Hence, to find a teacher that enables English, GP and language to flow with ease and wonder, experience the journey with illum.e.



Practice English Through illum.e

At illum.e, we strive for students to succeed in their English competency exams. We help students practice English through various tools and strategies such as oral, written, and reading.

These skills are carried over and encouraged in the home environment, which boosts English immersion and understanding. What are you waiting for? If your child needs help with their English, contact us today and get started with our customizable programs.