Are Tuition Classes a Smart Investment for Your Child?

Singapore is a buzzing education hub with hundreds of Ministry of Education (MOE)-registered tuition centres across the city-state. Such substantial presence highlights Singaporean society's importance on their children’s education.

But amidst this widespread academic adoption, the pivotal question remains—Is investing in your kids' education plan through tuition classes a wise and beneficial decision?

Let’s delve into the heart of the matter.

The Rising Popularity of Tuition Classes in Singapore

In Singapore, tuition classes come in different forms, tailored to meet various needs. Whether it's the focused attention of private lessons, the collaborative spirit of group classes, or the convenience of online learning, there's something for everyone.

This appeal of tailored educational support is evident in the numbers—according to a study conducted by The Straits Times back in 2016, 70% of parents in Singapore have their children enrolled in tuition. This figure increases to 80% among parents of primary school-aged children.

Such impressive numbers collectively reflect the impact of the country's highly competitive academic environment. Clearly, many parents view tuition as a supplementary education and a necessary strategy to ensure their children stay ahead.

This widespread commitment to tuition underscores the belief in its value for academic advancement and early childhood education success.

Evaluating the Benefits of Tuition Classes

As we’ve tackled above, the growth in Singapore’s tuition classes isn't just a passing trend; it's grounded in tangible benefits.

Notably, previous research indicates that children who receive support from added layers of learning resources, such as tuition classes, exhibit notable advancements in primary school, outshining peers who lack such supplementary education.

Such advantage lies in custom-tailored support, professional academic guidance, and expert exam preparations offered by trusted tuition centres. Additionally, tuition classes instil and nurture effective study habits and time management skills from an early age, promoting academic discipline.

Furthermore, the benefits of tuition are vividly reflected through feedback from illum.e’s primary students and their parents.

For instance, one parent highlighted their son's significant language skill improvement, leading him to rank among the top three in English. Another testament comes from a student whose newfound confidence and interest in English blossomed. At the same time, another learner overcame challenges in synthesis and comprehension to achieve an A1 in the 2023 Primary School Leaving Examination (PSLE).

These insights affirm the comprehensive benefits of tuition classes, from academic achievements to personal development, highlighting their essential role in shaping a child's educational journey.

Maximising the Value of Tuition Classes

To truly maximise the value of tuition classes and make the investment worthwhile, careful selection is paramount:

  • Verify MOE Registration: Ensure the tuition centre is registered with Singapore's MOE for legitimacy and standard adherence.
  • Assess Tutor's Background: Research the tutor's qualifications and teaching style to match your child's learning preferences.
  • Consider Class Size: Opt for smaller classes to ensure your child receives more personalised attention and a tailored learning experience.

The collaboration between tuition and school learning can create a cohesive educational experience for your child, allowing concepts to be understood more deeply and retained more effectively.

Moreover, scheduling tuition sessions strategically so they don't clash with school responsibilities or overwhelm your child is critical to creating a balanced and supportive learning environment.

This thoughtful approach ensures that tuition classes complement school education, enhancing understanding without overwhelming them.

Illuminate Your Child's Educational Pathway

As we've explored the benefits and growing popularity of tuition in Singapore's competitive academic environment, it's clear that having additional educational support can positively impact your child's academic journey.

At, a MOE-registered tuition centre in Singapore, we're dedicated to providing that support through specialised primary school programmes, such as our PSLE English tuition, tailored to foster academic excellence and inspire a love for learning.

Enrol your child at illum.e today and witness how we can effectively boost their early education.