Ever felt that English, General Paper or humanities cannot be 'studied'? Let illum.e revolutionise your learning!
Mr Roger gives close attention to student during English class

Why illum E. Tuition Centre?

illum.e tuition centre offers high quality, results proven English and IP Language Arts Tuition, Humanities Tuition for Primary and Secondary School and General Paper Tuition for Junior College in online and/ or physical lesson modes.

At illum.e we understand how learners learn. With decades of experience, our strong and award-winning team of tutors, through our unique curriculum baseline approaches backed by educational researchers around the world, will guide your child through a step-by-step understanding of evaluative techniques and strategies to attain subject mastery and help you achieve deeper illumination in your child's learning.

What does illum E tuition centre teach?


English language and language arts examines a wide spectrum of language skills, which is why illum.e's teachers are all true experts in English, ready to enlighten your child in their areas of language weakness. illum.e's passionate and driven teachers have exclusive access to Cambridge's latest examination requirements, we create the materials which schools and other centres use and follow.

Our yearly national examination results are thus always much higher than national average, with a high distinction rate compared to other centres or schools.

More importantly, PSLE english and O level's english often require a good grasp of the basics such as grammar, vocabulary, situational writing, or sentence structures. Therefore, we place a focus on delivering the best lesson plans for students to have confidence towards these basics and answer them with ease.


Apart from PSLE and O levels English, we also offer general paper tuition.

illum.e's lessons delve into both Paper 1 and 2 components built upon the various GP themes and topics, enabling students to be empowered to explore, apply and be enlightened by greater evaluative techniques, broader differing perspectives and to master the art and strategies of both essay analysis/writing and comprehension answer techniques.

Having taught GP for many years, and having exclusive access to the secrets behind GP mastery, we know how each and every child can score his or her desired 'A' grade, and we will light the way to empower all students to do so!

Keen to find out more about our top-notch GP approach? You can view our free general paper sample essays, content, and notes here!

illum.e has also acquired the exclusive rights to reference SoT's curriculum materials, which greater enhanced the already outstanding materials at illum.e's GP division.

Moreover, our counterparts at GPtutorsg offer a similar approach towards teaching GP, which is to offer past exam papers and practise for students. Studying past papers are an integral part to tuition to align our teaching objectives with the school taught syllabus, towards the common objective of scoring good grades in GP.


Humanities subjects can come across as intimidating with their huge content load, foreign-sounding concepts and various analytical and writing skillsets that may not seem intuitive.

However, worry not as our tutors at illum.e will aid your child in picking up the right skills for interpreting questions, understanding difficult concepts, and crafting precise answers so that they are well equipped with the knowledge and skills needed to ace their examinations.

On top of that, we also provide a holistic and connected curriculum where lessons come to life and content taught is made relevant and meaningful. The results simply follow naturally.

You can read more on how to revise for humanities examination here!

In addition to having the right strategies to diagnose and rectify every child's learning gaps to attain English excellence, our unique illum.e curriculum framework ensures a strategic, holistic approach to teaching English skills such that every lesson is an empowering and illuminating lesson. This is why students see an immediate impact and improvement after each lesson!

Practice Subjects Through illum.e

At illum.e, we strive for students to succeed in their English competency exams, GP or humanities. We help students practice through various tools and strategies.

We believe that these skills are carried over and encouraged in the home environment, which boosts immersion and understanding. What are you waiting for? If your child needs help with their subjects, contact us today and get started with our customizable programs.