3 proven tips to help your child prepare for compositions

The English composition is arguably one of the hardest parts of PSLE English. Our tuition centre, illum.e, believes that to do well for it students need to be well-equipped on multiple fronts. Hence at illum.e, the best English tuition for PSLE, we have structured our curriculum around the 3 proven tips I am about to share with you. If your child attends our English tuition, you can be sure that their tuition classes would incorporate these valuable tips.
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Learn from others


At illum.e, we believe that the best practices and mistakes of other students are very useful for learning. Hence in our English tuition classes we get our students to read model compositions produced by their peers. We believe such tuition classes are extremely helpful to a student’s composition writing ability as they would pick up good habits.


In these tuition classes, we use these model compositions to crucially stress the standards expected in compositions written by our students. Tutors from illum.e, the best English tuition for PSLE, also produce model compositions themselves to provide students with good practices to emulate. 


At our English tuition centre, illum.e, we also get our students to read non-ideal compositions. This allows students in our tuition classes to learn to avoid common mistakes. By being exposed to such errors in tuition class, students will be able to identify these errors in their own work and thus avoid them in examinations.  


Thus at illum.e, we focus on both aspects of learning from one another. We pick up best practices which have done well in tests or written by our experienced tutors along with tuition classes focused on identifying errors. 


This is something you can incorporate into your child’s education outside of our tuition classes too. You can get your child to read model compositions found on the internet and help them pick out good practices. 


Keep practicing


It is vital that students keep practicing. The PSLE English Composition tests both language and writing skills. Without practicing these skills, they may get rusty and impede the student’s ability to do well in the PSLE English. 


English tuition classes are often tailored to ensure that our students get ample amount of practice in writing compositions. Our English tuition centre has dedicated tuition classes that aim to drill in these skills into our students. As a result of our tuition classes, students will be well prepared to answer similar questions. 


This is something you can easily integrate into your child’s learning at home by getting them to do past year papers. However, you may find it difficult to get immediate feedback from school teachers. Through no fault of their own, school teachers tend to be overworked and thus unable to provide the one-to-one help students often require. Tutors at good English tuition often strive to provide instant feedback and individual attention to all our students resulting in immediate results.


Engaging with English outside the classroom


At illum.e, we believe that English can be learnt anywhere. Hence our English tuition centre strongly recommends our students to engage with English outside of our tuition classes. This can come in the form of watching the news with parents or reading books, both fiction and non-fiction. 


This would allow students to be exposed to different forms of writing outside our tuition classes. Hence, allowing students to find their own personal voice and writing style for compositions that do write at school or at our tuition centre. 


There is also the added benefit where students can pick up best practices in spoken presentation that would be of great help for their oral examinations. Parents should also make it a point to help their children practice outside our tuition classes for oral by speaking in proper English even during mundane activities such as mealtime. Such regular practice outside of tuition class would allow students to cement best practices they have picked up in the classroom or tuition classes. It would also help to build knowledge of current affairs that would be of great help to the students post-PSLE.


In conclusion, it all boils down to learning from others, practice and engaging with English outside the classroom. By implementing these 3 tips into your child’s PSLE journey, you can see immediate results. Joining a English tuition for PSLE, such as illum.e, will also definitely help your child do well for their compositions as they would have incorporated all these tips into their tuition classes.