GP Tuition Online

tutors and students in a classroom for General Paper, with Mr Liew and Mr Chia helping students closely

Revolutionize Your Learning Experience with GP Tuition Online at illum.e GP Tuition Centre Discover the Power of Hybrid Lessons for Unmatched Academic Success Are you struggling with General Paper (GP) and seeking the perfect solution to excel in your academics? Look no further! Join the illum.e GP Tuition Centre today and revolutionize your learning experience…

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JC GP Tuition with A Level Scoring Changes in 2026

GP tutor Mr Yeo Jia Qi guiding students during a GP tuition lesson

Changes to the A Level Scoring System The Ministry of Education (MOE) has announced changes to the GCE A-Level scores system that will provide students with more room to pursue interests and explore various areas. Starting from 2026, the fourth content-based subject will only be counted for university admissions if it improves a candidate’s score,…

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