2023 GP Prelim Essay Questions Paper 1



  1. Given the rising global demand for food, is it possible for us to safeguard the environment?
  2. Hard work is the key to success. Discuss in relation to your society. 
  3. In times of emergencies, governments should have complete control over people's rights. Do you agree?
  4. Should there be a limit on the amount of wealth an individual can accumulate?
  5. Is bigger always better in today's world?
  6. Not enough is being done for people with disabilities in your society. Discuss.
  7. How far is an understanding of history important in tackling major conflicts of today?
  8. To what extent is the development of gene technology acceptable?
  9. The media today focuses more on the trivial rather than what is important. Discuss.
  10. To what extent has globalisation had a negative impact on traditional art forms?
  11. To what extent is authenticity valuable today?
  12. Assess the claim that the death penalty no longer has a place in modern society.



  1. To what extent does ecotourism encourage environmental conservation?
  2. 'The greatness of a nation can be judged by how it treats its weakest members.' To what extent is this true?
  3. Consider the view that artists are undervalued in our modern society.
  4. Assess the view that women are not as successful as men in the scientific field.
  5. To what extent are rules and regulations desirable?
  6. 'Do only what is right. Is this good advice? 
  7. In old age, should parents rely on themselves or their children?
  8. Should the government intervene in the personal decisions of people in your society?
  9. Should limits be placed on the development of artificial intelligence?
  10. 'Difficult roads lead to beautiful destinations.' Examine the claim that there can only be benefits from facing challenging circumstances.
  11. Examine the claim that the world is too competitive today.
  12. Do social media platforms facilitate or hinder constructive dialogue in your society?



  1. Is it wise for individuals and nations to stop at nothing to achieve sporting excellence?
  2. Should all works of art be valued equally?
  3. How far are countries today borrowing from the future?
  4. 'Without knowing our history, we are lost'. With reference to your society, to what extent would you agree witht this statement?
  5. 'With growing global instability, self-sufficiency is crucial for any country.' Discuss.
  6. How far is technology the answer to environmental problems?
  7. Consider the view that today's parents are overprotective of their children
  8. 'Foreign aid is never truly charitable.' How far do you agree?
  9. 'Tourism today is nothing but exploitation.' Do you agree?
  10. 'The youth in Singapore face a bleak future.' Comment.
  11. Should the private lives of political figures matter?
  12. 'Compassion, more than resilience, is what we need.' To what extent is this true of your society?



  1. Consider the view that technology today is helpful to teaching but harmful to learning.
  2. ‘The media should give what people want and not what they need.’ Do you agree?
  3. Does anger ever settle anything?
  4. Should art be bought and sold like any other goods?
  5. ‘International efforts to solve conflicts are doomed to fail.’ Discuss.
  6. ‘So close yet so far.’ Is this the outcome of our efforts to address climate change?
  7. Is fair play still possible in sport today?
  8. Is wealth the best measure of a nation’s success?
  9. ‘Foreigners do not see the country the citizens know.’ How far is this true of your society?
  10. ‘Science is too complicated for most people to be truly interested in it.’ Do you agree?
  11. Is diversity seen as a threat or opportunity in your society?
  12. Is having a sense of wonder still possible in today’s world?



  1. To what extent is curiosity becoming increasingly important?
  2. How necessary is it to care about international affairs in the face of hardship in one's country?
  3. Assess the view that an individual's attempt to bring about real sọcietal change can never be effective.
  4. In your society, can preserving traditions and pursuing progress be reconciled?
  5. ‘The primary responsibility for personal well-being should lie with the individual rather than the state.' Discuss.
  6. ‘Privacy is only a concern for those who have something to hide.' To what extent is this true?
  7. Can the arts teach us anything meaningful about the real world?
  8. ‘Major sporting events today are mainly about commercial profits.' How far do you agree?
  9. Technological innovations should be driven by the needs of the masses, not the desires of the rich.' To what extent do you agree?
  10. Consider the view that travel is a desirable but frivolous pursuit.
  11. Should people in your society be encouraged to take more risks?
  12. To what extent is it fair to expect public figures to be good role models?



  1. Do you agree that parents have a difficult job today?
  2. ‘There is nothing to fear about growing old.’ Is this true in your society?
  3. Are the latest scientific findings or technological inventions a cause for concern?
  4. ‘Revolution can only be a good thing.’ Comment.
  5. ‘Looking for advice and friendship in the wrong places.’ Is this how young people today use social media?
  6. ‘Wherever power and wealth are at stake, there will be corruption.’ Comment.
  7. To what extent have we gone too far with environmental activism?
  8. How far is personal well-being valued in your society?
  9. ‘Reading offers solutions to the pressing problems in the world.’ Do you agree?
  10. ‘A society that tells its artists what they cannot do short-changes itself.’ Discuss.
  11. Should we always right a wrong when we see it?
  12. Is there still a place for marriage in today’s world?



  1. ‘The demise of the cinema is inevitable'. Discuss
  2. Efficiency is what matters most at the workplace.' Comment.
  3. Consider the view that social media has too much influence over society today.
  4. Evaluate the effectiveness of international efforts in addressing global challenges
  5. Is cultural diversity a threat or an asset to society?
  6. ‘Collaborations between governments and businesses will always lead to conflicts of interest.' Discuss.
  7. In our pursuit of academic success we have forgotten the true aims of education.' How true is this of your society?
  8. To what extent is the concept of gender becoming obsolete in today's world?
  9. Evaluate the claim that some crimes are unpardonable
  10. ‘Dissenting voices are vital for societal progress." How accurate is this claim in your society?
  11. ‘Expeditions into the unknown are well worth the risks.' What is your view?
  12. How far is the digital age a level playing field?



  1. ‘We expect too much from public figures.’ Discuss.
  2. ‘The best businesses are those which make the most profit.’ Discuss.
  3. To what extent is technological innovation desirable?
  4. ‘Life for the young today has never been better.’ To what extent is this true?
  5. Assess the impact of popular media on the culture of your society.
  6. ‘Schools should discourage rather than promote conformity.’ How far do you agree?
  7. How far can individual countries effectively tackle climate change issues?
  8. To what extent is the study of local history more important than world history?
  9. Should private companies be involved in the financing of scientific research?
  10. How far is self-sufficiency a realistic goal in your society?
  11. Given the increasing availability of other energy sources, how necessary is it for countries to continue the use of fossil fuels?
  12. ‘Happiness has nothing to do with income.’ Do you agree?



  1. Do technological advancements today truly help people to achieve their dreams?
  2. To what extent should your society focus on happiness rather than prosperity?
  3. ‘Popular sports are a threat to traditional sports.’ Do you agree?
  4. ‘We should stop reading the news.’ Do you agree?
  5. ‘Forgive, but not forget.’ Is this good advice for societies today?
  6. ‘Today’s political leaders are only interested in holding on to power.’ Do you agree?
  7. ‘The key reason for conserving a culture is its commercial value.’ How far is this true of your society?
  8. ‘Too little is being done to hold businesses accountable for the problems they have created.’ How far do you agree?
  9. How far can language solve the problem of discrimination?
  10. ‘The global climate crisis can only be solved through the efforts of developed nations.’ Comment.
  11. ‘A society is less stable when its people are religious.’ Do you agree?
  12. To what extent can we trust scientific research that is privately funded?



  1. Examine the claim that true education only happens outside the classroom.
  2. 'Those who control technology control the world today.' How far do you agree?
  3. “To be ready for war is to preserve peace.” Is this good advice for political leaders?
  4. To what extent has sport made a positive impact on gender equality?
  5. Discuss the view that all countries have equal responsibility to protect the environment.
  6. "City living is increasingly isolating.' Is this a fair comment?
  7. To what extent are games a waste of time?
  8. Social media encourages one to speak loudly, not wisely.' Comment.
  9. 'Children grow up too fast today.' How true is this of your society?
  10. We should pay more attention to the victim than the criminal." Do you agree?
  11. Do museums still have value in today's world?
  12. Given their often controversial behaviour, should we continue to idolise celebrities?



  1. City living is no longer attractive in the world today.' Discuss.
  2. The world would be a better place if everyone spoke the same language.' Do you agree?
  3. Should governments involve themselves in matters related to religion?
  4. Consider the role of social media in shaping political opinion.
  5. To what extent do the Arts contribute to the Singaporean identity?
  6. "Formal education is less valuable today than it was in the past.' What is your view?
  7. 'The solution to climate change is not to be found in technology but by having a simpler lifestyle.' How far do you agree?
  8. How successfully has your society balanced the needs of the state against those of the individual?
  9. ‘Traditional beliefs have little value in the modern world.' Discuss.
  10. Consider the value of humour.
  11. Is a thriving economy the best measure of a good government?
  12. ‘Winning at sport is due to wealth, rather than talent.' Comment.



  1. 'Rest is for the weak'. Discuss.
  2. "Corporations, rather than governments, shape the world.' To what extent do you agree with this view?
  3. ‘Storybooks exist only to keep children entertained. Discuss. 
  4. Should countries be obliged to help other countries when their own citizens are facing problems?
  5. 'Invisible people living invisible lives.’ How true is this of the world today?
  6. ‘Morality and politics can never co-exist.' What is your view?
  7. To what extent are the arts and the sciences valued equally in your society?
  8. Can world hunger ever be eliminated?
  9. Does your society do enough to help people live with dignity?
  10. To what extent can unity be forged in an increasingly polarised world?
  11. Consider the view that we have merely been paying lip service to the lessons that history teaches us.
  12. ‘It is too easy to stir up fear today.' How far do you agree?



  1. Embracing risks is essential to achieving success in today's world." To what extent is this true?
  2. ‘Contemporary music contributes nothing of value to society.' How far do you agree?
  3. Consider the view that a plant-based diet is the only ethical way to eat.
  4. Education liberates.' Discuss.
  5. Has social media made political participation and activism too superficial?
  6. To what extent is the globalisation of culture overrated?
  7. "Every man for himself.' To what extent does this describe your society?
  8. Should bigger states involve themselves in the affairs of other countries?
  9. Can any society ever be truly harmonious?
  10. Should people be allowed to artificially enhance their bodies for non-medical reasons?
  11. 'There needs to be greater transparency in governance.' How true is this of your society?
  12. 'Corporations, more so than governments, are the key to a sustainable future.' What is your view?



  1. ‘Despite increased international cooperation, the world is less peaceful today.’ What is your view
  2. Can the death penalty be justified in the modern world?
  3. ‘Education has led to greater inequality.’ How far is this true in your society?
  4. Assess the view that print media is no longer relevant today.
  5. Discuss the view that all countries have equal responsibility in protecting refugees.
  6. Assess the extent to which elderly in your society are able to face today's challenges.
  7. Consider the argument that scientific research should not be limited by ethical considerations.
  8. ‘Modern technology has made us more vulnerable than ever before.’ Do you agree?
  9. Are young people today obsessed with achieving fame?
  10. ‘Being a small country is a good thing as much as a bad thing.’ Comment.
  11. ‘The state should be largely responsible for environmental protection today.’ Do you agree?
  12. Examine the claim that fantasy fiction is engaging, but meaningless.



  1. “Traditions have no value in a modern world.” What is your view?
  2. Do we still need physical shops when everything can be bought online?
  3. Consider the view that working from home is the answer to work-life balance problems?
  4. “Environmental conservation is a losing battle.” Discuss.
  5. Is a university degree still necessary today?
  6. How justifiable is it for governments to monitor their citizens?
  7. “Caring for the elderly is the sole responsibility of the family.” How true is this of your society?
  8. Too many people are famous for the wrong reasons today.” Is this a fair comment?
  9. Do you agree that religion merely stands in the way of scientific advancement?
  10. To what extent does social class determine an individual’s success in your society?
  11. How relevant is loyalty today?
  12. Examine the claim that change is always better.



  1. 'Governments today need to work harder to gain the support of their people. Do you agree?
  2. Should there be greater involvement of women in decision-making?
  3. Is healthcare in your society easily accessible for everyone?
  4. "Modern technology is more of a benefit than a threat to the arts.' Comment.
  5. To what extent have environmental issues affected food choices of people in your society?
  6. Is it true that social media present too many temptations for young people?
  7. Tourists today show little respect for the places they visit.' Is this a fair comment?
  8. 'Penalties are more effective than incentives in changing people's behaviour.’ Discuss.
  9. "War is a thing of the past, given how interconnected the world is today.' Do you agree?
  10. Do cultural practices still have a place in your society?
  11. Has living in the city become less attractive?
  12. We should always forgive those who wrong us.' Is this good advice?



  1. ‘Peace is an unrealistic dream.’ Discuss. 
  2. ‘The pursuit of medical science has gone too far.’ Do you agree? 
  3. ‘In a competitive world, only success matters.’ How true is this of your society?
  4. ‘Instead of uniting society, the media is a polarising force.’ Discuss. 
  5. To what extent are border controls desirable? 
  6. ‘Despite having access to extensive information today, we are not any wiser.’ To what extent is this true? 
  7. ‘Limits should never be set on artistic expression.’ Do you agree? 
  8. ‘New is always better.’ What is your view? 
  9. ‘Fashion is nothing more than a frivolous pursuit.’ How far do you agree? 
  10.  Should tourism be encouraged when it is so damaging to the environment? 
  11. ‘Youth today are driven by self-centredness rather than societal needs.’ Consider whether this is true in your society. 
  12. ‘An effective government is one that listens to its citizens.’ How far do you agree?