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To aid your revision, do look into how the schools have set the topics, question types and key word types to understand how to fit the question requirements! 



  1. ‘Increased international cooperation has failed to make the world a better place.’ Do you agree? 
  2. How relevant is religion in an age of scientific advancement? 
  3. ‘Honesty is no longer the best policy.’ What is your view? 
  4. Assess the importance of traditional buildings in your society. 
  5. ‘The individual, rather than the government, is responsible for his or her own health.’ How far do you agree? 
  6. Is freedom always desirable? 
  7. Evaluate the effectiveness of sport as a platform to tackle social injustice. 
  8. Consider the view that making a profit should never be the main concern of the press. 
  9. How far should a government intervene in people’s decisions about having children? 
  10. The most popular films are those with the least value.’ Do you agree? 
  11. To what extent should plant and animal species be protected in your society? 
  12. ‘Originality is dead.’ Discuss. 



  1. How far do you agree that the pursuit of perfection is a curse in the modern world? 
  2. 'We have been too concerned with the global refugee crisis.' Discuss. 
  3. 'Facts do not change our minds.' To what extent is it possible to combat fake news in today's world? 
  4. In your society, to what extent is it more challenging to care for one's parents today? 
  5. 'The power of Mathematics lies in its everyday use.' Comment. 
  6. 'The only legitimate way to remove a politician is through the ballot box.' What is your view? 
  7. 'Schools prepare us for a life that does not exist.' How true is this of your society?
  8. Consider the view that not enough is done to promote animal rights.
  9. 'It is difficult for us to sustain our attention on anything nowadays.' Discuss. 
  10. Assess the view that being understandable is more important than being grammatical today.
  11. Examine the view that the elimination of discrimination in sport is a far-fetched dream.
  12. Evaluate the claim that the Arts are essential for a civilised society.



  1. ‘We have to escape the past to welcome the future.’ Comment.
  2. Should businesses be concerned about people’s welfare?
  3. ‘More government control should be welcomed rather than feared today.’ Do you agree?
  4. ‘For the Arts to flourish, there must be complete freedom of expression.’ How true is this of your society?
  5. ‘Technology is so advanced that ethical concerns are left behind.’ Discuss
  6.  ‘Traditions no longer have a place in today's world.’ Discuss.
  7. ‘The young have nothing to learn from the elderly.’ How far is this true of your society today?
  8. ‘There's no room for imagination in the classroom today.’ How far do you agree?
  9. ‘New Media has transformed politics today.’ What is your view?
  10.  ‘Assess the claim that you know globalised world food security would not be an issue today.
  11.  Has too much emphasis been placed on environmental issues in your society?
  12.  How important is it to have good manners today?



  1. To what extent is consumerism the greatest threat to the environment? 
  2. Do you agree that science and technology can always be relied on to correct their shortcomings? 
  3. ‘Choosing an occupation should be about personal fulfilment, rather than the material prospects it brings.’ Is this good advice for your society? 
  4. ‘The mass media today has focused too much on profits, and not enough on responsibility.’ Is this a fair comment? 
  5. Assess the view that the more religious people are, the less cohesive society will be. 
  6. ‘A country’s declining birth rate can only be effectively addressed with government support.’ Discuss. 
  7. ‘Language mastery is unimportant as long as one can be understood.’ Comment. 
  8. ‘Social causes matter more to the young than the old.’ How far is this true in your society? 
  9. Is charisma an overrated quality of leaders? 
  10. ‘In times of global crises, rich countries are no longer obliged to help poorer countries.’ To what extent do you agree? 
  11. Should a nation’s history be taught objectively in schools? 
  12. ‘With technology, anyone can be an artist.’ How far do you agree?



  1. ‘To be ordinary is to be miserable.’ Comment.
  2. To what extent does social media give power to the undeserving? 
  3. Is formal education still needed when technology has made knowledge widely accessible? 
  4. ‘Genuine social change lies in the hand of citizens, not the government.’ Discuss. 
  5. ‘Not enough action has been taken to meet the needs of women.’ How far is this true in your society?
  6. How effective are international efforts in addressing the wrongdoing of nations?
  7. Consider the view that money undermines the spirit of sport. 
  8. To what extent is protecting privacy viable today?
  9. In your society, should the views of the elderly be valued more than the views of the young? 
  10. Is wealth the best measure of success today? 
  11. Have traditions become too commercialised in your society? 
  12. Can fashion ever offer anything more than beauty? 



  1. Are leaders causing rather than solving the problems the world is facing today?
  2. ‘We must eliminate all forms of inequality.’ How realistic is this for your society? 
  3. Can the press be expected to hold the powerful to account? 
  4. How far would you agree that artificial intelligence is a cause for concern? 
  5. To what extent does pop culture affect young people in harmful ways?
  6. Do people in your society work harder than is good for them? 
  7. We are allowing our love of technology to limit us.’ What do you think?
  8. Should we seek to enhance life at all cost? 
  9. ‘Given what countries stand to lose, there is no place for war.’ Discuss. 
  10. ‘Our need for comfort and convenience is the greatest obstacle to environmental protection.’ Comment.x
  11. Is conformity ever desirable? 
  12. Why read when you can watch the film or television adaptation? 



  1. ‘Knowledge is power.’ To what extent is this true?
  2. To what extent are we at the mercy of technological companies?
  3. How far is the pursuit of success the most important goal in your society?
  4. ‘Sport and politics should never mix.’  Comment.
  5. Should companies use celebrities to endorse their products?
  6. ‘It is more difficult to be a politician now.’ Do you agree?
  7. To what extent is the keeping of pets justified in the modern world?
  8. To what extent is it appropriate for the government to restrict freedom of speech?
  9. Examine the view that parents nowadays are not strict enough in the upbringing of their children.
  10. Is plastic surgery justified when it is purely for vanity’s sake?
  11. ‘People should embrace rather than fear technological advancements at the workplace.’ Discuss.
  12. ‘To progress unpopular views should never be ignored.’ How true is this of your society?



  1. To what extent should people take an interest in the current affairs of other countries? 
  2. ‘Focusing on the past slows down progress.’ What is your view? 
  3. To what extent has modern technology had an impact on people’s quality of life? 
  4. ‘Environmental protection is easier said than done.’ Discuss. 
  5. In a world of excess, does modesty still have value? 
  6. To what extent has progress towards gender equality come at the expense of men?
  7. Consider the view that people should not be judged by their past actions. 
  8. How far should governments intervene in business matters? 
  9. To what extent is your country prepared for future crises? 
  10. How far do online games have a positive effect on young people?
  11. Is work-life balance attainable in your society? 
  12. ‘People make their own destiny.’ Discuss. 



  1. ‘We should read as much as we watch.’ Do you agree?
  2. How far is it possible to live an environmentally sustainable lifestyle in today’s world?
  3. ‘Sharing a single global culture is better than having countless different cultures.’ Do you agree?
  4. ‘Despite all the scientific advancements that we have made, we have not created a better world for mankind.’ Do you agree?
  5. In an age of rapid technological advancement, traditional businesses would be out of business. Discuss.
  6. ‘The government should use any method it deems necessary when it comes to protecting the country from harm.’ Discuss.
  7. Is singlehood still undesirable today?
  8. ‘Stand up for your rights.’ Is this sound advice?
  9. ‘We are too serious for our own good.’ Is this true in your society?
  10. To what extent should disputes between two countries be settled without the help of others?
  11. To what extent is a shared history desirable in your society?
  12. To what extent can education solve the widening income gap in your society?



  1. To what extent do social responsibilities outweigh individual freedoms in your society? 
  2. ‘Science is borderless.’ To what extent is this true? 
  3. Examine the view that incompetence is worse than corruption. 
  4. How far, in your society, has social media destroyed people’s ability to think for themselves? 
  5. ‘The future of the arts is technology.’ Discuss.
  6. ‘The impact of young people today is overestimated’. Do you agree? 
  7. ‘The law should not be determined by religion.’ Discuss.
  8. To what extent should governments intervene with their citizens’ choices in life? 
  9. ‘The greatest obstacle to ending social inequality is human greed.’ Do you agree?
  10.  ‘History is more important today than ever before.’ How true is this for your society?
  11.  To what extent can statistics be trusted?
  12.  ‘In society today, self-expression is merely another word for self-centredness.’ Discuss.



  1. Consider the view that a more sustainable future lies in the way we eat, not in renewable energy. 
  2. ‘Obedience is a virtue.’ Is this an accurate reflection of your society? 
  3. To what extent should traditional art forms be preserved in a world driven by innovation? 
  4. ‘Big companies are concerned only with profits.’ Is this a fair assessment? 
  5. Will technology completely replace the role of humans in the future? 
  6. ‘Small countries are helpless in shaping global politics.’ Do you agree? 
  7. ‘People with special needs are no longer invisible.’ Is this true of the world today?
  8. The way that people tend to argue online makes things worse.’ How true is this of your society today? 
  9. To what extent has the media hindered scientific progress? 
  10. ‘Workers today have never had it better.’ Is this an accurate view? 
  11. ‘The modern world is obsessed with statistics.’ To what extent is this a fair viewpoint? 
  12. Is conflict inevitable in today’s volatile world?



  1. To what extent can capital punishment be justified?
  2. ‘Work less, play more.’ Is this good advice for your society? 
  3. ‘Environmental concerns are best left in the hands of politicians.’ Do you agree?
  4. ‘We need less, not more military spending today.’ Do you agree?
  5. Assess the view that tradition impedes progress in your society. 
  6. ‘Deception is an inevitable feature of our lives.’ Discuss.
  7. Are live performances still relevant in this age of media streaming? 
  8. ‘Advances in science and technology are crucial to our pursuit of equality.’ Do you agree? 
  9. ‘Now, more than ever, it is challenging to lead a healthy life.’ To what extent is this true?
  10. How far can governments today keep their people safe? 
  11. Discuss the view that young people in your society should care more about national issues than global issues.
  12. ‘We can no longer take the media seriously today.’ How far do you agree?



  1. Is a life of excess necessarily undesirable? 
  2. Can your country do away with teachers?
  3. ‘In this era of uncertainty, countries should move towards self-sufficiency.’ Discuss.
  4. ‘Young people today argue about everything but stand for nothing.' How far do you agree?
  5. How far is religion a source of division rather than unity in today’s world?
  6. ‘The potential of an individual is constrained by the surroundings they are born into.’ Discuss.
  7. To what extent is creativity valued in your society?
  8. Should working from home be encouraged rather than frowned upon? 
  9. Is privacy becoming a thing of the past in today’s world?
  10. ‘Only the rich have access to quality healthcare.’ Comment. 
  11. To what extent are the Humanities essential for a holistic education? 
  12. ‘Consumerism inevitably leads to environmental destruction.’ Discuss. 



  1. Assess the value of the arts in promoting social change.
  2. ‘Work is good for health.’ To what extent is this true of your society?
  3. To what extent should the beauty industry be regulated?
  4. ‘The highly educated should be the most valued in society.’ Do you agree?
  5. How far do you agree that the media is failing the public today?
  6. ‘The world is demanding too much of young people.’ Discuss.
  7. To what extent has technology made it easier for people to make money?
  8. ‘The best government is that which governs the least.’ Comment.
  9. Discuss the claim that the world today is increasingly difficult for the poor.
  10. ‘Online gaming is nothing but a waste of time.’ Discuss.
  11. How useful are trends as a guide for the future?
  12. ‘Adversity is a good teacher.’ How true is this of your society?



  1. Are international organisations really effective in tackling global issues?
  2. How far do businesses have a responsibility to give back to society?
  3. In your society, are mental health issues amongst the young sufficiently addressed? 
  4. Assess the claim that mankind’s greatest threat is itself. 
  5. ‘Community initiatives, not government efforts, should be the approach to tackle social issues.’ How far is this true of your society? 
  6. Science has no value if it does not have any real-world application. Do you agree?
  7. ‘We trust in data, but then our data manipulates us.’ What is your view? 
  8. Do you agree that physical workspaces are becoming irrelevant in today’s digital world?
  9. Is there any point in preserving dying trades in today’s world? 
  10. Is the media a boon or a bane to the marginalised? 
  11. Consuming only what we need is a desirable, but unrealistic, goal. Comment. 
  12. To what extent should schools today meet the diverse needs of their learners?



  1. ‘It is the responsibility of the state to care for the well-being of the family.’ How true is this of your society? 
  2. ‘The world today is too easily offended.’ How far do you agree? 
  3. ‘Technology in healthcare has gone beyond what is necessary.’ Is this a fair comment? 
  4. Is good design more a science than an art?
  5. ‘The young should never be trusted to make major decisions for themselves.’ Do you agree? 
  6. Does hard or soft power have greater impact on the world today? 
  7. ‘Values are caught, not taught.’ Discuss. 
  8. ‘It is increasingly difficult to tell right from wrong.’ What is your view? 
  9. To what extent is work an underrated route to happiness? 
  10. ‘Singapore has become too comfortable a place to live in’. Do you agree? 
  11. ‘Kindness is a weakness.’ Discuss.
  12. Assess the view that tourism should be curbed.



  1. ‘In times of conflict, the media should not be regulated.’ Discuss. 
  2. To what extent is a country’s future determined by its past? 
  3. Is it worthwhile to allocate substantial resources for the development of scientific research? 
  4.  ‘Urban development cannot co-exist with environmental protection.’ How true is this of your society? 
  5.  ‘Peace should be imposed at all costs in the modern world.’ Comment. 
  6. Examine the view that governments are only concerned with societal outcomes rather than the value of human lives. 
  7.  Discuss the view that in the modern world, companies have full control over their image. 
  8.  Can the arts truly influence change in the world today? 
  9. ‘Technology makes language learning more effective.’ What is your view?
  10.  Evaluate the claim that creativity is desirable but not tolerated. 
  11.  To what extent are public sports facilities a necessary investment in your society? 
  12. ‘The responsibility of overcoming crises lies with the government rather than the people.’ How far do you agree?