Illum.e 2019 O level Answer Key Paper 2 Comprehension

Visual Text


i. ‘latest’

ii. ‘new’

X Two separate words


i. Come to the screenings of latest releases in our state of the art cinemas (accept direct copying from the text: two state of the art cinema)

ii. Be offered, before non-members, the chance to join the ‘Make a Movie Workshop’ which takes place every month.


At least two days a month.


‘All you have to do is JOIN our club.’

Narrative Comprehension

5Quote and Explain

‘Fading hum of the taxi’ describes both the low, continuous droning sound made by the taxi engine as well as how the place grew quieter the further the taxi travelled away from Alice.

‘murmuring of the water in the stream’ highlights the soft and constant sound of the flowing water in the stream.

‘whisper of tiny movements in hedgerows and grasses’ illustrates the faint sound/soft rustling of light actions that swayed the hedgerows and grasses.

6Quotation – Alice tried to hide her feelings about forgetting the keys

6a. ‘Put on a show of amusement’

X ’Put on a show of amusement at her absent-mindedness’ (too long)

Factual – Two things made Alice think she was ‘shrivelled’ (line 12) in Kasim’s opinion (shrivelled - unworthy or insignificant)

6bi. Kasim walked away from her round the house and did not say anything.

6bii. the latest mishap with the keys (happened again) probably reinforced his opinion given her reputation as being famously hopeless with keys

7a. The writer employed repetition of the word ‘no’ to highlight how there was definitely nothing in the vicinity. OR The writer used a semi-colon and continuous elaboration to highlight that there was no sign of human activity in the vicinity.

b. There was nothing that Alice could do to pass time while waiting for her family in the middle of nowhere.

88a. He accepted the invitation to travel with her to a house in the countryside for a short break.

8bi. The keys would not have been important.

8bii. Alice would have been delighted to be freed from her obligation to open the house and prepare for the others.

9Harriet was an organised/meticulous person.
10She thought Harriet had deliberately left for a walk without caring to open the house or wait for the rest.
11Sarcastic/ mocking tone.
1212i. She smiled delightedly and went to greet him.

12ii. She linked her arm through his.

1313i. mixed emotions

13ii. Hidden feelings

13iii. Growing impatience

13iv. Cheerful laughter(At last -> already happening; anticipation -> waiting for the holiday to happen)

Text 3 Non Narrative Comprehension

14The course not only goes through the city’s business centre but also an area with spectacular views of the mountain and ocean.
15a. The race has met various criteria set by the IAAF.

15bi. Fix a simple geared device to the front wheel of a bicycle

15bii. Count the revolutions of the wheel as the bicycle travels the length of the course.

1616a. Only athletes who have times faster than the IAAF guidelines can take part

(x don’t need to talk about 5 nations because it does not ATQ; don’t need to talk about other aspects because they are outside line 25)

16bi. Shorter races are organised, such as the 5k, 10k and a half marathon.

16bii. More inclusive events like the fun run or wheelchair sports race are organised.

1818i. Challenge of running against the world’s top athletes.

18ii. Status that comes with participation in one of the most prestigious road races in the world.

19. Summary

1) To avoid horrendous accidents, roads must be closed to vehicles (signage…)

2) planned to minimise ecological damage to the surrounding area

3) facilities installed for officials, medics, sales, runners and spectators

4) crowd management operation to be carefully organised

5) has to attract runners with times faster than IAAF guidelines from at least five nations

(reject attention to fairness and safety -> general linking sentence rather than a point)

6) doping tests for elite and amateur runners for FAIRNESS

7) fully electronic timing must be used to have accurate results

8) strict rules for prize money to be equitable for all participants (regardless of gender or nationality) and additional rewards for local runners.